Monday, June 25, 2007

Too busy!

Gosh I've been too busy this last week! This week is going to be even worse!
First, I got REALLY REALLY good news and I'll be in a certain BIG scrapbook magazine in November! I can't way anything else until then, but it's really cool!!! I've been trying to get that prepared and mailed! Lots of effort in mailing this one!
My 10 year reunion is this weekend. I've been working on it and planning it for a very long time. I'm ready for it to be here!!!
I have been working on design team layouts because I won't be here next weekend! AH!!! It doesn't sound like much, but when you factor in 17 month old it gets tricky!
My sisiter is coming up today and spending the night. My parents are coming tomorrow to get the large furniture out of her bedroom. So sad. It's been okay since her stuff has been here to remind me of her, but now it's all going away! BOOHOO!!!!
Well I'm going to go try to get into the shower and I'm off to the post office!!
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

Yesterday was mine and Eric's 5 year anniversary!! We started dating in 1994, but we didn't get married until 2002.
I got Eric an IPod Shuffle. It's the smaller one since the only time he'll use it is when he is working out or back and forth to the offices.
But GOSH did I get a surprise!!! I took Eric to took work yesterday morning (we only have my X5 because Eric's H2 doesn't come in until next month) and I came back home and went to feed Brodey and this was on his high chair...

I was so surprised! I had no idea he was even getting me something!!!! SO you can imagine just how much more suprised I was when I opened it and it was this!!!

Not the engagement ring! The BAND!! I have been wanting one with diamonds on it forever! I had lost my other band and I didn't think I would get a new one for a LONG time! It was such a complete and total surprise!! It is the perfect size, too! Any smaller and it wouldn't look right, any larger and they both wouldn't fit on my short finger! LOL I am still excited!
Anyway, I just had to share!!!!! What a good day! MIL is coming today and we are going to go out to eat and to a movie tonight! So excited!!!!
Have an awesome Friday!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just another hot summer day...

Just another hot summer day here in Oklahoma! :) Do you ever look back at the day around 5pm and think "where in the WORLD did the day go?" Yep I did that today. I mostly did reunion planning. Can't wait for it to come! I just want to enjoy it and not have to think about it anymore!

Gosh the mosquitos are bad this year! Every time we step outside they swarm us. So annoying!!! We were troopers, though, and sprayed on some Skin So Soft and we were ready to go! We love playing with the neighbors! We have THE best neighbors EVER!!! I would like a bigger house, but I don't want to move because I love them so much! They are so helpful, easygoing, fun! I took some photos of Brodey and two of the neighbors today! I posted them above! So cute!!!

I'm going to go! I was good today so I'm going to eat some strawberry shortcake! YUM!!!!

It's HOT!!!

Wow it's already so hot here in Oklahoma! Well to me, anyway! ;) It might not be as hot as other places temperature wise, but gosh it's so humid!

Brodey and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and got the cutest little kiddie pool for only $20! The photos above are from yesteday! He had a blast!!! Cheap fun!

Brodey is growing up so fast! He is such a little climber too! So annoying at time! LOL I will turn around and he's on top of the coffee table dancing around! OR he's on top of the couch in the office trying to roll off the side! No fear!

Eric found a computer he wants. This makes me happy, but at the same time frustrated. I get frustrated when I think of all the programs we have on this computer that I would have to move. PLUS all my fonts! AH!

My reunion is getting close! Been ordering all the things we are going to eat! I can't wait to see everyone! I think it's going to be so much fun!

Well I gotta go! The laundry is calling my name! Fun times! hahahaha!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007


SO Wicked was awesome!!! I went with my cousins last night and it was nothing like the book, but it was great!! It was more comedic which was really nice! The actors were wonderful and the woman that played Elfeba(the Wicked Witch) had the most amazing voice! Gave me chill bumps every time! The photo above is from last night! So much fun!!! I always have fun with Danielle and Ryleigh! They are my girls! ;)

Well I have some really great layouts to post, but not until the kit goes live on One Page at a Time!

This is a short post! I'm headed to get Brodey a little pool and hopefully a new computer!! (fingers crossed)
Have a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Thanks to everyone that came by yesterday and had your photo taken!
I did a little photo shoot for Just 4 Keeps, my local scrap store, yesterday! The first one I did was awesome and they wanted me to do another one!
All I brought was a black velvet backdrop and my camera. I wanted to show people how they can take beautiful photos at home with minimal equipment! I showed them how to use their camera and natural lighting to take beautiful photos! Thanks to everyone for coming!!
Gotta go! MIL is here and I have DT deadlines!
Off to scrap!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Are you addicted??

Addicted Scrappers is looking for two new design team members! Their kits are awesome!!! Go to Addicted Scrappers to check it out!!! The layout above is from their June kit! Fun stuff!
Gotta run! I've been busy with DT work! It's the first of the month!!!
Have an awesome Friday!