Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ready for SPRING!!!

Wahoo!!!! Spring is right around the corner! This means warmer weather, Easter, flowers, green grass and my birthday! YEAH! By the end of next month the grass should be turning green and I will start itching to buy new flowers to go on the back porch! Yippee!!! There is something about beautiful flowers on my back porch when I look outside that makes me so very happy! I even did a layout about it!

When spring comes around I also get the urge to CLEAN! I have a list and as soon as the weather begins to warm up I will get started! As a matter of fact I need to clean my scrapbook room right now! I can never start anything new until I am all orgainzed and back to normal. Speaking of organizing Creating Keepsakes has a new special issue out. I have a layout in there and I shared some tips of my own! ;) The layout is pretty cute and there are a ton of awesome tips in there!
Well it was nice to check in! I'm going to make my blog a little more spring-ish and clean up my scrap room!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!