Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I can't believe I haven't posted since February! Yikes! I think that Facebook ruined blogging for me. Why say over what I've already said on Facebook? Plus does anyone read blogs anymore? Or is it easier to just scroll through Facebook? Who knows! I guess I'll just do both! I miss blogging. I might cut back on Facebook some and come back to the blog!
School is finishing up for Brodey and summer is almost here! He is going to be so sad when he figures out he won't be seeing his friends anymore. Maybe the lake and pool will distract him.
I can't wait to get the pool open! It's not as pretty out there with the cover on. Maybe we will have to have a pool party this year! Fun!
Speaking of parties here in Muskogee we like to have game parties. Not Bunco (although we love that too) but actual games. Friends, food, and drinks are usually involved and it's always a good time. We play the regular games like Pictionary but the funnest games are the Simply Fun games.
I went to my first Simply Fun party when I first moved here and had a blast. They are sold like Arbonne or Uppercase Living at home parties. Once we buy what we want we have our own game parties! It's so much fun!
So much fun, in fact, that I decided to start selling the games myself! I have several of them already and Brodey LOVES to play them. Most of the games are geared towards kids and teachers, but the more adult games are totally unique and a blast. We have fun playing them at the lake. The guys even have fun playing them!
You can buy them online HERE or you can host a party. Of coures you get great benefits and free stuff when you host a party and it's always a good time!
If you are interested in hosting or you just want to buy some games let me know!
I'm off to finish up the laundry! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!