Friday, August 12, 2011


"Wake up my lil' KINDY GARDNER!!!" It hasn't been so fun waking up my little kindergarten boy the last couple of days! He's a sleeper!
Yesterday was our first day of school at Woodall! My little bitty baby boy is in Mrs Horner's kindergarten class. Wow.
After going to the meet and greet he was SO excited to get back to school and to see all of his friends! Several of the Mrs Tuck alumnae are in his class. It makes it easier to see familiar faces and to have someone to play with on the playground!
(Our traditional on the front porch before the first day of school shot)
(Bro with his best bud Cy)
We really didn't get to take too many pics! I wanted another pic in front of the Woodall school sign like we did last year, but it was raining. :( I LOVE the rain, but oh well! Maybe I'll dress him up in the same outfit and take him up after school today. Hehe
So I wanted a fun and unique gift for Brodey's new teacher. I can thank my buddy Jocelyn. She is who I have to blame for my Pinterest addiction.
As soon as I saw the crayon monogram I HAD to make it for Brodey's new teacher! It took less than an hour or two to make and I LOVE how it turned out! Mrs Horner totally loved it! It was a fun and unique gift and I enjoyed making it so much I added it to my Etsy store.
If anyone is interested to know how I made it let me know! I'll post a how-to.
Well I'm headed to the laundry room! Today is sheet washing day! Wahoo! LOL! My Dad's birthday is tomorrow! Can't wait to see the birthday boy! :)
Have a fantastic Friday!!