Friday, June 27, 2008

New Habit

Okay I haven't been a good girl at updating my blog. :) I'm sorry and I'm going to try and do better!
We have been so busy this last month. Graduations, birthdays, holidays, sicknesses, you name it! I'm so glad all that's over PLUS I'm finally getting settled in here! I'm starting to know where things are and not be walking around in circles. We all love it here! I especially do because there is always something for Eric to do outside with Brodey. That leaves me to my scrappy room! I'm finally getting that space organized too! It majorly needs a clean up right now, though, becaue I just finished my class and design team layouts. I'll post those on the 1st.
Brodey and I took our annual 4th of July t-shirt photos. I took them myself with the self timer. LOL It was like okay push the after Brodey...make him laugh...try not to smile so big. All that in 10 seconds. Haha! I couldn't find our t-shirts at Old Navy so I actually had to order them online. That's okay as long as I get the photos! Who knows how long he will continue this tradition with me, but I'm taking advantage while he's too young to protest. Hehe!
Well I better go. Starting today I'm going to make a new habit of posting daily. Let's see how well I do! ;)