Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Am I Crazy?

I guess one week is my limit. I left my house today for the first time in a week. I wanted to do cartwheels and bust into song at Wal-Mart. I'll bet no one would have cared. You know...I wouldn't have been surprised if shoppers had pushed their carts away and broke into song with me. We could have done a musical dance number in the aisle at Wal-Mart. All Glee style. That would be awesome.
So back to reality. I just took that pic from my front porch. We still have snow, but the roads are mostly cleared off. Side roads aren't so good, but luckily my driveway faces the South and what little sun we have had has cleared it off.
Brodey went back to school today. He was excited to see his friends and Mrs Tuck. Last night I said "You get to go to school tomorrow! Are you excited?"
He said "Yes I'm ready to see my friends."
"I'm sure you are! You haven't had school in a long time!"
"Yes I know. Mrs Tuck knows how much kids like to play in the snow so she let us stay home."
Hahaha! "Yep that's exactly right, Bro!" ;)
His Valentine's Party is next week so I went ahead and bought what we need to make his little bags for his friends. He also signed me up to make the Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. YUM!!! I think since we will likely be out another couple of days of school this week I'll let him make his Valentine's. I'm going to see if I can find some of the ones Eric made me when we were little to post next week. Hehe! Eric was an expert heart artist! ;)
Well I'm off to do laundry and clean up. This is the first day in a week that the house will actually STAY clean for 4 hours straight!
I'm not looking forward to more snow, but at least I can think about the grass starting to turn green next month! THAT makes me happy!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Hittin' the Slops

So I'm grabbing my skis to hit the slopes...wait...I don't live in Colorado. Or do I? Whoa I thought I lived in Oklahoma. Is someone playing a trick on me!?! Cause I'm pretty sure we got about A FOOT OF SNOW AGAIN TODAY!!!
Any and all areas of snow that the boys tore up is now filled back in. It's like someone took a great big tub of frosting and spread another layer in my yard. That statement just made me really want some Red Velvet Cake. SEE what being stuck in the house all week will do to you!!! FOOD FOOD FOOD! That's all you think about! Well that and the little wet muddy footprints in the floor.
I'm over the snow, but there is nothing I can do about it so I give up. We aren't out of food yet but we are out of PPV movies to watch. Thank goodness I'm not out of scrapbook supplies!
Brodey is enjoying his break. He says he misses his friends and I think his mind gets bored, but he's great at keeping himself entertained.

It has warmed up a little so if it stops snowing he might get to go out and play! I hope Eric can make it home! He had to go 30mph just to get to work this morning! I can see vehicles driving on the highway, but they are creeping by. It might just take him a while to get here! The challenge will be making it up our driveway! He slid down it this morning!
Well I hope you have a safe and warm Friday!
Signing off from snowy Colorado...oops I mean Oklahoma!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Well we lucked out! We got a TON of snow and sleet but hardly any ice! Wahoo!!! That means the odds of us losing power goes way down!
My parents lost power briefly yesterday, but it came back on last night. They were VERY relieved!
Tomorrow will be day 3 of no school for Brodey. It's been so difficult to keep him indoors. We have let him go out a few times, but only briefly. It's just WAY too cold. When he went out today he had his face totally covered up by a thick little Gap knit/fleece scarf. It still took his cheeks 30+ minutes for the redness to go away! It's just too cold! It's like a cruel joke to have all this snow outside and it's too cold to play!
We did make snow ice cream! It was Brodey AND Eric's very first time to eat it! I can't even remember when I first had it. It was before I was Brodey's age. They LOVED it.
We have an outside cat named Kitty. Eric rigged her little house up out on the back porch to block the wind, but since our back porch faces the North I decided to put her in the garage overnight. I opened the door this morning to get her and when I called for her she scared the you know what out of me! She popped up out of a cardboard box on top of our saferoom like a Jack in the Box. (If you know me you know I'm not a big fan of Jack in the Boxes...OR surprises for that matter) I jumped out of my skin and then I laughed because it was pretty funny. Wish I had it on video.
Oh my haha I just realized that Bro is wearing the same thing in this photo and in the photo I posted the other day. Apparently Eric likes to put him in that fleece top and Carharts. I took this pic right before he went out today.
Well I'm signing off for tonight. Eric and I watched Red last night on PPV. It was really good! Tonight we are watching Dinner for Schmucks. Fun times on the couch!
Stay warm and have a good night!