Friday, March 25, 2011

Angry Birds and a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I have always thought she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in that movie. Love that movie. I have also always been in love with the necklace she wears in it. If you have ever heard me say "I would like to have a diamond necklace with the diamond ON the chain. Not hanging on a pendant, but ON the chain" well...that's where I got that idea. I'll have one someday if I ever find one!
I was so sad when I heard she had passed away. I have always loved how she talked, moved, and I have always thought she was just the most beautiful woman. Giant, Father of the Bride, National Velvet. They are all some of my most favorite movies of all time. She is a legend.
I've been busy lately. Scrapbooking and cardmaking take over my brain. I can't do both at the same time. It's like I have a scrapbooking side and a cardmaking side. It's weird.
I taught the last run of my March Stamper's Night Out class last night! Fun times! I'll be posting the cards on my card blog soon!
Spring is finally here!!! You have NO idea how happy this makes me! These beautiful flowers are my most favorite flower of all time! They may not be the most beautiful, but to me they signify change and the end of winter! You know how much I dislike winter! The yard guys even mowed this week! Yeah for spring!
Oh before I go I must post this Public Service Announcement: My son has discovered Angry Birds on my phone.
What does this mean for me? A dead phone and ignored texts and phone calls.
What does this mean for you? You could have been one of the many ignored texts or phone calls.
If you have been ignored please send another text or give me another call! Oh and I apologize on behalf of my 5 year old. He has been instructed to quit ignoring texts and calls or no more Angry Birds! :)
And why are the birds so angry anyway?
Have a wonderful springy Friday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Weekend

Well HELLO SPRING! Last weekend Brodey and I took a trip to Arkansas to stay with my awesome cousins! I was beyond excited driving there and back because the Daffodils were EVERYWHERE! If you don't know Daffodils are my most favor tie flower of all time! It might not be the most beautiful, but to me it signifies the end of yucky winter! LOVE them!
This weekend was Eric's birthday! We celebrated by heading down to Dallas to stay with our besties Destiny and Jason! We had an awesome time! Eric declared it as one of his best birthdays ever. We went to Al-Amir which was SO good! (Almost as good as my Lebanese dishes! Hehe!) They had belly dancers and a girl that hula hooped with about 30 at once! I can't even do one!!
Sunday I ate at one of my favorite places of all time...TACO DELITE!!! It was DELIGHTful. I even got a t-shirt. Don't be jealous Erin and Kerry! I'll let you borrow it! ;)
After Taco Delite we headed home. Our original plans were to meet Eric's parents in McAlester to pick up Brodey and head home. At the last second we changed our minds and headed towards Holdenville on highway 48.
I was driving and as we got just South of Tupelo I saw a mini van swerving in front of us. I was like "Look at this idiot."
Eric glanced up and then looked back down at his phone.
I'm watching the mini van and if you haven't driven on 48 it has NO shoulder. It's just dirt. So the mini van swerves off into the ditch, he jerks it back onto the highway and when he does he loses control. He goes back off the road once more and it comes across the highway and flips three times out of the ditch and lands in a dirt road perpendicular to the highway.
I'm smacking Eric "Call 911!!!" as I pull over onto the dirt.
We were literally so close that as I run up to the van it's still rocking a little bit. I could see feet on the ground out the driver back window but I don't hear anyone at first so I start yelling "Are you okay!?!?! Are you okay?" I'm praying please don't let anyone be in pieces or dead.
I run over to the front and see a woman hanging face down in the front passenger seat by the seat belt. She wasn't moving or talking and I'm like oh crap.
Finally I hear a man in the back freaking out. He pops up out of the window of the sliding door and I'm like "Are you okay!?!? Are there kids in here!?! Calm down!"
He's like "My wife my wife!"
I'm like "ARE THERE KIDS IN HERE!?!?!"
"Yes my son!"
"Is he okay? Can you hand him to me."
He goes back in and hands me his son over the side. The poor boy's face is covered in blood and of course he's shaking and crying. His poor eyes, mouth, and nose are filled with dirt from the dirt road. I'm telling him it's okay you're okay thinking please let him be okay. I'm asking him questions and he's answering me so I thought well okay. He could tell me his name, he was 4, how many fingers I was holding up and where he lives. I got him back to my car where I had water and wipes and LUCKILY a little McDonald's car still in the packaging. I'm not sure where all the blood came from because he was fine. He had a tiny bruise on his forehead and a couple of scratches on his arm. I couldn't believe it. I thought of all the kids I see that aren't in car seats or even seat belts and can't even imagine if he hadn't been in his.
Eric and the guy managed to kick the front windshield out of the car to get the lady out. She wasn't coming out any other way. She was epileptic and had come to when they got her out.
Within about 10 minutes of everyone getting out some medics arrived. Once the man calmed down he realized he was pretty hurt. He hadn't had his seat belt on. Guess that's why he was in the back when I ran up to the car. It took a long time for the ambulance and fire trucks to get there. Luckily it distracted the little boy from his hurt parents.
About 50 minutes after it all happened they finally took the little boy and the dad in ambulance. We left once I knew the little boy would be okay. They had to send the helicopter from Seminole to get the lady. I wish I could find out if everyone was okay! What an ordeal.
Literally about 5 miles passed them it started raining on us. Thank goodness it held out that long!
I had blood all over my neck, face, arms, and shirt. I just kept thinking thank God he was okay. Now that I think about it I think maybe his nose bled. Poor boy.
We finally make it to Holdenville and we leave for home that night. I had to give Bro lots of hugs.
Eric was too tired to drive so I told him if I was going to drive I would have to stop and get something to drink. I stopped at Okemah Love's right off I-40. When I went to get out of the car it was raining and I noticed a CUTE little girl about 2 in her car seat alone with the car running and lights on. Geez.
"Hey Eric this little girl is in the car by herself. Watch her."
I run in, get my drink, and get in line. I notice the girl in front of me with "Cassie" on her sweatshirt. "Hold on let me check on my kid." and she runs out of the store. I'm pointing to her to Eric out the window and I just knew he would say something to her.
NOW I have to say that I have left Bro in the car before and I'm sure several moms have too. BUT I would NEVER leave my 2 year old in a running car at a sketchy Love's right off I-40.
So I turn around and a clean cut Samuel L Jackson look alike (complete with beret I'm not kidding) gets in line behind me. He looks down at my toes and says "Little girl your toes look GOOD!"
I'm like "Aw thanks!! I just got a pedicure yesterday!"
"That color looks good!"
"Thanks! I tried to get my husband to get one with me but he wouldn't do it!"
"Why not? I get mine done! You know women don't take care of their toes anymore! It's a shame! They look like they've been playing floor hockey!"
I busted out laughing "Oh my gosh that's the funniest thing I've ever heard!"
"It's true!"
How can you argue with that!?! I don't even know what floor hockey is but after the day I'd had it was pretty darn funny!
So I go back out to the car and leave. By this time it's pouring and I'm only able to go 60. As I'm driving a car passes me like I'm sitting still. It's THE CAR FROM LOVE'S!!! I knew because she had a vanity plate from Texas. I couldn't even believe it.
"Hey Eric look it's that chick with the baby from Love's. Cassie."
"Wow she's going way too fast. Especially with that baby in the front seat."
"WHAT!?!?!! She was in the front seat." After the day I'd had I couldn't even believe it.
The moral to the story people is BUCKLE your KIDS UP!!! Be an idiot and don't buckle yourself. You'll end up in the back seat, but PLEASE buckle your kids up. It's annoying and takes time but just do it. Please.
Phew! My hands are cramping! I'm off to get ready! Brodey is beyond excited. We are meeting my parents and sister in Tulsa and my dad's taking him to Chuck E Cheese. "Mom won't let me go so I'm glad you are taking me Papa." Ha! ;) So am I Bro!
Have a fantastic Wednesday!