Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wow!!! I'm supposed to be getting dressed to go finish up Christmas shopping....BUT I HAD to share! My doorbell rang this morning and guess what it was????? My January Kit from!!!! I am SO SO SO excited! I can't wait to play! I would SO rather stay here and scrap! Boohoo! It is SUCH a fun kit! It has stuff I've never seen before! Their kits sell out rather quickly, so don't walk....RUN and get one!! Or two, to three!!!!
Gotta go! Hubby is looking for me!!!!

Love hate relationship...

Wow I have such a love hate relationship with digital photography! I love the instant gratification that it brings, but geez I take WAY too many photos!!! I can't stay caught up! Here it is, 1:15am and I have only progressed by a few days! Ridiculous! I guess with the good comes the bad....right?? The pic I posted on the left was taken at Brodey's very first football game! This was back close to Halloween....see how behind I am!?!?! It was a little cold, so we are bundled up! It was fun!

I didn't end up going to the mall today. This only means I have to go tomorrow. Mom called and asked if I would go by and get my brother a pair of jeans. As if "go by" means just drop by and grab a pair of jeans! Har har har! It will take me at least 45 minutes! Oh well! She asked so I do! LOL

My goal was to get a few pages done tonight while mother-in-law is here. That's what I wanted to do, but I thought getting the pics off my card would be better. I would rather be scrapping...

Okay I better get back to it! I'll attempt to update on mom's computer since I'll be there tomorrow night, but she still has dial-up so that will be a challenge! (They live in the country where cable is still not available)

If I can't, everyone please have a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!!


Thursday, December 21, 2006


The mall is CRAZY!!!!! Stay away! Once again, I have waited last minute to buy my gifts! I can't learn! I have most of it done! But...I'm not heeding my own advice and I'm going back tomorrow! I know! I'M CRAZY!!! LOL Mother-in-law is coming tomorrow and she has things she needs to do. So...I'll probably end up going with her! Brodey was so so good today! He has been teething molars, too! I think it's really been bothering him but he was a little trooper! I love that little man! This layout is a super simple one I did for some photos of him playing! It didn't scan in so great, but I love it!!!

Oh! SO excited! I won a RAK at! I was so excited! It was really, really funny! Dayami, a fellow Creative Team member, set up a RAK where we had to guess what number her son chose between 1-50. Easy right??? WRONG!!! It went on and on and on! Finally she stopped the madness and announced I guessed the correct number 32! SO excited! Can't wait to get my little RAK in the mail!!!

Okay well I have a killer headache and I'm going to bed!

Sweet dreams!!!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Better luck next time....

So the 3 Bugs in a Rug Design Team was announced today...and I didn't make it. But that's okay! I'm still keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the We Are Memory Keepers and Fancy Pants! One of my fellow Design Team members at was an honorable mention! Way to go Selena!!! I thought that was so awesome!
I still have so many gifts to buy for Christmas! Luckily my Mom is coming here tomorrow to finish up! Maybe I can do the same!
The layout above is a goofy one I did for a photograph of my sister and her boyfriend, Colton. He is the sweetest guy around!
I better go now! Brodey's asleep and maybe I can get a page or two done!


First Resolution...

Okie dokie. So mom and I hit the mall today to do some shopping. Geez!!! It was raining like crazy and there were STILL a ton of people there! That's what I get! I'm a last minute present buyer. So my first New Year's resolution is to not wait last minute to buy gifts. My gosh it's a headache! I counted my list today and there are more than 20 people to buy for. It's like okay we have to buy for so and if we buy that person something we have to buy this person something...and it just goes on and on. I truly love to give gifts, I just HATE to buy them!

That was my question of the day over at How many people are on your holiday list? That forum is a blast! LOL
I love this layout! I couldn't decide which holiday photo to use and so I just added all three! My fave is the one in the middle on the left. It's not the typical smiley Christmas pic, but it's beautiful anyway!
I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. 3 Bugs Design Team calls go out tomorrow! AH! Like I said, there were probably TONS and TONS of entries way better than mine. But....I'm still keeping my fingers AND toes crossed!!!
Hope you sleep better than me tonight!!! LOL

Monday, December 18, 2006

Don't you just love a new kit?

Wow! has an awesome kit coming up! Us DT Members got a little sneaky peeky! It will be up on the site January 1st! Can't wait to share my layouts from it and to check out my fellow creative geniuses! (wink wink)
In other news....hubby is sick. When hubby is sick the world stops. Well only for him because I still have to change diapers...clean house...fetch for him....all the fun stuff I normally do! LMBO! But that's okay! Everyone deserves some ME ME ME time every once in a while! Even if it is because you are sick!
OH! So I'm headed to the grocery store today and I go to put my ring on. I left it on the bar and I go to get it and the guard ring is missing!!! Ally and I look everywhere for it and we can't find it. Now at this point I'm very suspisious because hubby is not even giving me a hard time or I hope and pray that he took it. He has been talking about getting me a new one for years. So maybe I'll get lucky.....OR I am screwed and it's missing!
By the way, the layout I posted above is of me and hubby! It's all about how we have been together for 13 years! (married for 4 and 1/2) I just love the 3 Bugs Smitten line!
Oh I almost forgot!!! I received an e-mail today from Boxer Scrapbooks! I'm one of the final 15 for the Design Team! I get to design with their kit and hopefully will win a spot! Yeah!
Okay, I better go and get some scrapping done! Brodey's asleep and it's playtime for me!!!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Crack me up!

Just had to add another post! I love this layout!!! Brodey is constantly on the go and his pants have a hard time catching up! LOL I did this page tonight at the Just 4 Keeps Design Team Crop and love it! I just HAD to share! It is so 3-d and this doesn't come across in the scan, but I hope you like it anyway!

So honored!!!

WOW!!!! What an awesome couple of scrapping months for me! I just gotta share! LOL
First, my local scrapbook store, Just 4 Keeps, asks me to be a Design Team Member! That is my place! I love it there! The ladies are awesome and they have the best scrap selection ever! If you are ever in Oklahoma, you have to visit the store here in Edmond! The message board is so fun! Awesome challenges!
Then, I make the Design Team over at One Page At A Time! Super talented group of ladies that I'm so very honored to be work with! Awesome kit site! You HAVE to check it out! I've posted a pic of the January kit on this entry! Can't wait to see everyone's layouts from it! Visit to check it out!
To top it off....I was also asked to join the Design Team at Addicted Scrappers! This site is new and man they have some awesome kits to offer! Plus, the Message Board is a blast! I post the Question of the Day and it's so fun to answer and get to know everyone!
So! This has been an awesome couple of months! Being published in the April Creating Keepsakes, Design Teams! I'm so very honored! Hope you had an awesome weekend!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Staz on STAYS on!

So I've been working my bum off getting layouts done for design team and manufacture calls...I don't even know if I spelled that right! I'm applying for several so keep your fingers crossed for me!
So today I was finishing up a layout and Brodey decides to hijack my ink pad, remove the lid, remove the COVER, and eat my ink! I look up to see a miniature Groucho Marx staring back at me! I quickly start wiping it off and got most of it! I would have grabbed my camera first, but past experience with Stazon ink has taught me that I had very few seconds or I he would be Groucho next Halloween! Okay so that mess got cleaned up....then I lean over and my knee goes right into the inkpad! So....I run into the laundry room and saturate them with Spray n Wash and put them in the washer! didn't come out. So maybe it will look like I did it on
Fun with ink!
The layout above is the one that resulted in the ink catastrophes! Simple and quick!
I'm headed to the parent's house this weekend. I'd rather stay and scrap....but at least she has the internet! I do get to come back on Sunday and scrap at Just 4 Keeps! We are having a little get-together for store employees and design team members! Can't wait! I love those girls!
Hope your weekend is awesome!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Okay so I had SUCH a surprise today!!!!!
I opened my e-mail this afternoon and guess what???? An e-mail from Creating Keepsakes!!! They are publishing a layout of mine in the April 2007 issue in the Mail Call section! I was so excited I can't even tell you! I quickly grabbed my phone to call my mom and I was so excited I was out of breath, shaking, and actually teary eyed! She answers and freaks out thinking someone died or something because I was so out of it! LOL It took me forever to calm back down! I couldn't even believe it! So that totally made my MONTH!!!!! Merry Christmas to ME!
Oh and the ending to the printer saga.....I totally suggest you buy from the Epson Store! They shipped me a new printer overnight (without the FedEx man even picking up the damaged one yet) and it arrived FRIDAY! Can you believe that? Totally awesome! Epson rocks!
Okay this is such an awesome post! Totally positive!!!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bad Luck!

Eric and I have THE worst luck when it comes to shipping and receiving packages!!
Last night my brand new printer finally came! I sat by the window all day and watched the FedEx man drive by twice! Finally at 6:30, it arrived! My brand new Epson R1800! SO excited! I carry the enormous box in and guess what? There is a huge puncture in the side of the box! We open it, hoping and praying it didn't make it to the printer, and discover that the front of the printer is smashed in and cracked. I was SO SO upset! As soon as we see this Eric calls FedEx. They tell him to package it back up and they will pick it up tomorrow. So all night last night I have a printer sitting in my living room that I can't even use! It was agony!!! Eric called Epson today and they are overnighting me a new one! I'm so happy about that! I thought that was awesome. Especially since it wasn't Epson's fault! So I'm set to get it Saturday (best case) or Monday. I can't wait to use it! I'm dying!!! Merry Christmas to me!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Life is full of u-turns.
My sister, Ally, had All-American cheerleading tryouts today. She made the regional cut, so now she was trying out for the state level. Tryouts were held in Newcastle. That is about 30 minutes from Edmond. My sister told my Mom and Dad that people were allowed to come and watch. My parents don't miss a they come to Edmond to pick up me and Brodey and we head to Newcastle. We get there, we walk in, and there are two girls there and they proceed to tell us that no one is allowed in to watch and that it will take another 2 hours for them to be done. 60 girls were trying out. So we turn around and go back to Edmond. One big u-turn. It was actually pretty funny. I took some funny pics of Brodey in the car so maybe I'll do a scrapbook page over it! LOL
Then, my mom and I have a friend that is in the hospital after having an emergency c-section and delivering a 1lb 15oz little girl. (Baby and mother are doing okay) Mercy hospital is about 5 minutes from my house in Edmond. We head over there after the big fat u-turn in Newcastle and dad misses the exit. We make guessed it....u-turn and head back towards the hospital. Well this way is blocked by construction 1/4 of a mile from the hospital so we make ANOTHER u-turn and go back another way. We finally make it to the hospital and visit our friend and we head to my house. Phew!
We arrive at my house and while I'm changing Brodey, my aunt calls. I had taken my cousin and her boyfriend's senior pictures a week ago and she was calling my mom to talk about that. She loved the photos and wanted to tell my mom how everyone was talking about them. Apparently she showed everyone and 6 people want me to take their's. Plus a baby photo session and a family photo session. Now, 5 years ago I opened a studio in my hometown of Holdenville. It was great! I had tons of business and everyone loved my photography. Well, Eric was accepted into dental school in 2002 and we discussed options with the business. We had to pick up and move to Oklahoma City and it just wouldn't work for me to drive 200 miles per day to keep the studio open. So....VERY sadly I had to close. There was no way I could afford rental fees in OKC to re-open there. So I settled for what jobs I could get until he graduated. I worked at my aunt's law firm, a dental office, and a couple of photography businesses. I've accepted photography work in-between now and then, but not a ton. When you don't have a studio, it's hard. So now with the work coming in, I feel like I've made a u-turn back to where I've started. I knew I would pick up again, but I didn't know it would be so soon. Another u-turn.
Today's been crazy. I didn't get any scrapbooking done. I did get some ideas for new pages though! LOL Maybe I'll get something accomplished tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Woohoo I have a blog! I had one on another site, but it just wasn't working out! This seems to be a popular site for blogs so I'll give this one a try!!
I have to toot a little bit! I'm so excited! I have a spot on a Design Team coming up in January and they asked if I would be interested in teaching classes! I was like of course!!!
Also, I have been chosen as a Featured Guest Designer for an online scrap company at! They have some really awesome kits!
Eric, the hubby, pretty much lets me buy whatever I want in the scrapbooking department. I'm very lucky.....or maybe he has a Harley he likes to spend money on....either way I am glad he supports my habit! Hehe! If anyone lives in Oklahoma and needs a fabulous dentist, go see my darling husband! Bright Smile Family Dentistry! LOL
Well I'll probably be on here a ton! Mostly talking about scrapbooking and my son, Brodey. Maybe griping alittle too.....