Sunday, April 29, 2007

It happens to us...

If something doesn't normally happen, it will happen to us! I always know it when I hear the words "well the odds are it won't happen." Well I guess we are the evens because Brodey got chicken pox from his vaccination! In the doc's office he says "well the odds are it won't happen. I've only seen five cases since I've been here." I said to him "well I can assure you if the odds are it won't happen, it will. So I'll just expect that Brodey will have the chicken pox!" I actually reminded him of that yesterday on the phone! LOL It's just a slight case. He only has about 15 on him, but I can't take him around any other kids. So sad because yesterday was his very first birthday party! I was so excited to take him and it just couldn't happen! Ah well! It won't be the last birthday party I'm sure!

Oh! I am so excited! One Page at a Time has asked me to extend my deadline with them and be on their design team another term! SO very excited about that! The are THE best company to work for! As a matter of fact! They are looking for 4 new design team members!!! Go HERE if you are interested in designing for an awesome company with even more awesome kits!!!

The May kit is up a Addicted Scrappers!!! Let me tell you!!!! IT ROCKS! I have never used the Hambly Screenprints/rub-ons before and I'm so excited to use them!!

I took my sister's senior pics this week. I posted one above. So sad she is graduating! I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when she isn't here! Boohoo!!!

My MIL came this weekend and (as usual) I tried to stay home and scrap and it didn't work! I have to be out of this house or here by myself to get anything done!

Well I'm going to go feed my son breakfast! I'm going to attempt to get a page done today! Haha! We'll see!
Have an awesome Sunday!

Monday, April 23, 2007

So many little time!

Well I actually got to scrap this weekend. Not a whole lot, but a little! It was SO nice to get away and just laugh and have fun! (Even though "away" is about two and a half miles down the road!" Hehehe! I went to the crop for about 4 hours on Saturday and about 3 hours yesterday. I got 1 and a half pages done. Literally! Isn't that pathetic! I posted the one I did finish above! I have to admit, though, yesterday I was helping several other croppers with what they were doing. So, I wasn't just chatting the entire time! ;)
I have so many layouts I need to do! LOL I also have so many layouts to scan in! The only reason I got the one above scanned in is because I had to use it for my Scraplift Challenge at Just 4 Keeps!
Oh good news! I had several more layouts accepted into the Basic Grey and 3 Bugs in a Rug online galleries! That's exciting!
Oh!! I also got my May kit in for One Page at a Time!! IT IS AWESOME! It includes a ton of the new Sassafrass Lass paper and they even had them make acrylic stamps to match the paper! How cool is that!?!?!
My May kit for Addicted Scrappers should arrive soon! From the sneak peeks we have gotten it looks awesome! Can't wait for that!!! It has been so fun working for them!
Well Brodey is ready for his morning nap! I might actually take one with him today! Hehe!
Talk to you later!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been gone...

I've been gone! It's so good to be back! I might actually get some scrapping done this weekend! Yippee!

Brodey has never been REALLY sick before in his short little life. Never. He has never thrown up or had diarreha once. Let me tell you he made up for it this last week! LOL Last Thursday he had his 15 month doctor's visit. Everything went fine. He was pretty ticked off that he had to get two shots and they pricked his finger, but other than that he was acting normal! I had driven a Mercedes to test drive to the doctor's office and he fell asleep on the way back to the dealership to return the vehicle. Not five minutes after we got back into my vehicle, Brodey pukes ALL OVER the place. I mean ALL OVER. I had to pull off the interstate and the poor thing was so scrared! This was the very first time he had thrown up and it scrared him! I felt SO BAD! I get him cleaned up and changed into some other clothes and he does it AGAIN on the way home! I am freaking out calling the doctor's office! The only thing that's going through my head is he is having some freak reaction to his shots! (Probably not even possible but if you are a mom you get it!) I was FREAKING! The nurse reassures me that it is probably just a virus that's been going around. I'm like fine.
We finally get home and I get him changed and he starts throwing up all over again. Oh and all over me. I'm the mom that doesn't really care. I'm like okay I'm already covered in puke. Go ahead and finish on me. So this goes on several more times and I called the nurse again. She tells me what to do to help him not get dehydrated and gives me the on call doctor's numbers and all that.
LUCKILY he only threw up a few more times and he had potty issues the rest of the weekend. I felt SO bad for him! He was sick until Monday when he threw up again. I called and told them I wanted to bring him in and they checked his blood and confirmed that he had a virus like the nurse said. Thank goodness! He is SO much better now! He only lost 2oz and he looks normal now! He looked so sad all weekend! It's nice to have my ball of energy back! LOL

I haven't had time to scrap at all. (Oh poor me right? Haha!) MIL is coming tomorrow! THANK GOODNESS! I need a break! I plan on scrapping all weekend if I can! Eric has been obsessed with finding the perfect new car lately and it's been time-consuming! I think we have it narrowed down to two now! So hopefully we will have a new car within the next couple of days! Phew!

Oh yeah! I got my scanner fixed! FINALLY! The sad thing is I haven't had the time to scan anything in! LOL I think that will all change now that Brodey is better!

Okay. I gotta go! Brodey isn't wanting to sleep in his bed so that means the end of my computer time! Boohoo! Hopefully my next post will contain some scrappy pages! The photo in this post is of my sister before prom! So purdy!

Goodnight for now!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh my.

Oh my have we been busy. Easter was Sunday and Brodey was the best little egg hunter ever! We have been practicing for a while around the house! We couldn't let the big boys show us up!! ;) Everyone made hats! They were awesome! I WON!!! I was so excited! I posted a pic of my hat in the last post! I won an Old Navy gift card! Fun stuff!

My birthday was Monday the 9th! I am 28 years old. Wow that is almost 30! It was a good birthday! We went out to eat and I test drove some cars! Now sure what I'm going to get yet! I'll let ya know when I do! Hehe!

My 10 year high school reunion is this summer! I was the senior class president so I get to put it together! It's so fun to reconnect with everyone! But gosh it's time consuming! Totally worth it, though!

One of my oldest and dearest friends is in town! I haven't seen her in years! She lives in San Diego and I've known her since I was three! LOVE her!

Car drama today. My sister's car went dead and it wouldn't start yesterday. She knows how to jump it, but it was POURING down rain! LOL I was like NO WAY am I doing that! Eric went and jumped it last night and she kept it running for an hour and it still wouldn't start. GEEZ! So she had to take the Hummer to school today and my Dad had to come up and figure out what was wrong. Luckily he did and I'm glad that's over! Taxi cab I am not! Haha!

On top of all scanner is screwed up. Brodey likes to push buttons and I think he finally pushed the wrong one or ones. I have to call Epson tomorrow and hopefully they can help me out! I have layouts I need to share with the world! LOL Yes, I could take a pic, but I hate to do that because scans are so much nicer! :)

It's been almost four month's since our house flooded and JUST NOW are the gears turning on the woodwork being fixed. Drives me nuts. I hate dealing with that stuff. Sorry to sound gripey, but I have to let it out somewhere! ;)

Okay this post is really just fraction of what's been going on lately! Probably boring, but that's life. Hopefully I'll get to scrap some time soon!! Gosh you know I have enough photos to keep me busy!!

Okay I'm going now. Tomorrow Brodey has a doctor's appointment and I have to take my cousin's senior pictures order to her in Norman! Another busy day!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

What the snow?

Yes. It is snowing. Oklahoma is wonderful like that. LOL Last week was so hot it was shorts and flip flops. This week it's sweatshirts and gloves. CRAZY! But I gotta admit I love it! Mother Nature loves to mix things up a bit for us Okies!

I guess that means Brodey will be dressed for winter. I have what he is going to wear planned and it does look a little springy...even thought it's thick pants and a sweater! Hehe! I have been tanning and I have to admit I'm disappointed that I will not be able to show it off and wear a skirt like I had planned! Ah well!

I made out hats yesterday! At Easter this year we are having a hat contest. I made myself one and Brodey one! That's why there is a photo of my hat in my blog entry! LOL It was a ton of fun!

MIL is coming tonight! Maybe I'll get some scrapping done and get to alter a huge "B" I bought today at Just 4 Keeps! I also teach a Techinque Tuesday class tomorrow! It will be fun! As soon as I'm done with that, though, it's off to Holdenville!

Brodey is asleep and I'm going to attempt to put him in bed so I can get a start on my scrappin! I may not be able to update once I get to Holdenville so if I dont' post have a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm back!

Hey all! Sorry I took such a long vacation from my little blog! I've been busy!

Ally's had a ton of senior crap going on. It's so sad. She keeps saying that she is going to be so sad when she moves out and will miss Brodey so much! I'm like I will miss YOU!!! It will stink to not have anyone to go tan with. Go to the mall with. Go to Target with. So sad!!!

Besides my sister graduating I have two first cousins who are also graduating. One lives in Noble, OK and the other goes to Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City. Busy busy.

Brodey took his Easter pics today! So cute! He took some with the live bunnies. He have it a little pet, a little squeeze, and a little kiss and he was over it. He didnt' want to have anything to do with it after that! LOL I thought he would be more into it but nope!

We are headed to Holdenville this weekend for Easter! I have been practicing with Brodey hunting Easter eggs! He is getting pretty good! He is the youngest by four years so I have to have him prepared! LOL I can't wait to see my family! We always have an awesome time! I'm just sad when they go! Boohoo!

Well this was a short entry! Brodey's bedtime! Hopefully I will be able to update more tomorrow!!!
Nice to be back on here!