Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wipe down your gifts from Santa!

You better wipe down your Santa gifts with some Lysol wipes if he comes your way after leaving my house!
Brodey started getting sick Sunday night and is still not feeling 100%. I started getting sick last night and feel horrible today. It's horrible. Both ends. I hope it doesn't head your way!
I'm so bummed! I had so many fun things planned for us to do tonight and NONE of those included the toilet or laying on the couch. Ah well. At least we are together!
Have a wonderful Christmad Eve! I love you all!!!!

Wipe down your gifts from Santa

Friday, December 05, 2008

Eric is victorious!

He successfully fixed the dryer! It actually dries my clothes in one cycle! Yeah Eric!!! Now if he could fix the leak down at Crescent Valley Church! LOL
Brodey and I stripped down to take a shower today and guess what? NO WATER. I was so mad. When it did finally come on, I was scrubbing my hair like a madwoman. I just knew it was going to stop as soon as I got the shampoo all soaped up! It didn't, though! I told my mom it was a good thing. My comment the other day might have proven a reality! ;)
I'm headed to Just 4 Keeps tomorrow to teach! Wee hoo!!! I haven't been feeling 100% last night and today so I hope I can have enough steam left to stay and crop!
I've been typing like crazy to finish our family recipe book before we have Christmas at Meme's. It's the most awesome thing and I'm so excited about it! I've been compiling all of our family's recipes into a cookbook on Tastebook. Thank you Susan H for the link!!!
Believe it or not it's officially been a week since I started trying to upload my scrap video. Ridiculous! I'm taking it to Just 4 Keeps tomorrow to upload it there.
Well I'm off to pack my scrappy business! ;) I better get started! I'm already tired!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fun Firsts

Got this from Susan's blog! Fun stuff!

1. Who was your FIRST prom date? Eric...yes I know boring. Hehe!

2. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink? Oh who knows. Probably a Zima with a Jolly Rancher in it! LOL

3. What was your FIRST job? Babysitting. Fun times with the Stallings! $1 an hour per kid!

4. What was your FIRST car? A teal Camaro. 1995. I loved that car. I cried when I traded it in. I felt so guilty. I think everyone in the state of Oklahoma hit that car.

5. Who was the FIRST person to text you today? Ally of course! LOL

6. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? Eric when he got up at 6:45 to see if there were any deer outside.

7. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? Mrs. Jackson! THE BEST teacher EVER!!! She was actually my mom's first grade teacher too! She gave some major bear hugs!

8. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane? I went to Disney World during Christmas break when I was in the 5th grade. I went with my cousins!

9. Who was your FIRST best friend and are you still friends? Natalie Treadwell Tapley. We played together as babies! Well okay maybe not PLAYED. We probably just laid there on the blanket and stared at each other! We still do that! HAHAHAHAH! I AM KIDDING!

10. What was your FIRST sport played? Probably T Ball. I was on the Grace Manor Nursing Home team! Haha!

11. Where was your FIRST sleep over? I really don't know. We were always having sleepovers at someone's house.

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today? My mom. I can't remember why now...

13. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time? I was the flower girl for my aunt's wedding. I did a good job throwing the petals, but I wouldn't look up.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning? Get Brodey milk.

15. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to? New Kids on the Block in Atlanta with Allyson Ayers! We wore tye die Hammer Pants. I SO wish I had pics!

16. FIRST tattoo or piercing? First and only piercing would be when I was little. I can't remember my age, but the lady was crossed eyed and I expressed my concern to Meme and it ended up being an "I told you so."

17.FIRST foreign place you've ever been? Cayman Islands when Eric and I were married.

18. What was your FIRST run in with the law? Gosh I guess it would be a ticket? I'm not sure!

19. What was your FIRST detention? I had to hold the pole in the 5th grade, but I can't remember why.

20. Where did you go on your FIRST limo ride? I've never been in a limo!

Now wasn't that recap fun!?!? I can't wait to read about your firsts!!!!

ETA...HEY GINA!!!! Could you have bought MY Mystic Teal Metallic '95 Camaro??? Hhhmmmm!!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Stick Ross and Tree Hackers

I'm having a bad day. (no it's not THAT time of the month)
First I get woken up by the tree trimmer people. I had orders from Eric not to let them in. So then Lake Region Electric calls. So I let them in. They trump Eric.
"My husband likes his trees." I tell the guys. "So can you please do a good job so I don't have to go stay at my mom's? Pretty please?"
So they proceed to demolish the trees lining the rode. I know I know. We will be thankful when the ice storms hit. Well not Eric. "I have a generator thank you. I don't want my trees hacked up. Do you know how many animals live in those trees?"
So I guess he expects me to take Bro out and tie ourselves up to the tree with a chain so they won't chop it down? I'm a little more down to Earth.
I'm standing on top of the vanity in Bro's bathroom watching them hack away (because I'm nosey) and I notice they start to hack away at the cedar tree they said they would just trim. I'm like CRAP. Hack hack hack.
Ding dong.
"Ma'am. The tree has to go. It's directly under the powerline. You have three options. We cut it for free. The electric company makes you pay someone to cut it. Or when the ice storms come this winter you lose electric and the company cuts it down and you have to dispose of it yourself."
"Fine cut it down." GREAT. Now I get to tell Eric the cedar tree is no more. That'll wait until later.
I mosey on into the kitchen feeling sorry for myself that I have to break the news about the cedar to Eric. I turn on the water to rinse the dishes and not a drop. Nothing. I'm mad. I can't even tell you how many times this happens. It's always the same reason. The church down the road.
So I call up Stick Ross Mountain Water Company which is actually a secretary at an accounting office in Tahlequah. Yes I know.
"M&R Accounting."
"What do you think Crescent Valley Church would do if I waltzed in naked with a towel over my shoulder and said I needed to borrow some water?"
She dies laughing. Well at least someone is laughing today.
"I'm sorry" she says "there is a water leak and they had to shut it off."
I'm like "My gosh! Are they ever going to find it!?!?! This happens all the time! I know it's not your fault, but geez!"
"I'm sorry. Hopefully they find it today." (they is one guy with a cell phone, by the way)
"I hope so too. Thanks."
I dial Eric and when he answers I hold the phone up to the faucet. "What do you hear?"
"EXACTLY. THAT'S what's coming out of my faucet!!!!!!!!!"
"Oh that sucks."
He doesn't have a clue. He also doesn't have a clue at how annoying it is that I have been trying to upload a stinking video since Saturday.
Am I in the twilight zone? Maybe Ahston Kutcher is going to pop out any minute and say "You've been punk'd!" Maybe this is a very long dream and I'll wake up. I DON'T KNOW!!!!
Sorry this is a bitchfest. I have to vent somewhere! I guess it makes for entertaining blog everyone except me! PLEASE SOMEONE WAKE ME UP!!!!!! I want to go to the land of rainbows and kittens! Maybe they have running water there!!!