Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm BAD!

I am getting so bad at posting! What's my deal!?! I have been so busy doing Design Team layouts and layouts for my upcoming classes that I just scrap and go to bed! BAD April! Hehe! I promise to try to be better!
Well I'm through with the Survivor Challenge at Scrapbook Chalet! Ah well! I think I should have formed an alliance with someone. Gosh I guess I suck at survivor! LOL I really have some awesome layouts from it! I would have never done some of them had I not been challenged! Plus the girls there are fantastic! I just might have to stick around! ;)
Not much going on around here! I teach Brodey new things every day! He is like a little sponge! He follows commands and two step ones! He is growing up so fast! I can tell him to pick up dirty laundry and put it in the laundry room and he does it! LOL I only have to show him once how to work/turn on a toy and he has it down! We got a new toy today at McDonald's(I'm addicted to their new strip wraps)! It's a robot and I showed him once how to push the tiny button to make it talk and he loves it! Okay enough braggin already! LOL
In 12 days Eric will be 28 and Brodey will be 14 months old! WOW! March 12th! How did we get to be 28 years old! My goodness!
Whoa the wind just came out of nowhere and scared the CRAP out of me! Sorry! Gosh it blew the Valentine's wind thing right up against the window! FREAKY!!! And's still up! Hahaha!
The layout above is for the Just 4 Keeps Design Team! I got to work with the new Blossom line of 3 Bugs in a Rug paper! FUN! Look how little Brodey was last Easter! AH SAD!
Okay. I am going to attempt to put Brodey in his bed and get a page done! LOL I am laughing to myself because I don't think it's gonna happen! I can try!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Busy bee!

Wow! I have been a busy little bee! I (stupidly) thought I would have all this free time to myself while Eric was gone! HA!
MIL came on Friday! YEAH!! My goal was to get some scrapping done. Double ha! The Oklahoma wind was TERRIBLE and two panels of fence blew down. Fun. Eric's brother had gone to Holdenville so there was no way to fix it. I had to take the dogs back and forth to the side yard(it's fenced in) to potty. Well of course they wouldn't go. So I took them back to their room. I got soaked because it was raining and nothing was accomplished! I dealt with that all weekend. Then we went to eat, got ice cream, and I ended up going between watching The Devil Wears Prada and chatting at Addicted Scrappers! The online crop was this weekend! LOL I finished ONE layout! It's the one I posted above. The challenge was to use 10 different pieces of patterned paper! I went the easy route! Everyone did an AWESOME job! The projects and layouts are so awesome!
Saturday we shopped a little bit and I went to Just 4 Keeps for a while that night! It was so much FUN! I didn't get anything done,though! AGAIN!! Can you believe it!?! My whole goal was to get all these layouts done! Ha! When I make plans they always get busted!
Eric came home today! YEAH! I really did miss him! I don't like sleeping alone because I'm such a heavy sleeper! When I am by myself I'm always afraid I won't hear something. Eric always does because he is a really, really light sleeper. I sleep so heavily I slept through the fire alarm when I was in the dorms at OU one time. And NO ONE came and got me! If it had been an actual fire, and not some drunk pulling the alarm, I would have died!
I got to watch the whole Academy Awards tonight! It was really funny! Ellen did a great job! Whomever wrote did a great job too! Jennifer Hudson's speech when she won made me cry! Dumb I know! Martin Scorsese had the best speech, I think. Oh and Celine Dion did a beatiful job singing that song by Ennio Morricone. He is awesome! I SO miss going to the movies all the time and all the film classes I took in college. Like I said at Just 4 Keeps, that's the only thing I miss about college besides my figure! ;) Anyway, it was nice to get to watch the entire show.
Okay I'm off to bed now! Brodey isn't going back to his bed. So no more layouts tonight! Haha!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You know...

You know that if I ain't updating my blog, somethin' ain't right! LOL
My gosh. The last few days have been interesting.
First, Tuesday night Eric thought he just had to get the new tv all hooked up before he left for Vegas. He was up unil 1am doing just that. When we are all up, Brodey thinks he needs to be up too. So Mr. Brodey didn't get to sleep until 1am either! When that happens, it throughs everything off. Wednesday was terrible. He woke up at 8am, went back to sleep at 11am, and didn't wake up until 4pm. Usually when this sort of thing happnes, my saving grace is to put him on the Boppy to nurse and I at least am free to use the computer. NOPE. Not that time! He wasn't having it. The only place he wanted to be was in the recliner with me. I got nothing done. But, I would rather spend 5 hours in the recliner than the next 10 hours with a grumpy 13 month old! LOL
Then today, Eric left for Las Vegas for a dental convention.(FUN LOL) It was hell trying to get him out the door. Eric likes to be overly prepared...he feels much better when he was SEVEN pairs of shoes with him. I warned him about the weight restriction on bags before he left. So I was LOL so dang hard when he called me from the airport to tell me he had to pay $25 because his bag was 6lb over the limit! Hahahaha! Priceless!
WOW! Grey's Anatomy tonight was a super tear jerker for me! I mean good grief! Plus, I didn't even realize until Jess at Just 4 Keeps told me that there are no more new episodes until April! Now that makes me want to cry just thinking about it!
SUPER fun weekend planned! With Eric gone I will have uninterrupted scrapping! YEAH! I teach my class at Just 4 Keeps on Saturday PLUS the online crop at Addicted Scrappers is going on! FUN! SO excited!
I made it to Week #7 in the Survivor Challenge at Scrapbook Chalet! Woohoo!!! I'm having so much fun with that!
I got my March Kit from Addicted Scrappers yesterday! IT ROCKS!!! It is so totally beautiful! LOVE the browns and blues! LOVE this kit!
Okay. I'm going to bed!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And they're off....

Well this morning started off with a BANG! Literally! I am lying in bed with Brodey waiting for him to wake up. The Oklahoma wind is blowing like CRAZY. I hear a BANG and I hear Gigi(our female black cocker spaniel) start barking. I KNEW the fence had fallen down. I flew out of bed and took Brodey in where Ally, my sister, was getting ready for school. I run out to the dog room and as soon as Gigi sees me she gets all brave and runs out of the fence! I'm like CRAP!! I run back in, put on my shoes, and by this time Gunner(our male chocolate cocker spaniel) was out the fence. AH!!! So out the door I go...IN my get them. You have to know that our house backs up to this big field and ditch. It's a very, very clean field and ditch, but the field backs up to one of the main roads in Edmond! So everyone can see me in my PAJAMAS (I had on a t-shirt from Austria that has a big yield sign on it with a kangaroo that says "No Kangaroos in Austria" and some silly turquoise pants with bees on them! LMAO) in 8am traffic! AH!!! You also must know that we have the corner lot and we have the biggest backyard in our neighborhood...well probably Edmond! I run all the way over to the right side of the dogs. I run all the way back to the other side and around and there they are! FOREVER away! I yell for them and THANK GOD they come running! I pick them both up to make sure they don't run again, and take them into the house! I thought I wasn't going to make it! Gunner is SO HEAVY! Let's just say I am SO not in shape! LOL WHAT a morning! Geez! I could only imagine them getting ran over or lost! Terrible! I guess I shouldn't have posted yesterday that it was boring around here! That always come back to bight me in the ace! Haha!

Don't you just hate it when a store you know like the back of your hand completely changes everything around!?!?!?! (Well besides my LSS Just 4 Keeps! LOL When THEY move stuff around I find new stuff to buy! haha!) Our local Wal-Mart just renovated and I can't find anything! Everything is totally moved around and I hate it! It took me twice the amount of time to shop than normal! I know it will be nice when they are through, I just have to gripe about it now! ;)

So we still don't have a remote for the new tv! LOL The only two channels the tv will let us watch, before we program the cable with the remote, are local. One is a good channel, and the other is SO bad. They play shows like Matlock, The Nanny, and some stupid 1980's show called Quincy M.E. It is ridiculous! Real channels will be nice! This morning I wanted to watch Good Morning America, and I went into Brodey's room and turned the volume WAY up and turned the big tv to the same channel! LOL It worked!

Okay I'm off to bed! It's almost 1am and I'm tired!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello again!

Sorry I've been MIA the last couple of days! When my mother-in-law is here, I take advantage!!!
I didn't get to crop on Friday night, but that's okay! I did get my layout done for the Survivor Challenge at Scrapbook Chalet! I posted it above! I'm not totally pleased with how it scanned. It kept cutting off the sides and there was paint on all four sides. Oh well! Don't layouts always look better in real life? If you click the photo, it will enlarge it and you can read the journaling. LOVE those pics of Brodey! He already looks so different and it seems like it wasn't that long ago!
Next weekend is going to be super busy! First, I teach my class on Saturday at Just 4 Keeps here in Edmond. The online crop at Addicted Scrappers will be going on that weekend too! I have a fun project and layout I will be doing! If you are going to be scrapping next weekend, you should join us! They will be giving away some awesome prizes!
Well yesterday Eric finally picked up the new TV. He paid for it two weeks ago and he just now got it! LOL My mom and dad bought our old one and they took it last week. We have been without a tv for a while so it was nice to finally get this one...or so I thought! We finally get it here and we have NO REMOTE!!! Eric's brother left it in his mother's car and she lives in Holdenville (90 miles away)! The speakers are set to off and the television controls won't let us turn them on! It's kind of funny, really. We can watch it but we have to add our own lines! Haha! Thank goodness my brother is bringing it up here tomorrow when he has to come! Brodey misses his Backyardigans! Hahaha!
MIL and I went to Burlington Coat Factory this weekend. Neither one of us had ever been there and let's just say we won't be going back. They might be nicer elsewhere, but the one in Oklahoma City is terrible. Nasty and terrible. Good thing the Dollar Tree was two doors down! LOL We popped in there to get some chip clips and they had the rhinestones I use on my scrap pages!!! I got four packages for $1 each! Yippeee! They are self-adhesive and actually stay on! I was so excited!
Well that's all. Not too interesting! That's okay by me, though! Hehe!
I'm off to bed!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Look what we got!

Wow I DO NOT miss homework! I had to help my sister tonight with a couple of essays and it was not fun. At all.
THANK YOU Scrapbook Chalet girls for all the sweet comments you leave me! I'm so glad I decided to play the Survivor Challenge over there! If I hadn't, I might not have found that awesome site!
I'm there for another week! It was a close call! I'm SO glad! This week's challenge is going to be fun! Can't wait to start!
MIL is coming tomorrow! YEAH!!!! That means I might get to go crop at Just 4 Keeps! So excited!
Only one more month until the Creating Keepsakes with my layout is available! I CANNOT even tell you how exicted I am! I will never be able to wait until it gets to my mailbox! I will have to go to Just 4 Keeps and BUY BUY BUY!
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! We didn't end up going to eat! Eric thought that a 5 degree wind chill was too cold to get Brodey out. So we ate BBQ from some place and it wasn't very good! I got heartburn and Eric got sick. Deja vu from last year...only not so bad. I NEVER get heartburn so it wasn't fun for me.
Brodey and I DID get the CUTEST gifts from Eric! I posted several pics above! He sent me a Mommy turtle and Brodey a baby turtle and Spongebob balloons! LOVED them! SO cute and thoughtful! LOVE that guy! One of the photos is of Brodey kissing his. He loved his too!
Okay I am going to bed. My brain is DONE after those two essays! Gotta sleep before it short circuits! LOL

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I woke up to a kiss!!! LOL Not from Eric! Hahaha!!! Brodey has started giving me kisses when he wakes up in the morning. Even if he thinks I'm asleep, he still plants one on me! And sometimes two, and three! He cracks me up!
I just had to post the other photos! I only posted two more! I just love that little man! He is just TOO CUTE in my book!
Okay gotta go and eat some breakfast!
Have a great V-Day!


Love is in the air....
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! (Well actually today since it IS 12:53am here) I have no idea what I'm getting. I didn't do much snooping this year so I haven't a clue. My guess is flowers or a teddy bear. We will probably go eat somewhere. We LOVE to eat! Hope this year is better than last year! Little Brodey was barely a month old and we were SO SO nervous to take him out. (We are first time parents, okay!) We ended up going to Outback because it was so close to our house. We ate a great meal and even had chocolate cake with rasberry sauce. Well, long story short, I threw it all up about an house after we got home. NOT FUN. So let's hope this year is an improvement! Plus, in the year since, Brodey has probably eaten out more than some adults! LOL
Do you ever look back at the day and go "where in the world did it go?" I did that today. I couldn't tell you what we did between the hours of 8am and 2pm. All I know is I did some laundry, the dishes, and Brodey slept from 11:30 to 2pm. That's it! SO SAD!
My sister's last time to cheer in high school was tonight. Kind of sad. It was Senior Night and mom and dad got to walk her out and she gave them flowers. I went with the camera, of course. Brodey had a blast. He is the most social baby you have ever seen. He says hi to every single person he walks by. He just puts up his hand and says "Ha!" He had a ton of fun playing with two little girls there. So funny. Every time they would play music, he would bop up and down and boogie to the music! He loves to dance and I'm so glad! Eric hates it and I always said my kids would love to dance like me!
I got my Valentine photos today from Taylor Made Photography! I posted two of them above! I will post the others tomorrow! (in case you want to see them larger, just click on them and they will open in a new window) Are they not SO ADORABLE!?!?!?! LOVE THEM!! Can't wait to hand them out and mail them! I really miss working there! It was the best job! Well second to owning my own studio!
Well, it's 1:15am and I'm pooped. No scrappin' tonight!
Hope you have a romantic Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 12, 2007


WOW! Imagine my surprise when I opened up my e-mail from! I have to admit I usually just delete the mass e-mail sent out, but this time I actually read it! I scrolled down in the e-mail and see Colton and Ally staring back at me! (Colton is my sister, Ally's, boyfriend) I was SO EXCITED! PLUS my friend on the site, Barb G, scraplifted one of my layouts for a challenge and IT was on there too! YIPPEEE!!! Awesome surprise e-mail! You can view my layout HERE! **EDIT**(I had to remove the layout from my gallery because it's going to be published in a book about doodling....SORRY!) Sorry I just had to share! I was so excited! LOL
So the voting for Survivor Challenge 5 at Scrapbook Chalet is tonight. SO NERVOUS! The players are slimming down in numbers! YIKES! I REALLY hope I get a vote tonight! The ladies there are a ton of fun and I would like to stay a WEE bit longer! SO!
Let the nail biting begin!
On my to-do list tomorrow is my layout for the Last Scrapper Standing Contest at Just 4 Keeps! I LOVE that place and everyone that works there!!! I had to go there today to buy ANOTHER paper trimmer! AH! Eric was supposed to be watching Brodey and he grabbed the arm and bent it back a little too far and it snapped right off. So...I went and bought a cute pink one this time! Jen was like "Maybe this time he won't want to play with it since it's pink and not green!" Haha! Hope so, Jen!
Okie dokie I'm going to ATTEMPT to put Brodey in his bed AGAIN! He woke up when my sister came home and he is on the Boppy now. Let's hope it works this time! Momma gotta scrap! Hehe!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine's Day Contest!!!!

Okay scrappers! Rumor has it that One Page At A Time has the best prizes on the web! So....head HERE to check it out!!!! This should be FUN FUN FUN!!!!
HURRY, though! Because the deadline is February 14th!
Hope to see you there!!!!!


Sketch Challenge at OPAAT!

Hey guys! I have to let you in on my surprise challenge!! I am hosting a sketch challenge over at One Page at a Time! This week's Survivor Challenge over at Scrapbook Chalet gave me the idea! The sketch is awesome! It's from Page Maps and I have posted my layout from it above! Click HERE to go to the thread where the challenge is posted! You must register, upload your layout in the gallery, and then post a link in the challenge thread! It's going to be fun! The Creative Team will vote and the deadline is Sunday, February 18 at 12cst! The RAK will be awesome! TRUST ME! Hehe!
Doing this challenge really got me thinking about creating a whole blog devoted to challenges with prizes. Wouldn't that be fun? Hmmmmmm.....
Well I'm on my third paper trimmer. Brodey broke my newest one tonight. He bent the arm back too far and it snapped right off. Sigh. Ah well! Guess I'll head to my favorite scrap store Just 4 Keeps tomorrow! LOL At least I have an excuse to go shop!
I was actually able to go crop Friday night! SO FUN!!!!! The layouts below are the ones I got finished! LOVE THEM!!! The girl in the green one is my cousin, Danielle. That is one of her senior pics! LOVE her! I am surprised I got those done considering how much I talked to Gina! She works at Just 4 Keeps and is a ton of fun!

I am sitting here with Brodey on the Boppy because Eric woke him up coming in! ARG! I was halfway through a layout too! Maybe I can put him back in his bed! LOL Wish me luck!
Okay well I'm off!
Have a goodnight!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

You are invited!

Okay! I didn't update last night, but I just had to pop in and let you know about the first ever online crop at Addicted Scrappers! SO excited about this! All the Design Team Members have been working so hard to bring you some fun challenges and projects! PLUS!!!! There will be super cool prized sponsored by

To find out more and for an explanation of what an online crop is, click HERE!

I really hope to see you there! It will be a ton of fun!!! I have an awesome challenge and project planned!!
Can't wait!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Layout of the day!!!

YEAH!!! I made Layout of the Day over at! You can see if you click HERE! Totally made my day! The chicks over there are a lot of fun! I've been hanging out over there participating in the Surivor Challenge! The challenge this week is a sketch challenge! I really need to get on that and I think I'll put that on my to-do list for tomrrow night's crop at Just 4 Keeps. Can't wait!!!

I cut it so close today for this week's Last Scrapper Standing challenge at Just 4 Keeps. My scanner was acting weird and it took me 30 minutes to just figure out it was in the wrong mode! Geez! I scare myself sometimes! BUT I did get it in! You can check out this week's entires HERE! Are they not amazing??? We have some talented chicks over there! I have no idea how in the world I'm going to choose one to vote for! Tough decision!! There isn't a photo of me on my layout, but it's the one with all the craft colored cardstock! LOL My FAVE Bazzill color!

I got to go order my Valentine's Day picture today! They are going to be ADORABLE!!!! I can't wait to post them!

My March kit from One Page at a Time is on it's way! I can't wait! It is super cool! I was so spoiled last month since I was the Featured Design Team member that I HAD to order the add-on kit! I am so excited for it to come! I will be stalking the mail man!

My mom called me this afternoon and told me that Anna Nicole Smith had died. So sad for her baby girl! I'm not a big fan, but it's still so very sad! It will be very interesting to find out cause of death.

Well I'm going to go! I'm going to try to put Brodey in his bed and do something! Well, the something will probably be to pick up my scraproom! The pic I posted above is what it looks like right now. I was in a SUPER hurry to finish that layout and Brodey tore up just about everything in the room. I just HAD to take a pic! I just wish the chair was out of the way so you could see the mess in that corner! He dumped out an entire shoebox full of pens, colored pencils, and markers. Oh and there are at least 50 pieces of cardstock in the floor, but you can't see them. They blend in pretty good with the carpet! LOL
Off to clean!

Just call me Mrs. Forgetful!

So I thought I'd be good today and go order at least one of my photos from Brodey's one year photo session. So I call while on my way (I live 1.5 miles from the studio and yes this was AWESOME when I worked there) and let them know I'll be stopping by to pay for my larger portrait and frame.
Well Brian, one of my old co-workers, is like "Well where were you earlier??"
I'm like huh? "Earlier when?"
"Earlier when you had an appointment to take pictures."
Again..I'm like huh? "I said what appoitment?"
He says "I called you and you didn't answer."
It finally dawns on me that I had scheduled to take Valentine photos with Brodey today!
I said "OH MY GOSH I totally forgot! Can I still come in!?!?!"
He says "Can you be here in 5 minutes?"
I'm like "YES I CAN!!!" I turn around and run home. Change Brodey into the most neutral thing I can find...a gray turtleneck and Baby Gap denim overalls....and head to Taylor Made. I'm so glad I called! The photos turned out ADORABLE! I just happened to be wearing a red sweatshirt jacket and we took pics together! SO EXCITED about them! They had the letters for LOVE in red and Brodey took one with each. They're combining each photo with the letters on a bookmark sized photograph and it's adorable! I can't wait to get them and post them! I go to proof them tomorrow afternoon! Can't wait to get them! I won't forget that! LOL

No layouts done today! I did get a birthday card completed! It's adorable! I didn't get a photo of it. Will do that in the morning and post. It's so simple and cute!

Had to go with the hubby to Del City today. It's a part of Oklahoma City like Edmond is. We had to go get the vehicle they drove to that office and he had to pick up some stuff. We ate at a restaurant we had never tried before called Old Chicago. It was okay. I don't believe it was worth what we paid for it. It was kind of like Fazoli's, but I think Fazoli's is better. NOW with that said, I did not try the pizza. That's kind of what they are known for, but I didn't try it. I should have. Oh and the service wasn't so great. I really hate it when you have to sit around and wait wait wait for everything when there aren't that many customers. I was a waitress for many, many years. My parents own a restaurant and when you work there, you are the one and only waitress and there are about 13 tables AT LEAST. So, sorry for the complaining. It just drives me nuts!

Well, hopefully MIL will be able to keep her plans and come on Friday! There is a crop until 2am on Friday night at Just 4 Keeps that I'm planning on going to! If everything goes as planned, hubby will be headed to Kansas City to pick up a vehicle. SO, there may be no interruptions! YIPEEEE!!!!

Well I made it through week 4 of the Survivor Challenge at! I was so biting my nails! My vote didn't come in for a little while and it had me worried! This week's challenge is a sketch challenge! Hopefully I will be able to work on that this weekend!

Tomorrow I HAVE to get my layout done for the Last Scrapper Standing contest at It's a heritage page and will be awesome if I can just get to sit down and complete it!

The pic above is from 1994. My Question of the Day at was about your most memorable Valentine's Day. That would be the reason for the pic. This was our first Valentine's together and I remember walking into the high school office and seeing the biggest bear in there...and it was for ME! SO glad I took pics of it! I need to scrap them, but can't come up with a design! Oh another layout for this weekend!?!? LOL Anway, don't you love my bangs? My hairdresser cut them way too short! LOL For some reason my teeth look pink, too! But hey, my K Swiss ROCK!!! LMBO

Okay, it's almost 1am and I'm headed to BED! Tired!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Do you like sketches?

Hey! Just had to pop back in tonight! LOL I was snooping on a friend of mine's blog, and I just had to share the link with you! She is an amazing sketch artist! If you love sketches, check it out! The link to her blog is HERE! Her name is Erica and she is a Just 4 Keeps girl! She is an amazing scrapper! Love her!
Okay the layout above is the other layout I was going to post! It's the other layout I'm going to be teaching in my layout class at Just 4 Keeps! Don't you love that photo of Brodey and Eric!?!?!
Okay I'm going to try to put Brodey to bed! Fingers crossed! LOL

Only in Oklahoma

Only in Oklahoma can it be 74 degrees one day and snow the next. It was so wonderfully nice outside today! Brodey got to go and play with the dogs. It was the first time he got to walk around outside! He looked so cute following the dogs around! So funny! Of course it is supposed to snow tomorrow. I really love that about Oklahoma, though. You can never get bored with the weather! Oh feel a layout coming on....LOL!
The layout I posted above I will be teaching this month in my class at Just 4 Keeps! I love it. It's simple but pretty! I also finished the other layout I will be teaching in that class. I will try again to post it too, but the page is saying error right now.
OH! I finished my challenge for the Survivor Challenge over at Okay the site is being weird and won't let me link...I'll have to restart the computer and fix it in a minute. Sorry! So I finished my altered canvas and I LOVE IT! The photograph doesn't give it justice! It is so pretty in real life! It is a clock and it says "Time is Love." It has photos of us at the time points and I used the products from the February Kit at I REALLY hope I get a vote tonight! Five people get the boot this week. I have been having a blast so I hope I'm not one of the five!
I'm so happy my hives haven't came back...I type this as I'm knocking on the wooden desk. Hehe. So far so good!
Okay Brodey is getting frustrated with me. He is actually grabbing the Boppy and bringing it to me. Hey! The kid knows what he wants! LOL

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Hey! Sorry I've been MIA for a few days! I've been busy getting SO much done! I feel so good!
Friday my MIL came! YOOHOO!!! I was doing a happy dance for sure! I didn't end up going to crop, but I actually accomplished a ton of things at home! Surprise! LOL
I finished three projects for! One of these projects will be an entry in this week's challenge at It is the "L" card and it is one of the required Valentine cards. I love it! I also made a garland that says "LOVE" and a layout with a wedding photograph on it. I posted them above! I still have to do one other project for this month's kit and I will get it done tomorrow!
OH! I did the cutest layout for my layout class at! I will post it tomorrow!
My March kit will be here soon for! CANNOT WAIT!! I was only able to complete three projects for them last month so this month I will go all out! You can't imagine how nice it is to finally feel like everything's getting back in order! It's awesome!
So excited mom and dad will be here in the morning! It will be a fun day! They have to bring Ally back for school so they will be here early! So excited! Isn't it great to have something to look forward to!?!
I went to a baby shower today! So fun! A friend of mine that works at Just 4 Keeps is having a boy! It was kind of sad to see all the little baby stuff. My baby isn't really a baby anymore! SOB! All of the girls that are on the Design Team there and the girls that work there all made layouts for her and put them in an album! It was the coolest gift I have ever seen! I have never done a layout without photos before, so it was a challenge for me! I got it done, though, and I love how they turned out!
Well, it is pretty early so I'm going to try to put Brodey in his bed and start on some new layouts! It's so nice to be posting again! I missed it!
Until tomorrow! LOL

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just buy him office supplies...

Oh my gosh my sister said the funniest thing! You might not think it's funny, but I just have to share! Brodey has this thing about playing with pens, markers, paper, envelopes, anything that isn't a toy, really. Ally, my sister, was cleaning up the office and she says "you know, you shouldn't buy Brodey toys. You should just buy him office supplies." I just about died laughing because it is SO true! He will play with anything but his toys! He is so darn nosey! He loves to play with my Zantac samples. He can't get into them and don't worry...he is CLOSELY supervised...but he just loves to play with them! Weird kid!

The weird kid did get some new shoes tonight!! So excited! He has ad shoes in the past, but those were just cute fluff shoes. Today he got big boy shoes! We went to Stride Rite and had him fitted! He got a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of nice leather/suede tennis shoes! BIG STUFF! He even got his picture taken! So fun! A little sad for me, though! He looks like such a little man in his new shoes! He looked too cute walking around Dillard's! Sniff...sniff...he will always be my baby, though!

The dr finally called with the results of my blood test. Nothing abnormal! Everything is a-okay! So we are to see how I react when my steriods wear off. I really hope I don't get another set of hives. They seem to get worse every time.

I drive to Shawnee tomorrow morning to get my hair done! YEAH! The roads are fine now. My mom is going to meet me to watch Brodey. That will be fun! Maybe we can eat lunch or something! My MIL is coming tomorrow, too! SO HAPPY!!! I have so many layouts to do! It was a miracle today that I got my layout done for the Last Scrapper Standing Contest at! It was due in by 6pm and I sent it right after 5pm! That was a close one! It took me forever to complete with Brodey! I really hope I get some things accomplished tomorrow. Maybe I'll get to go crop at the store. I get so much more done that way!

The layout I posted above is my other Design Team layout for LOVE that photo of Brodey. I posted it a few days ago. I think he looks so handsome there! Ah I love him!

Okay I'm going to attempt to put Brodey in his bed so I can attempt to get something done! LOL

Slip n' Slide

Okay. So I was slippin' and slidin' today! Didn't know we were going to get another little winter storm! I woke up this morning and there was snow and sleet on the ground. Not a whole lot. Just enough to cover the sidewalks and rooftops. Didn't look too bad on the street. So about noon I get out with Brodey to run to Arby's and get some lunch. I'm headed out of the neighborhood and go to turn and it just doesn't happen. I skidded right past the turn out of the neighborhood! I couldn't believe it! The few times I went out during the last storm, I had no problems. The OTHER drivers had problems, but not me! So I go down the street and turn around and SLOWLY head out. I get to Arby's, get my food and as I'm heading back I come over the little hill down Santa Fe (this is a major road in Edmond) and there are (no lie) seven cars off the side of the road, two into people's fences, and one in their yard. I was like WHOA!!! And so were the other drivers because we all go to stop and it doesn't happen! The car in front of me had to go into the middle lane and the car behind me did too! Luckily I didn't! I was like NO WAY! How did all that happen and the roads get so bad in the ten minutes it took to get my regular roast beef sandwich? Gosh the roads can go downhill so fast! I get home and turn on the news and the highway patrol said they had fifty accidents reported in the last hour. Craziness! So I came back home and stayed home! LOL

Even though it was slick OUTSIDE, I did do a little slippin' and sliden' indoors today! LMBO I put my phone on the charger and went into the office with Brodey. Well I heard the phone ring and opened the door and took off to run and get it....I didnt' make it far. I had on some of those really soft socks that my SIL Madyson gave me for Christmas. Let's just say those socks and tile floors don't mix! I busted my butt SO hard! I landed RIGHT on my Merryl shoes and they are rubber on top! I have the biggest bruise on my hip ever! I have been so sore! My lower back is killing me, my knee, my elbow! I'm so glad I didn't have Brodey! Well I wouldn't have been that wouldn't have happened! But gosh it hurt! I called my mom laughing and said "okay it's icy outside and I slip and bust my tail INDOORS!" I had to laugh!

I have to share a layout that a friend of mine lifted from my gallery over at! For the link, click HERE! She did such a beautiful scraplift of a layout I did! I LOVE her version! It's beautiful!

I finally get to post my Design Team Layouts for! I've had to wait until the February Newsletter went out! I used older photos of Eric and I in the layout above. I love them! If you want to read the journaling, click on the pic and it will appear larger. Eric was looking at me so weird when I was cutting out those flowers! LOL! It was worth it! I love how it turned out!

We crapped out on some awesome Hornets tickets tonight. RJ, Eric's co-worker, was given $160 tickets courtside tonight and we didn't get to go. Eric couldn't find anyone to go with him, so he was going to take Brodey and I. Well he sometimes has a difficult time making decisions...okay a REALLY difficult time. So he didn't know if we should go because of the roads. But he didn't want to drive downtown and go by himself. But it started in 30 minutes and could we all get ready in time to go. He drives me nuts! So he waited too long to make up his mind and just didn't go. Wasted. Awesome tickets wasted. Oh well. What can you do?

The dr didn't call today about the results of the blood test for the hives. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. What IS a good thing is the meds he gave me. They work so much better than the shot. My hives were totally gone 30 minutes after I took the meds. It took at least 6 hours with the shot. The weirdest combo too. Zantac, Prevacid, and a steroid. I also took a Benadryl and I slept SO good! Such a difference from the night before! It was great. I really needed it!

I did get a layout done today! SO glad! It is a layout for the design team at I'll post it in the next couple of days.

OH!!! I will also post a pic of the February Kit at! If you can't wait to see it, just head over there and check it out! SO beautiful! I'm going to start playing with it tomorrow! Let's hope Brodey will let me!
Okay. I'm off to bed!