Monday, April 27, 2009


Has is really been since MARCH? My goodness!
It's been a little crazy around here. We have been redoing bathrooms since the first of February. Almost done.
We have been contemplating a move back to Edmond. That isn't 100%....yet. ;)
We have had some crazy weather! Oh and we got a new dog. Well Eric brought home a new dog.

Well okay that photo was taken the day we got him and that was oh about 3 weeks ago. I know I'm terrible. It's really just making myself sit down and blog.
Oh I had a birthday. Eric had a birthday. Man talk about a neglected blog! Good thing nothing eventful happened! LOL
Friday night Brodey's forehead was introduced to the flowerpot on the backporch. He cracked it, actually. It was pretty bad. He did WAY better than I ever expected him to act at the ER. They glued it back together with Dermabond. The PA in the ER didn't do such a great job. (Well you didn't if you are reading this, PA.) So he should have a nice scar. That's the last time we go to the ER for something like that. We should have taken him to the office and let Eric stitch it up. It wouldn't have been such a pleasant experience, but at least he wouldn't have a scar! Oh well Jonnelle assures me that he will be able to brag about it later! :)
I'll post a pic tomorrow. I will keep my promise this time!
That's all the catching up for tonight! Time to go to bed!