Thursday, November 09, 2006


Life is full of u-turns.
My sister, Ally, had All-American cheerleading tryouts today. She made the regional cut, so now she was trying out for the state level. Tryouts were held in Newcastle. That is about 30 minutes from Edmond. My sister told my Mom and Dad that people were allowed to come and watch. My parents don't miss a they come to Edmond to pick up me and Brodey and we head to Newcastle. We get there, we walk in, and there are two girls there and they proceed to tell us that no one is allowed in to watch and that it will take another 2 hours for them to be done. 60 girls were trying out. So we turn around and go back to Edmond. One big u-turn. It was actually pretty funny. I took some funny pics of Brodey in the car so maybe I'll do a scrapbook page over it! LOL
Then, my mom and I have a friend that is in the hospital after having an emergency c-section and delivering a 1lb 15oz little girl. (Baby and mother are doing okay) Mercy hospital is about 5 minutes from my house in Edmond. We head over there after the big fat u-turn in Newcastle and dad misses the exit. We make guessed it....u-turn and head back towards the hospital. Well this way is blocked by construction 1/4 of a mile from the hospital so we make ANOTHER u-turn and go back another way. We finally make it to the hospital and visit our friend and we head to my house. Phew!
We arrive at my house and while I'm changing Brodey, my aunt calls. I had taken my cousin and her boyfriend's senior pictures a week ago and she was calling my mom to talk about that. She loved the photos and wanted to tell my mom how everyone was talking about them. Apparently she showed everyone and 6 people want me to take their's. Plus a baby photo session and a family photo session. Now, 5 years ago I opened a studio in my hometown of Holdenville. It was great! I had tons of business and everyone loved my photography. Well, Eric was accepted into dental school in 2002 and we discussed options with the business. We had to pick up and move to Oklahoma City and it just wouldn't work for me to drive 200 miles per day to keep the studio open. So....VERY sadly I had to close. There was no way I could afford rental fees in OKC to re-open there. So I settled for what jobs I could get until he graduated. I worked at my aunt's law firm, a dental office, and a couple of photography businesses. I've accepted photography work in-between now and then, but not a ton. When you don't have a studio, it's hard. So now with the work coming in, I feel like I've made a u-turn back to where I've started. I knew I would pick up again, but I didn't know it would be so soon. Another u-turn.
Today's been crazy. I didn't get any scrapbooking done. I did get some ideas for new pages though! LOL Maybe I'll get something accomplished tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Woohoo I have a blog! I had one on another site, but it just wasn't working out! This seems to be a popular site for blogs so I'll give this one a try!!
I have to toot a little bit! I'm so excited! I have a spot on a Design Team coming up in January and they asked if I would be interested in teaching classes! I was like of course!!!
Also, I have been chosen as a Featured Guest Designer for an online scrap company at! They have some really awesome kits!
Eric, the hubby, pretty much lets me buy whatever I want in the scrapbooking department. I'm very lucky.....or maybe he has a Harley he likes to spend money on....either way I am glad he supports my habit! Hehe! If anyone lives in Oklahoma and needs a fabulous dentist, go see my darling husband! Bright Smile Family Dentistry! LOL
Well I'll probably be on here a ton! Mostly talking about scrapbooking and my son, Brodey. Maybe griping alittle too.....