Tuesday, June 29, 2010

San Antonio Weekender

Hello! Yes it's actually me! ;) I have been a busy girl!
I'm currently busy doing laundry. Why does it feel like you have so much more dirty close from a short trip than you would have if you had just stayed home? It multiplies. Then you have to decide if the clothes you packed back up with the dirty clothes are technically clean? Usually the sniff test works, but it's one of those things that leaves me guessing.
Our anniversary was the 14th of this month. 8 years married and 17 and a half years together. That's a long time! Since the 9th grade! Geez!
Since Eric had a CE course in San Antonio this weekend we thought we would go and have a little trip to ourselves! I had been before, but Eric hadn't and I think he was pretty suprised at how much there is there to do!
We stayed at the Marriott Riverwalk. It was super nice. We were way up on the 29th floor with an extra long balcony. I took the pic up there. I thought it was funny. Hehe
We went to this cave called Natural Bridge that was outside the city. It was so much fun!! If you are ever in San Antonio you should go! It's beautiful and totally worth the short 20 minute drive!
I've been working on scrappy stuff the last couple of days for some assignment deadlines. Fun times! If you have the awesome July/August issue of Creating Keepsakes my besties and I are on page 46 in a fun layout about our Cozumel trip! Also Brodey's handsome mug is on page 100 in an ad for Tips and Tricks! Such a cutie!
Two movies come out this week that I have been dying to see! Eclipse is tomorrow and I'll be going with Cerissa, Michelle, and whoever else! Thursday The Last Airbender opens and Brodey is just about as excited as I am to see it! Hopefully we get to see that on Thursday! We still haven't seen Toy Story 3! I know I know! Bad mom!
Well this bad mom is going to finish up a layout and cook some dinner! Lasagna roll-ups, salad, corn on the cob, and berry cobbler for the boys tonight! Hope they are hungry!