Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do I Look Smart(ER)?

I finally got my new glasses today! I almost passed out....HAHAHAHA!! I had to say that! LOL Of course I had to take a pic of me in them...trying to look smart. I think I look a little clueless instead, but I'm not taking another one! They are only for reading, though. That's fine with me!

I got Brodey's shirt today from Ollie Kate. It is ADORABLE. I let him open it and he was all excited about it. He had to wear it all day and refused to take it off until he and Eric went swimming tonight. Hopefully he will forget about it until I get it washed!

Every morning at the same time the kitty cats are waiting on us to go outside. Today they were waiting on my AND they were hungry. The raccoon figured out that the kitty food was on the table. I guess that just didn't cut it, because it also dumped out a 40 lb sack of bird seed. Yes it was more than half full. It took forever to clean that up. So I made Eric promise to put it up so we wouldn't have a repeat tonight. Do you think he actually remembered? HA!
Tonight he looks outside and he's like "OH! The mommy raccoon brought a baby with her!"
I'm still mad at her for dumping the sack of seed and I'm like "Oh fabulous. You put up the bird seed...right?"
"Does that mean no you didn't put up the seed?"
He says "Um yeah."
I bring him the dust pan and broom. Not so cute now, right? WRONG!
He's like "So do you not have any cat food left?"
I'm like "NO."
"I like them to come."
"So you like to clean up after them and buy them food?"
"Well I like to watch them."
I'm like "Okay. I'm not cleaning up after them again."
He says "Fine."
So the raccoons and I have called a truce for now. They can come if Eric cleans up after them. Somehow I don't think that will happen.

Everyone disses Wal-Mart, but I've always been a fan. One stop shopping baby! LOL I grew up in Holdenville (population 5,000) and all we had was Wal-Mart. Now I live in Tahlequah and all we have is Wal-Mart. When I wear this necklace, no one believes I got it there! (The dress is from Old Navy) I think it's so cute! You never know what you will find there! ;)
I got a call in for a layout today from Memory Makers. They are doing this in-store pamphlet about organizing your scrap space. It sounds pretty cool! I love the layout I did, so I'm pretty excited! I'm just not sure when it will be out.
Yesterday when we went to Shawnee my mom bought Brodey a new movie. It's Tarzan. The Disney one. We watched it today and I cried at the end. Haha! I forgot how good it is!
Speaking of movies!!! Jen sent me the link today for the new Harry Potter movie. Gosh it looks so good. It's like Christmas watching it and hearing the music gives me goose bumps. It's awesome and I can't wait.
I think Eric and I might actually go to a movie tomorrow night. You are as shocked as I am, I know. If you have any suggestions, send 'em my way. I'm so out of the loop. There was a time when we had seen every movie out PLUS every new release at Blockbuster. Those were the pre-Brodey days!
Well it's late and I better go to bed!
Sleep tight!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

I could never describe my life as dull. Sometimes I wish it were so, but then my blog would be pretty dull too. That's no fun.
I used to ask my mom for a wig for Christmas. I never got one, but I came pretty close today. It was supposed to be a routine visit to the hairdresser. (And no I didn't pass out...HA!) I've been going to the same hairdresser for 17 years. He is the best. I don't have to tell him what to do. He has talked me out of horrible haircuts and into awesome ones. I used to photograph his family when I had the studio. I love him to death.
This visit he was supposed to put the color on my roots. We switch and do that and the foil every other time. So he starts putting the color on my roots and it starts to burn like crazy.
I'm like "Mike. It burns."
He's like "Oh don't be a wimp." I'm thinking okay I won't be a wimp. It burns worse.
"Mike it really burns."
He says "Really? Like how bad?"
I'm like "Like REALLY bad. Like it's never burned like this before."
He feels my scalp and says "April hurry rinse her off." (April is his assistant.)
I RUN over to the shampoo bowl and start yelling for April to "RINSE IT OFF!!!!! RINSE IT OFF!!!!" I was freaking out. It felt like knives in my scalp. I'm sitting there thinking after the month I've had it wouldn't surprise me if my hair fell out and I actually did get my wigs for Christmas.
So April gets it rinsed off, I have to sit there with some stuff on my scalp, and he checks it out. No hair loss and no burns...thank goodness. What was funny is that in that 30 second time period it actually colored my hair. I usually have to sit there for about 30 MINUTES. I was like awesome! It didn't make it blonde enough for my taste, but thinking of what COULD have was fine!
We think what happened is that I swimmed last night and I didn't get all the chemicals out of my hair from the pool water. Maybe stress...but I think that's a stretch. I won't even think about getting in the pool before my next hair appointment!
Well that's enough excitement for me. I'm taking my sore scalp to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will prove less eventful.

Oh P.S. If you tried to log in as a customer on the Uppercase Living site and it asked for your info, don't worry! I'm the only person that will get that! You know I won't bug you...unless I do already! Hahahaha!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic Relief

When ya gotta dance, ya gotta dance! Even in the booth at the Mexican restaurant!
Brodey has no shame. I have to say I'm glad. I have pretty much always been that way and Eric is the exact opposite. Eric wouldn't dance at a DANCE. I don't think Brodey will be that way. He will break it down anywhere if he has a good beat! LOL I really needed some comic relief.

We went to Tulsa last night to see what vehicles the dealerships had. I'm not sure what I want now. I just want something that isn't a rental car. Eric took me out to eat to put me in a better mood. It actually worked. We ate at Los Cabos next to Bass Pro. It's SO GOOD! I'm so glad I bought that little camera to keep in my purse! I wouldn't have those hilarious pics otherwise!

I'm REALLY trying to be positive. It's hard to not revert back to being angry with whomever did it and not feeling paranoid. I have been triple checking the locks on the doors. It's silly now that I type it out. It happened all the way in Holdenville, but it still makes you feel violated. See I'm getting all negative again. I just need to stop it and hope the police find out who did it.
When we got home last night the comic relief continued, although at first Eric DID NOT think it was funny. I had been cleaning out the whirlpool tub (hate those stupid things, by the way) and was in the last stage when I had to leave yeterday. I had left the rinse water in there to finish when I got home. Well I was letting the tub fill back up while I was washing my face and in came Eric thinking he would just take over the situation.
"The water only needs to be right over the jets. Good grief."
I just roll my eyes like usual and let him think whatever he wants.
So I said "Fine. I'm done cleaning it I just need to rinse it again. I think it needs a little more water, though."
Eric the know it all says "NO it's fine."
I'm like okay! So I go over and turn the jets on and water goes EVERYWHERE. It shot into Brodey's face and made him cry. It got all over the walls and window. Eric got soaked. I was so wet that my mascara was running down my face, water was in my ear, and my tank top was SOAKED. Of course Eric yells for me to turn it back off. So I go to turn it off and get even more soaked. As soon as I got it turned off I sat down in the floor and laughed so hard I was crying. It was like a total mix of emotions. It hadn't felt so good to laugh that hard in ages. This weekend had me so tense that it was the best feeling to just let go and laugh it out!
Poor Brodey finally calmed down. My hair was soaked and Eric was mad. I made HIM clean the water up. Guess he won't make comments about the water level the next time I clean it out! Hahaha!!!
One of the only good things to come out of this weekend was Erin showing me her Uppercase Living catalog. She held an open house for a friend of her's and the second I opened the catalog I was HOOKED. I mean hooked. Have you ever used a rub-on and thought man I'd like to supersize that and put it on my wall!?!?! I HAVE!
It's these awesome wall images that are similar to rub-ons. You can put them on just about any surface and they just peel off when you don't want them anymore! I have been trying to figure out what to do with my huge walls that are bare, and this is it! I actually loved it so much I'm selling it! You should check it out. On the right side of my blog there's a link. You have to enter in the ID And TOKEN that I have listed. Pretty soon we will have websites. I'm so excited about this. This came at the perfect time for me. A welcome distraction and hopefully a way for me to meet new people here! If you like what you see, send me an e-mail at!
Well hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I go get my hair done tomorrow! So excited! My parents will meet me and Brodey and I will have a good day!
I'm off to start dinner! Maybe we will swim when Eric gets home! Have a great evening!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Time...Bad Times

What a weekend. What a weekend.
I have been looking forward to this weekend since I scheduled to teach back in June. I taught two classes Saturday at Just 4 Keeps in Edmond. I LOVE to teach. LOVE IT. So besides getting to do that, I also got to crop with all my Edmond girls! It was a blast as usual! No layouts done, but it doesn't matter! I can't even put into words how good it was to spend time with everyone. I didn't even leave until 11pm! FUN!
Eric, Rene, and Brodey went to Holdenville while I was in Edmond so we could go to the lake this weekend. So instead of driving back to Tahlequah, I drove to Holdenville. I didn't get to the lake until about 12:45 or 1. We all played horseshoes and went to bed.
We get up the next morning around 10 and we are messing around outside. Eric happens to look over and notice my car is gone. Of course at first we think no way it has to be a joke. So we went and woke up Tyler (Ally's boyfriend) and asked him if he put the car anywhere. He was like NO! WHY!?! We were like oh my gosh. My car is gone. It's really gone. I, of course, start crying. I LOVE my car. LOVE it. I picked it out and I love it. Well I guess I should say loved it. (I'm actually getting emotional typing aobut it.)
We called the police and they came out so we could report it. While we were making out the report the officer got a call in that someone had found it...and it was burned. I'm freaking out "like burnt?!?! What do you mean burnt!?!? Why would someone do that?!?! Are you sure it's MY car??!?!" Someone had found it somewhere way out and so Eric, Tyler, and Ally went to look. There was no way I could go. No way I wanted to see the car I loved so much like that. So I went to Eric's mom's. I called Ally after a while and asked her about it and she was like "oh my gosh April. It's gone. It's all burned up. Someone burned it up and threw beer cans all in it. I'm so sorry." I can't even understand why someone would do that. It's just so dumb. People have no respect for others.
We have been going to the lake for years and nothing like this has happened to us. We had some beer, watermelons, and food stolen several weeks ago and once we had a homeade porta-potty stolen. (That was before we had a camper LOL) This stuff happens to other people. I guess it was just wrong place wrong time. It's just so stupid to me. I can't even imgaine what would make someone do that other than some kind of substance. Someome said that in town someone's vehicle was vandalized and a car at Wewoka lake was stolen and burned. Who knows if it was the same person, but they need to find a hobby.
I was totally looking forward to this weekend. The first part was awesome, and the second part not so much. Jen was like "see you should have stayed the night!" I sure should have! I'm just so glad I didn't really have anything in there. There were a few movies, toys, and stuff but that's it. THANK GOSH I stopped by Eric's and dumped out my scrap stuff from teaching. The inside of my car gets dusty at the lake and I didn't want my stuff yucky. Oh my I shudder to think if that stuff had been in there!! I'll take dusty over burned any day!
The next vehicle I get will NOT be anything anyone wants to steal. No BMW's. I'm stuck in a stinking rental car because someone wanted to be stupid. Okay I'm done being negative. I've had a headache since yesterday and I need to go make dinner. Sorry this post was so down. Hopefully tomorrow will be more entertaining or uplifting! LOL
Good night!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Hair & a New Camera

Summer has never been a good hair season for me. Not that it looks really bad, it's just that I have super thick hair and when I blow dry it the bathroom turns into a sauna. So you can imagine my excitement when I figured out the easiest hairdo for me EVER.
A few weeks ago I was at the lake and I ran to Eric's and took a shower. Eric was rushing me so I just got out of the shower, didn't even comb out my hair, put in some leave-in conditioner, and put it up in a high ponytail that you don't pull all the way through. That was it. I slept in it like that and didn't touch it until the next morning.
After breakfast the next morning I took it down. It wasn't 100% dry so I just left it down to dry. Madyson (Eric's sister) comes in the kitchen and says "oh I love your hair." I was like "haha sure." She said "No really! You didn't do that on purpose?" I walk over and look in the mirror and it's all wavy and actually looked really good! I couldn't believe it turned out like that from just putting it up overnight! The next day I thought I'd try it again just to see if it was a fluke. It wasn't! I did the same thing and got that same results! It's so nice to be able to swim with Bro and not worry about blow drying it. The pic I took today isn't the best, but I don't care! I have the easiest hairdo in the world! LOL
Oh by the way, I got a new camera! It's the one in the pic of my hair. I was SO EXCITED! I have been wanting a little point and shoot for a long time. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my 20D, but it just feels a little silly to pull it out at a restaurant with that big flash and say "CHEESE!" Hahaha! This new camera fits right in my purse and it is so much fun!

I have a couple of obsessions right now. The first is pretty harmless. It's water with lemon. We have an awesome ice machine in our house and it makes the best ice! Throw a lemon in there and you have the perfect summertime drink! Don't worry, though! I haven't given up my Diet Coke! ;)
My other obsession is Esty. MAN I love that place! I bought the coolest address stamp HERE, a cool shirt for Brodey HERE, and a chic little camera strap for me HERE! I'm an online shopaholic and the post lady hates me! LOL She has to ring up at our gate and I have to let her in to bring me packages. But hey! I told her she could leave them in the mailbox, but she said no! :)
The raccoon came back yesterday. She, yes SHE, was eating all the kitty food. I was watching her through another window and noticed she has some very large tattas. She's nursing some baby raccoons some where so she can fill up on the kitty food any time she wants!
Well I better go start getting my class kits ready! Tomorrow will be a scrappy filled day at J4K! I'm so excited! I'm headed to Holdenville afterwards so I won't be blogging until Monday!
Have a safe and awesome weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have Fabulous Friends!

Today was a lonely day. I have days where I REALLY REALLY miss my friends. I get sort of down and miss living in Edmond. I love my home here, but I miss everyone and going to Just 4 Keeps.
To perk me up I'm posting the new book by Memory Makers called Fabulous Friends. That's the book and this is my layout in it:

Those are my friends from high school. I've known most since before preschool. I MISS THEM!!! I miss everyone! :( But posting about it has made me feel better!!
I can't wait until Saturday! I get to finally see everyone! I am teaching two classes at J4K and I am going to stick around and crop! SO SO excited! I never get any layouts done, but who cares! I'm there to visit! I scrap at home by my lonesome! Haha!

The other day when I went to the eye doctor, we went to see Eric at work! Brodey had a lot of fun! Eric cleaned his teeth and he got to clean his own! He LOVED that! None of the girls could believe he sat still long enough or would even open his mouth! We even got x-rays of his teeth! So cute! He is always looking at our teeth with his flashlight. I took a pic of him polishing his own!

LOL He did a pretty good job, too!
I found the most awesome blog through other blogs. (Sorry I can't remember which one!) I'm sure I'm behind on this, but I just had to share! Bloesem Kids is the coolest site I've found in a while! I already bought something from an Etsy shop I found on there. I'll post that tomorrow! You have to check it out! So fun!

Well the raccoon came back last night! Luckily he hasn't found the kitten's food on the table! We are going to wait up for him again tonight. It's fun watching him eat. He can totally see us at the door, but he doesn't even care. The cats will not even come out until he is gone! It's funny!

Well the boys just got out of the pool and I better go rinse Brodey off! Tomorrow is Friday! YEAH!!!! I can't wait for the weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a suuuuunny day!

That's Brodey's new line. "It's a suuuunny day!" He throws his hands up and draws out that uhh sound! It's hilarious!
That's exactly what he said today when we walked outside to go get the mail. He also followed it up with "Momma it's HOT!" I said "yes it is, baby!" He also dressed himself, I might add. Notice the boots, hat, and shades. So funny!
I got a new sewing machine recently and I am a sewin' FOOL! I think I have sewn on the last six layouts I have done. Yes SIX! I'm on a kick! Bro has a tv now in the scrap room and man is it helpful! I get so much done! He actually fell asleep in there last night watching The Jungle Book. I catch myself singing along with it! I still love that movie!
Well I'm going to head to bed. If I can find what Brodey did with the flashlight I might do some late night reading! :)
Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We have a new cat.......HA!

I was about to go to sleep tonight and I walk by one of the windows and see that! LOL My first thought was gosh that's a big raccoon! I grew up in the country and have seen my fair share, and this was a big one! I'm whispering to Eric to look and trying to sneek to get my camera at the same time. He, or I guess maybe she, totally cleaned out the continuous feeder! It was so funny. Eric's genius self tried to open the door to get a better pic and he/she ran off. As soon as she was gone here come the cats! So much for defending their territory! LOL That raccoon was bigger than both my kitty cats!
Well enough fun for tonight. I'm headed to bed. I finally feel like my old self again after the date with the floor yesterday. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Floor!

I called my mom today and asked "Why can't I just do something normal? Like just go to the eye doctor?" She just laughed and said "I don't know. What happened?" Ha!
The last time I had an eye exam was in 1999. Pathetic, I know. Eric went with me and when the dr put the drops in my body freaked and I almost passed out. I didn't, though! I kept control, but I came pretty close. I can't say that for today.
I got there without a hitch and got back in the room. I warned the dr of what had happened at my last eye exam and he said okay! I had Brodey in my lap and I go through all the exam and then he puts the drops in my eyes. I was nervous from last time, but I was determined not to let it get to me. The drops made my eyes feel weird and that's when my body started reacting. I told the dr I was feeling a little creepy, but I was okay. He did the lights in my eyes and right after he did that I felt REALLY creepy. I said "Oh no I feel it" and it all went black.
I started to come to. I could hear them talking and I realized I was lying on the floor. The poor receptionist was holding my legs up and the dr was holding a wet washcloth over my eyes. When I could talk the first thing I said was "did I drop Brodey?" They said "no no they took him up front." I said "I'm so sorry." I was so embarrased. I DO NOT get embarrased easily, but this did it. I was wearing a dress and THANK GOD I had shaved my legs this morning! LOL
They made me eat some crackers and drink some water and I felt good enough to get up. I sat back down in the chair and within a few seconds I felt it again. He had to put me BACK on the floor until I felt better. Finally I got up and he told me he was watching me after the lights in my eyes and my pupils were HUGE. He said my head just went back and he grabbed Brodey and yelled for the girls up front. They took him while he and another girl got me to the floor. He said I'm the 4th person for that to happen to. That made me feel better!
It's 7pm and I still feel like crap. I feel all nauseous and creepy. NOT a good day. On top of that, I got Eric lunch while I was in town and proceeded to spill my Diet Coke all over myself. There had to be icing on the top of this wonderful cake, right?
Why can't I just have normal days? Go to the dr without a hitch? Cause then I wouldn't have anything to talk about on this blog! HAHAHAHAHA!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Silly Kitty!

That is Brodey's new "best friend." Hehe! This has to be the sweetest kitty every and the silliest! She sleeps in the oddest places! This is the only photo I've been able to capture so far. I didn't even get her sleeping because she heard me. She was actually sleeping in my window basket. I looked out to check on her and there she was. I had to take a pic! She also loves to sleep in the empty hanging basket I have in the shelf on the back porch, under the wicker side table, and on Bro's swingset. She is so funny and Brodey loves her to death.
She was a stray that showed up at Meme and Doc's house. They couldn't keep her because they said they are too old to be tripping over a little kitty. So they sent her to Brodey! He couldn't love her any more!
I actually think the other kitty is starting to like her. They didn't get along at first, but she's warming up to her.

This kitty cat was born here and when we moved here Ashley ,the previous owner, took her to the people down the rode. Ashely said she cried when she took her because she had lived here all her life. :( When she told me that I said "oh she'll come back." And she did! I'm so glad! She is such a good kitty!
Well Eric is due back some time this afternoon. His fishing trip went well. I decided to stay here instead of go to Holdenville. I'm glad because I have actually gotten stuff done! No layouts...but Bro has to go to sleep some time! Hahaha!
Have an awesome Sunday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bruises and busted lips...

Bruises, busted lips, and skinned elbows is what I have. Thanks to this:

We call it the taco and no that isn't us. LOL It's a photo of the tube we got from It's SO MUCH FUN but gosh it's dangerous! It's s triple rider so of couse we had to load it down! The problem is that it tears up your knees and elbows! Mom literally went and bought us elbow pads this week at Wal-Mart.
We also coulsn't resist hooking it up to the back of the boat with Big Bertha(the super big two person tube). Eric is saying all along "this is a bad idea...this is a bad idea..." He was on the taco with me and Danielle. Danielle's boyfriend, Jacob, was on Big Bertha. My dad swings us around and takes us over waves so big they are capping over. I swear you could surf on them. We hit the first wave and my butt pops up and as we came down my mouth slams into Danielle's fist. You can imagine the blood going everywhere. I bail off the back thinking that no one knows I'm hurt and Eric comes after me. Blood was going everywhere and all I could think of was "I don't want stitches...I don't want stitches..." Eric gets me onto the boat and we realize I that I don't need stitches and my lip is busted all the heck. So of course I jump off the back of the boat and climb right back on. Poor Danielle's hand was cut from my tooth. She was fine! Haha! It was so much fun!
What I love most about the taco is that Brodey can ride. It's so much fun! When dad goes slow he can stand up and crawl around on it. (With me holding onto him, of couse.) Fun times at the lake!

This is one of my DT Layouts for Just 4 Keeps this month. At the lake on the 4th. That was actually last year. Bro has grown so much. I don't realize it until I compare photos or look at him now. Such a little man now! :(
Well I'm going to go (hopefully) work on some layouts. Eric is going to fish with Brandon and Keith this weekend. Bro and I just might head to the lake again! Haha! ;)
Have a good weekend!