Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wipe down your gifts from Santa!

You better wipe down your Santa gifts with some Lysol wipes if he comes your way after leaving my house!
Brodey started getting sick Sunday night and is still not feeling 100%. I started getting sick last night and feel horrible today. It's horrible. Both ends. I hope it doesn't head your way!
I'm so bummed! I had so many fun things planned for us to do tonight and NONE of those included the toilet or laying on the couch. Ah well. At least we are together!
Have a wonderful Christmad Eve! I love you all!!!!

Wipe down your gifts from Santa

Friday, December 05, 2008

Eric is victorious!

He successfully fixed the dryer! It actually dries my clothes in one cycle! Yeah Eric!!! Now if he could fix the leak down at Crescent Valley Church! LOL
Brodey and I stripped down to take a shower today and guess what? NO WATER. I was so mad. When it did finally come on, I was scrubbing my hair like a madwoman. I just knew it was going to stop as soon as I got the shampoo all soaped up! It didn't, though! I told my mom it was a good thing. My comment the other day might have proven a reality! ;)
I'm headed to Just 4 Keeps tomorrow to teach! Wee hoo!!! I haven't been feeling 100% last night and today so I hope I can have enough steam left to stay and crop!
I've been typing like crazy to finish our family recipe book before we have Christmas at Meme's. It's the most awesome thing and I'm so excited about it! I've been compiling all of our family's recipes into a cookbook on Tastebook. Thank you Susan H for the link!!!
Believe it or not it's officially been a week since I started trying to upload my scrap video. Ridiculous! I'm taking it to Just 4 Keeps tomorrow to upload it there.
Well I'm off to pack my scrappy business! ;) I better get started! I'm already tired!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fun Firsts

Got this from Susan's blog! Fun stuff!

1. Who was your FIRST prom date? Eric...yes I know boring. Hehe!

2. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink? Oh who knows. Probably a Zima with a Jolly Rancher in it! LOL

3. What was your FIRST job? Babysitting. Fun times with the Stallings! $1 an hour per kid!

4. What was your FIRST car? A teal Camaro. 1995. I loved that car. I cried when I traded it in. I felt so guilty. I think everyone in the state of Oklahoma hit that car.

5. Who was the FIRST person to text you today? Ally of course! LOL

6. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? Eric when he got up at 6:45 to see if there were any deer outside.

7. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? Mrs. Jackson! THE BEST teacher EVER!!! She was actually my mom's first grade teacher too! She gave some major bear hugs!

8. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane? I went to Disney World during Christmas break when I was in the 5th grade. I went with my cousins!

9. Who was your FIRST best friend and are you still friends? Natalie Treadwell Tapley. We played together as babies! Well okay maybe not PLAYED. We probably just laid there on the blanket and stared at each other! We still do that! HAHAHAHAH! I AM KIDDING!

10. What was your FIRST sport played? Probably T Ball. I was on the Grace Manor Nursing Home team! Haha!

11. Where was your FIRST sleep over? I really don't know. We were always having sleepovers at someone's house.

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today? My mom. I can't remember why now...

13. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time? I was the flower girl for my aunt's wedding. I did a good job throwing the petals, but I wouldn't look up.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning? Get Brodey milk.

15. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to? New Kids on the Block in Atlanta with Allyson Ayers! We wore tye die Hammer Pants. I SO wish I had pics!

16. FIRST tattoo or piercing? First and only piercing would be when I was little. I can't remember my age, but the lady was crossed eyed and I expressed my concern to Meme and it ended up being an "I told you so."

17.FIRST foreign place you've ever been? Cayman Islands when Eric and I were married.

18. What was your FIRST run in with the law? Gosh I guess it would be a ticket? I'm not sure!

19. What was your FIRST detention? I had to hold the pole in the 5th grade, but I can't remember why.

20. Where did you go on your FIRST limo ride? I've never been in a limo!

Now wasn't that recap fun!?!? I can't wait to read about your firsts!!!!

ETA...HEY GINA!!!! Could you have bought MY Mystic Teal Metallic '95 Camaro??? Hhhmmmm!!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Stick Ross and Tree Hackers

I'm having a bad day. (no it's not THAT time of the month)
First I get woken up by the tree trimmer people. I had orders from Eric not to let them in. So then Lake Region Electric calls. So I let them in. They trump Eric.
"My husband likes his trees." I tell the guys. "So can you please do a good job so I don't have to go stay at my mom's? Pretty please?"
So they proceed to demolish the trees lining the rode. I know I know. We will be thankful when the ice storms hit. Well not Eric. "I have a generator thank you. I don't want my trees hacked up. Do you know how many animals live in those trees?"
So I guess he expects me to take Bro out and tie ourselves up to the tree with a chain so they won't chop it down? I'm a little more down to Earth.
I'm standing on top of the vanity in Bro's bathroom watching them hack away (because I'm nosey) and I notice they start to hack away at the cedar tree they said they would just trim. I'm like CRAP. Hack hack hack.
Ding dong.
"Ma'am. The tree has to go. It's directly under the powerline. You have three options. We cut it for free. The electric company makes you pay someone to cut it. Or when the ice storms come this winter you lose electric and the company cuts it down and you have to dispose of it yourself."
"Fine cut it down." GREAT. Now I get to tell Eric the cedar tree is no more. That'll wait until later.
I mosey on into the kitchen feeling sorry for myself that I have to break the news about the cedar to Eric. I turn on the water to rinse the dishes and not a drop. Nothing. I'm mad. I can't even tell you how many times this happens. It's always the same reason. The church down the road.
So I call up Stick Ross Mountain Water Company which is actually a secretary at an accounting office in Tahlequah. Yes I know.
"M&R Accounting."
"What do you think Crescent Valley Church would do if I waltzed in naked with a towel over my shoulder and said I needed to borrow some water?"
She dies laughing. Well at least someone is laughing today.
"I'm sorry" she says "there is a water leak and they had to shut it off."
I'm like "My gosh! Are they ever going to find it!?!?! This happens all the time! I know it's not your fault, but geez!"
"I'm sorry. Hopefully they find it today." (they is one guy with a cell phone, by the way)
"I hope so too. Thanks."
I dial Eric and when he answers I hold the phone up to the faucet. "What do you hear?"
"EXACTLY. THAT'S what's coming out of my faucet!!!!!!!!!"
"Oh that sucks."
He doesn't have a clue. He also doesn't have a clue at how annoying it is that I have been trying to upload a stinking video since Saturday.
Am I in the twilight zone? Maybe Ahston Kutcher is going to pop out any minute and say "You've been punk'd!" Maybe this is a very long dream and I'll wake up. I DON'T KNOW!!!!
Sorry this is a bitchfest. I have to vent somewhere! I guess it makes for entertaining blog everyone except me! PLEASE SOMEONE WAKE ME UP!!!!!! I want to go to the land of rainbows and kittens! Maybe they have running water there!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I'll be feasting with my awesome family. I can't wait!!! I don't see everyone often enough!
The layout above is from the November Creating Keepsakes. I love it. The title letters are embossed with a mixture of black and cinnamon spice. They smell just like autumn! Brodey's cute face will also be in the April Creating Keepsakes. Got that email yesterday!
Well I'm off to clean house! I can't stand to leave if my house isn't in order!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Raccoon saga continues.....

My gosh. It's like a mini series. Today around 5 I was in the office....Eric just yelled at me and said "hey this girl on tv looks like a blonde cocker spaniel" he's so weird....and I heard something hit the door. I go to the living room door and there is the raccoon. Big surprise. It's been pretty windy here and the wind knocked over my fern and it's right in front of the back door.
Earlier today the cat was jumping around in it and I thought she was just playing around. Well the raccoon was doing the same thing and it occured to me that maybe there is a mouse in there! Wow! I didn't know the raccoon would actually be trying to pounce on a mouse! I thought only cats did that!
So she pounces and grabs and I'm cracking up. It's so funny to see a raccoon act like a cat! I had my camera in there so I snapped a pic and ran in to get my video camera. Well I come back and look out the door and....well...she caught the mouse. I'll just say she made short work of it and the rather large mouse was gone in about 5 seconds. Yes. She ate the whole thing. I couldn't believe it. No I didn't video it. LOL I was too in shock.
When I told Eric he says "I didn't want to know that." then he says "what did you THINK they ate?"
I'm like "I don't know! Cat food! Hahahaha!!!" I had no idea they ate whole mice. Who knew?
I'm dying to see Wall E. I got car sick the other night trying to watch it. Brodey had it on in the back and I have been wanting to see it SO bad!!!! I have a feeling I'm going to cry at the end. I know, but I'm a big baby when it comes to movies. I totally get into it and I get so emotional. We were going to sit and watch it tonight but that didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow night.
Well I'm going to go. Brodey wants me to lay on the couch with him. Soon he will be too big to do it! BOOHOO!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I live in Nowhere Land with the Ferocious Beast...

Okay not really. Well some days I feel like it because that's all Brodey wants to watch. Thank goodness it's a cute show and it makes me laugh.
I also feel like I live in Nowhere Land because my internet is SO SLOW. I know I always gripe about it, but you just can't imagine just how slow it is. Here is how uploading a wedding to my site went:
Upload two photos.
Go do laundry.
50/50 change the photos uploaded OR my internet went out.
Upload the same photos.
Go do dishes.
Upload two more photos.
Take a shower.
I'm not even kidding. It took me more than 4 days of doing this ALL day to get them all uploaded. You are supposed to be able to upload 1000 photos at once. HA! HA! HA! Not here in Nowhere Land!
I finished editing this week's how-to video for J4K last night. I'm still trying to upload it. It gets to 62% and just stays there. Kill me now. I've been trying all day and will try one more time after I post. I'm sorry J4K girls! :(

Tonight has been the night of racoons. I'm in the kitchen tonight after dark waiting for Eric and Brodey to get back from Holdenville. I think I hear a frantic scratching sound. I mute the tv. I listen. There is is again. I instantly think of my sister who would be FREAKING OUT right about now. (No doubt she would be thinking of some stupid scary movie hahahaha) But not me. I'm too nosey. So I go into the foyer where it sounds like it's coming from and it is at the front door. That's weird. I go to the office where the camera moniter is and I can't see because of the glare from the porch light. So I crack the shades and it's a RACOON. Trying to get into my front door! NO! You can't come in! LOL She finally saunters away.
The mommy that I posted pics of eating the cat food on my back porch comes every single night now. Well sometimes even during the day. She isn't scared at all. She will even saunter up to the door and look in if she eats all the food. She knows I will come out and put more out there. She will come right back and eat it all!
Tonight I think her babies followed her. Eric and I were putting Brodey in bed and I hear a racket on the porch. I go over and look and it's THREE little babies! They were SO cute! There were frantically trying to get off the porch, but they couldn't figure out how! The mommy when she leaves always goes off at the end with the drop off. I think she probably took off that way and they were like what the heck! Mom! Where'd ya go!?! Finally they found the steps and off they went! So cute! I'm sure they will be back! As long as it isn't while I'm sleeping I'm okay with it! ;)
Well I'm off to bed now! I'm glad my boys are back! I missed them!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is it really almost Christmas?

Wow is it really almost Christmas or are people just putting u lights for the heck of it? Coming back from Tulsa tonight I saw so many! It was neat! I need to nag Eric to do it. We have never put them up. Nope. Never. Eric used to put up his neighbor's and it had to be perfect. I think it took the fun out of it for him. This year we have to, though. Brodey would SO notice and think it was so cool! Plus you could see them from highway 62!
Two of Ally's girls from the gym had a cheer competition today! They did pretty well considering it was their very first one! I went to help. It was fun!
This will be a quick post because I have to go do my video for J4K. I've started doing instructional videos for the Just 4 Keeps site. It's so much fun! I'm still really slow at it, but I've learned a lot.
If you happen to be in the bookstore (or wherever) check out Memory Maker's new idea pamphlet called "Get Organized." It's a cool little book about organizing your scrap supplies. It has some great tips in there PLUS I have a layout in there featuring my scrap room! LOL I'm on page 70! ;)
Okay I'm off to record my nasal self. (Yes my nose is still stuffy.)
Until's good to be back!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Grief!

Well HELLO world! LOL I've been a busy little bee!
Even thought I don't have the studio anymore, I still get busy this time of year taking photos. It's nice, but Brodey always reminds me why I do it very part time! ;)
I've also been working on stuff for the March Creating Keepsakes. So look for me twice in there! Yeah!
Yesterday was Mady's (my sis-in-law) 19th birthday! I made her a red velvet cake. Someone please come to my house and take it away before I eat what's left!
We are going to start redoing our bathrooms soon. I dread it, but I can't wait. Thank goodness there is another bathroom right outside of our bedroom. We can use that, but it will still be rough for a while!
Well I know this is a short post, but I have promised myself to get back to posting!!
Have a good Friday!!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Checking in...

So I have strep. Fun times. This is the first time I have felt alive since Tuesday.
I am never sick so this is bad for Eric and Brodey. LOL Laundry piled up. Dishes in the sink. Toys everywhere. I guess it'll be there tomorrow. I don't get sick leave.
Off to lay back on the couch.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm still alive!!!!

I'm still alive! I promise! I might be treading water....but I AM alive! This is probably the most repeated phrase in history and I'm going to say it again. There are NOT enough hours in the day! By the time I get everything done I need to it's midnight and I'm too tired to blog. So sad. The end of the month is a killer for me. It's almost over! The boys are outside and I have things I need to be doing, but I wanted to just sit down and post. Last week was crazy. Funerals, parents visiting, puppy surgery, and so on.

When I had to take Gigi and Gunner to the vet for their last ear check up(they are cocker spaniels so you understand) Eric wanted the vet to check a lump Gunner had on his neck. He has skin issues, so we weren't too worried. The vet wanted to remove it for safety's sake so we did. It was fine. Nothing serious. It's just so much FUN to take dogs and a kid to the vet.

My black cat is still missing. I think he's down at the gate with the other kitty. I swear I saw him down there when we came home late last weekend. The gray cat is fine. She got over whatever was the matter. She is finally acting like her normal self. Since the black cat isn't around it makes me want to adopt another cat. :) Eric would KILL me. I would have to lie and say "oh it just showed up!" Haha!

I finally finished my redos for my classes next month. (the ones I made originally got picked up by Creating Keepsakes) If you are in Edmond next month you should take them! It will be SO much fun! We are playing around with alcohol inks and ultra thick embossing enamel. I'll post my class projects as soon as the newsletter goes out.

If you like to read, you need to check out Good Reads. My profile is HERE. It's so much fun! You can keep track of all your books. I love how you can add books that you are planning to read. It helps because I forget when someone suggests a good book. There are also groups that you can join that read the same books as you do. It's fun to actually chat with people who read what you do! Fun stuff! Thanks Trisha P for letting me know about it! ;)

So Brodey doesn't have a Halloween costume yet. You can tell I live FAR away from civilization. Usually I already have it by now! He is old enough to help me pick it out. That will be fun! Ha! We will see!

Brodric (Eric's brother) turned 21 this weekend! Pretty exciting stuff! It seems like I just turned 21! When I turned 21 he was 13! Oh my! We had fun this weekend, though. He came down and we went to the lake. Yes we went to the lake at the end of September. It was a little crazy being there when acorns are falling on the camper and ducks are landing on the water. I have to say, though, that the craziest thing was the sun setting at like 7:30. What? We would have at least an hour more of water time! So sad! I guess that will be the official last lake trip this summer. Seven sad, long months until we get to go back. Oh the heartbreak! So anyway we pretty much had the lake to ourselves. It was nice. Eric brought a tube that was in our shop when me moved in. You could tell it had been there for a long time and the boys were wanting a small one to do barrel rolls. (crazy I know) So we brought it, aired it up, and off they went. For about 10 minutes. The poor tube was having none of that. It started to rip and it finally gave way. It was so funny because Tyler (Ally's boyfriend) was riding it with the cover ripped off just holding it on. Then they just took the cover off and I told them to get on the tube and hold on to the ski rope. (I'm the one that comes up with the ideas for OTHER people and sit in the boat and laugh) I dubbed it Tube Skiing. It was so funny. I videotaped it on my camera. I tried to put it on YouTube to post here but the file is too big. I'm going to have to figure out how to make it smaller.

I got an email today from Scrapbook Trends asking if I was planning on sending them the layout they requested for the Oh Baby Idea Book. What? Huh? Did I read that right? I never even recieved an email! I guess I'll have one more thing to mail off at the post office tomorrow!

Okay I gotta go. I have stuff I need to finish before tomorrow. Fun! I just wanted to check in! I still have a ton of pics and no time. I really hope I can get back to posting every day! It's neat for me to go back and read what I can't even remember doing! Ha!
Have a good night!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yes I had to call Onstar today. Bro and I were going to run into town. I needed some ink from Hobby Lobby and some milk. We go out and get into the car. I get Bro all buckled in and I put the key in the ignition and it won't turn. I'm like "Wha?" I slowly figure out I have Eric's key to his truck. I quickly dig in my purse and no key. So I get out of the car, shut the door, and the car honks as I get to the house door. "Wha?" Did the car just lock on it's own? Surely not. I go in the house and tear up the place looking for a key. No luck. I go back and the door won't open. The car is locked and the only place there could be a key is in one of two purses in my car. CRAP! Bro is mad because he can't get his candy. I'm like tapping on the window "Bro! Wiggle your arms out of the carseat and open the door!."
"Okay mom!" He does this. No luck. The door won't open.
"Okay push that button!"
"Okay mom!" He does this. No luck. I can barely see in the window because they are tinted. He is trying everything to get the door opened so I try to tell him how to get OUT of the carseat. Ain't gonna happen. The kid is super strapped in. I'm like dang. I've had this car how long and I already have to call Onstar. I haven't even set it up!
I call Mom to get the number and the girl is so nice. I have no pin so I had to answer some quetions. She unlocks the doors and Brodey is so mad. She's like "Is he okay!?!?"
I'm like "yes he just wants his Smarties."
She laughs and I get them for him. Bro says "Thank you nice lady!"
She laughs harder and says "Thank you! Have a nice day!" You bet! LOL
Now if only that nice lady could find my black cat. The gray cat came back. Today she was acting no like herself so i decided to take her to the vet. She is on the back porch so I run in to call. They can't get her in until 2:30. Of course. So I go back out and she is gone again. Crap! I'm thinking hopefully she will show back up around 2! Nope. She didn't show back up until around 6pm. She is still acting tired. I ran into Ashley today at Hobby Lobby. (We bought thehouse from her and her husband.) She said that the cat is spayed and she just does that sometimes. But she has been here since May so I can tell she isn't acting right. Ashley didn't know how old she is. She said she came with the house! Haha! They bought it about 4 years ago. I HOPE she gets better this weekend! If she isn't better tomorrow I'm taking her to the vet. Or try to. They are open until noon on Saturdays.
I have been so busy editing pics and working on class stuff that I haven't had time to post. Once I get all that out of the way I will be back to normal posts. I miss it!
I'm going to try to edit some more pics now! Oh here someone! Better go!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies are my Sworn Enemy

Why do I make them? Why? Any other cookie can sit there in the cookie jar until Eric eats them. They CALL my name. They say "pour a glass of milk and we will have a good 'ole time." I can't resist. At least the milk's healthy.
According to the Wii I'm overwieght. It even gave my Mii a muffin top. I don't have a muffin top in real life. But my Mii sure looks cute with one!
I have been editing pictures like a mad woman. I will share some tomorrow. I'm too lazy to go back and save them for web viewing right now. Usually when I sit down in this chair for more than 5 minutes my back starts to hurt. Not anymore! Thank you Wii! I have been doing Yoga with the Wii Fit and I can already tell a difference. I always hated Yoga in the past. I have tried it twice. I always give something a second shot if I don't like it the first time. (i.e. octopus and french toast) The second time I tried Yoga I had to go to the Chiropractor. With Wii it's different. You have to stay balanced and it KNOWS if you are doing it wrong. It's awesome.
Enough Wii talk. Eric came home with a prize for Brodey today. He wore underwear ALL day and went to potty all by himself. So maybe he peed in the shower. It's better than a diaper right? I blame Eric for that. But whatever works.
Eric brought him home a John Deere scooter. Bro calls it a cooter. Which makes Eric crack up. Boys never grow up. So Eric is just making his John Deere and camo obsession worse.
So Eric finally gets it put together (after several temper tantrums) and HE rides it all through the house. He was blazing down the halls and doing that Eric cackle (yes some of you know the one) and I'm sitting at the computer (editing pics of course) and he wizzes by me followed by Brodey. I hear a huge CRASH, something knock over, and Eric screaming about his foot. So I mozey on in there and the piano bench is in the middle of the floor and Eric is laying there holding his foot. Of course I die laughing and I offer to kiss it. He refused. I'm like "What the heck did you do?"
"The piano got in my way." he cries.
"Daddy fell on my cooter." Brodey says.
I am laughing so hard I am in the floor. Eric keeps whining about his toe, but starts to laugh after a minute. I just wish I had it on film to share.
Well it's 12:40 and I'm headed to bed. The bug spray man is coming tomorrow. I guess we will have to leave the fumed up house so Brodey doesn't grow an extra leg or something. Maybe I'll hit Ross or Wall's! :)
Have a good night! Fingers crossed the stupid raccoons don't wake me up again tonight!

P.S. The layout up there is one of my Just 4 Keeps Design Team Layouts for September. That was Bro when we cut his hair. It's alreayd grown out! He needs to get buzzed again! ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wii Love the Wii

These are my Just 4 Keeps girls!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!
Okay so oh my gosh Wii Fit is SO MUCH FUN!!! I am so stinkin' sore, but it was a blast! I got it today at Game Stop in Tahlequah! BARELY! I got the only one they will have for a while. I was so excited! It kicks my butt, but it is so cool! It's amazing what that thing can tell you! It's kind of freaky, really! I was doing the Tree pose in Yoga and I fell over. It said "You fell over. Try lengthening your spine." I was like OH MY! Then Eric came home and he couldn't even do any of the Yoga poses. I was laughing so hard! Brodey loves to "play" with me. I gave him the paper out of the box and told him it was his balance board. Haha! It worked!
My kitty cat still hasn't come back. I might never know what happened to it. That stinks so bad. I REALLY hope it is just eloped with a neighbor cat and will come back. :(
My knees are SO SO SO sore from taking pictures on Saturday! It was a blast, though! It is always worth the hard work. I was booked solid from 10:30am to 5 or so. I can't remember. I stayed afterwards and had a blast. No I didn't crop, haha, but I had fun anyway! I have over 600 photos to get ready to send. So you know what I'll be doing all week! ;) I'll post some highlights as I get them done.
I didn't leave the store until 11pm. I had to drive back and it poured on me. Once I got to about Stroud the wind was so bad I thougth I was going to get blown off the road. I had plenty of gas to get home, but the wind sucked it down. My gas light came on outside of Tulsa before I knew it. That means I only have less than 25 miles left. With the wind blowing like it was I wasn't sure how long it would last. My navigation asked if I wanted it to show me gas stations, but it didn't. So I got off the Turnpike twice where there was a gas sign. NO gas station. So I finally got off at the Supulpa exit. It was about 12:45am and that area was so sketchy. I called my dad and asked him if there was bad weather and he said no. I told him he had to stay on the phone with me because I only had probably 10 miles or less of gas left. I had to drive around looking for the stupid gas station. When I finally found it, it was all dark and some scary factory was across the street. I was like "STAY ON THE PHONE WITH ME DAD." I could tell he was asleep so I kept trying to talk to him. I hop out of the car into about 3 inches of water and soak the bottom 5 inches of my jeans. The wind is whipping rain in my face and I just want to get gas and get the hell out of there. Finally I get enough to get me home and I'm like "Dad. Dad." No answer. He fell asleep. So I hang up and head back home. Well AFTER I had to turn around twice. I am notorious for not being able to backtrack.
My Dad called me Sunday morning and was like "Hey did I talk to you last night."
I just laughed. "Yes Dad. I was getting gas in sketchytown and you fell asleep on the phone."
He as like "Oh no I'm sorry! I woke up this morning and I didn't know if it was a dream or what."
When my Mom got on the phone she said Dad had been up early this morning freaking out because he didn't know if he had actually talked to me or not. Mom had to keep him from calling because she thought I'd still be sleeping. Haha! I made it home, thank goodness!
Sunday was a lazy day. Eric was in Holdenville and after Rene went home it was just me, Mady, and Brodey. We watched I Love Money, Talladega Nights, and a bunch of other crap. I LOVE those two! Talladega Nights always cracks me up!
Today was busy. We took the dogs to the vet this morning to re-check their ears. They are MUCH better, but still a little infected. Cocker Spaniels are so hard. Their ears are totally cute, but big trouble. Gunner actually has to go back the 25th to have surgery. He has a cyst on his neck that has to be removed. They had to be there at 9:45 this morning. Brodey is so hard to wake up. Some day he will sleep until 9:30. I dread getting him up for school.
So I get us both out the door, get my photo stuff unloaded from Saturday, and get the dog cage in the back. I go in to get the dogs and Gigi comes in from outside. GREAT. I guess it was good that she peed, but BAD that her legs were SOAKING wet. She is small so I have to pick her up to put her in the car. FUN. I finally get them loaded up and we are on our way. We get there without a hitch. I remind Bro not to stick his finger in the cage again (if you don't read my blog last time the bird bit him on the finger). Gunner walks right in, hikes his leg, and pees ALL over the bottom of the counter. Great start and his pee STINKS. I'm like "I'm sorry Gunner just peed on your counter." As soon as I say that Brodey screams bloody murder and starts crying. I knew right then that STUPID bird bit him again. The dogs freak out.
"Did that bird bite you again?"
He says "Yes" through tears. The bird starts making a laughing sound.
"I told you not to stick your finger in there. Didn't you remember last time?"
"Yes. Now that bird's laughing at me."
I bust out laughing too. He was fine. It didn't even leave a red mark.
We finally get out of there with only Gigi trying to attack a lizard in a cage. I think "Oh man! It's only 10! That means McDonalds breakfast baby!"
We get into line and we are almost up and I hear Brodey say "No Gunner!"
I look back and Gunner is out of the cage! What? Am I going to have to change your name to Houdini? I didn't care, but I knew Eric would have a fit if dog hair and slobber were all over my new car. Oh and I would be toast if he decided to mark my leather seat as his territory!! I finally get my sausage egg cheese biscuit and Gunner wants to smell it. So I pull in and get him back in the cage. We survivied another trip to the vet.
Well I got Baby Momma at Wal-Mart today and I'm going to go try to convince Eric to watch it with me. If not Mady will! ;)
I have to start posting every day again. There are always funny stories I forget to tell.
Have a good night!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Sad

I'm sad tonight. My little black kitty is missing. I HOPE that he found a girlfriend and will come back. He was in the garage last night and I had to open the door and let him out. In the morning he and the gray cat are at the back door. Every single morning. He wasn't there this morning. :( Brodey keeps asking where he is and I have to tell him "I don't know. Maybe he will come back." Hopefully this story will have a happy ending.
I had to take Bro to the doctor today. We don't have a pediatrician here yet so to the Urgent Care Center we went! LOL I walk into the door and I hear "Well April Moore!"
I look over and I say "Well Susan Boyd!" I went to high school with her and I have known her forever! She was two years ahead of me and she was in the same grade as my good friend Erin's sister. It was so weird to see her there! It's such a small world! And to top it off she's friends with Ashley. We bought our house from Ashley! SO WEIRD!
Anyway I had to take Bro to the doctor because he had a freaky bite on his forearm. He woke me up night before last rubbing his arm. I thought it was just a mosquito bite and told him to stop. He didn't say anything about it and I forgot about it until we took a bath yesterday. It was all swollen, red, and hot. I watched it all day and today it looked worse. Eric thought since it was Friday I should get in to have it checked out. The PA that looked at it didn't seem too concerned. She gave him a scrip for some antibiotics and some cream. Hopefully that will help! I won't be here tomorrow so Eric will have to keep an eye on it.
Bright and early tomorrow I am headed to Just 4 Keeps! I take pics all day long! It is always fun to do that! I am supposed to stay to crop, but I might not. Ally's gym opening is tomorrow and I really don't want to miss it.
Well I'm going to go. I have to leave the house in 7 hours for good 'ole Edmond!
Have an awesome Saturday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lowe's Knows.....How to Entertain My Son

Yes Brodey loves Lowe's. He always has. He actually asks to go to Lowe's. The first thing he has to do when we walk in is get on all the lawn mowers. He hops from one to the other. He loves that he doesn't have to get in the cart there. He is free to walk with me as long as he stays with me. If he doesn't he gets in trouble and has to ride in the cart. It works. Well at Lowe's anyway! LOL Eric was looking for a weed eater and Brodey thought he would try one out. Do you think they would give him a job? Hahaha!Yesterday was a good day. Bro and I didn't get home until after 12 so I was too tired to post. It's a 2 hour drive from here to Shawnee. YES I drive that far just to get my hair done! ;) I LOVE my hairdresser. Plus Ally lives there and that is where she is opening her cheer leading gym. I got to see Mom and Dad and I used my trusty Revolution to diecut letters to put above her mirrors. It turned out SO good! The battery went dead on my camera so I didn't get a pic. My Mom and Dad have been helping her get the building ready so Brodey stayed with them while I went to the hairdresser. It's right down the street. Brodey loved being able to ride his bicycle and play ball in a totally empty building.
When I got back he was kicking his soccer ball around and we were all watching him and it kind of went right outside the door. He came over to where we were and he started playing with something else and we all went back to work.
Then my Mom says "Hey Brodey's ball is going down Kickapoo."
We all jump up and run outside and there goes his ball right down the middle of the road. It was as if it was running away. It was so funny until we realized it might cause an accident! My Dad takes off after it and it is at the intersection by then! Her gym is on a hill so it had a pretty good head start! He runs all the way down there and walks back with Bro's ball. I snapped a pic as he was walking back. It was pretty funny.
Lately I have been feeling like there is NO time in the day. When I worked full time it seemed like the clock went SO SLOW. Now I look up and it's 1 in the afternoon! It has really been driving me nuts lately. I feel like I can't get anything done! Maybe it's because the days are getting shorter. Who knows. It's really going to stink when the time changes. I love it when Eric comes home and he and Bro go outside after we eat dinner. I get so much done! But now it will be almost dark by the time Eric gets home! YIKES!
Brodey is so obsessed with camo right now. Actually he is obsessed with clothes. He is 2 and a half and he changes clothes at least 4 times a day. It is really starting to get on my nerves. He has to have a shirt that is "bad to the bone" and he has to have shorts on "like Uncle Mike's." I blame Eric for the "bad to the bone," but I don't know where the obsession with Uncle Mike's shorts came from. He must be an observant little dude. He LIVES in his camo boots. Can you see his cool knee high socks? Well he has to wear them because he wears the boots so much they rub his legs red! I can't even take them off him when he is napping. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and asks where they are. I'm not kidding, by the way. I think he got the sleep talking from me. Haha!
The raccoon is still coming back. BUT the other night she brought a friend. I'm not sure if in the raccoon world the girl pays for the date, but that better be the only "friend" she brings back to the house! I'll try to get a pic and post it.
Okay I'm gonna have to wrap it up. I'm so tired. My allergies have been so out of whack today. I try to sneeze a dozen times and nothing comes out. I haven't had allergies like this since before I had Brodey. Does that mean it's time for another one? HAHAHAHA!!!! I can hear it now "Eric I think we need to have another baby because my allergies didn't exist when I was pregnant and after I had him." That would SO not fly! Ha!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's cold outside?

Well I haven't been on in a few days! This weekend was busy and last night Eric made me watch a movie with him! So I thought I would pop in this morning before I head to Shawnee. I get my hair did today! YEAH!
I finally got my Uppercase Living expression up in my laundry room. I wanted to wait because I was afraid the paint was too wet and it would peel it off. Knowing how difficult it was to paint that room you understand! haha! It turned out REALLY good! I couldn't get a good picture of it because of the cabinets that hang over my washer and dryer. You get that picture, though! It is white and looks so cool with the purple walls! I am placing an order tomorrow! If you would like anything just email me at!
I put up my fall wreath today. It is FREAKING cold here. We are talking there is no way it's above 65 degrees. My mom asked if it was cold here yet and I was like I have no idea. I just went outside to give the cats food and I was like OH CRAP! It is COLD! But anyway I think my wreath is so pretty. My mom and I argued about this all last year. I say argued, but it wasn't mean. She just KNEW I had a fall wreath. I sort of remembered buying one but I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked ALL over my house and couldn't find the dang thing. So all last fall I didn't have a wreath. I refused to go buy one when my mom said I had one. Of course when we moved I found it. Don't you hate when stuff like that happens? So annoying!
The little kitty isn't so little anymore! Now that I uploaded this pic it looks weird. LOL He is actually jumping on his hind legs. He bugs the crap out of the other cat. Sometimes I think it likes to play and other times the other kitty just goes and hides. Hey! Sounds like me and Eric! Haha! Just kidding! :)
I tried my hand at making some cabbage rolls last night. I had some pretty big shoes to fill. Eric's grandfather was from Lebanon and his grandmother knew how to make authentic cabbage rolls. When we lived in Edmond Eric worked for a doctor that was also from Lebanon. Nelly, his sister, would make authentic Lebanese food. So yes. I felt some pressure there to make some pretty darn good cabbage rolls! I knew mine wouldn't taste exactly like their's, but I did know that they would at least be good because they would taste like MY food. It took me about two hours in all to make them and it was so worth it! They were SO good! There are things I will change the next time I make them and it won't take as long because I will know what I'm doing. (It's hard to core a head of cabbage when you have no idea what you are doing LOL) But they were a hit with Eric! He was like "Oh these are SO good!" That's all it takes to make me happy! ;)
My sister came and stayed with me this weekend! SO happy! I have no pics to share, but we had a blast! She hasn't been here since we moved in. She stays busy! I wish she lived closer! :( Maybe some day!
I watched Transformers for the first time last night. It was SO good! I wanted to scrapbook and post on here, but I'm glad I didn't. The movie was good and Eric and I rarely get to do that anymore.
Well I have to go get ready now! No lake pics yet. Darnit. By the time that gets posted there will be snow on the ground! LOL
Have a good Tuesday!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hello Brodey's Room!

Well if you don't get the Basic Grey newsletter, HERE is the link! YES that is Brodey's room! YES that article on the last page is by ME!!! I'm so excited! (Good thing I picked up before I took that photo! LOL I didn't know they were going to use it!) So I'm doing my little happy dance right now!
Mady just left. She came by here before she went out to do her Friday night college thing! ;) Rene brought her yearbook. We were looking at that and I happened to have the Holdenville HS 1972 yearbook and my yearbooks. Us girls had a little flashback party! It was fun! Fashions have certainly changed not only from 1972, but also 1997! It made me miss my friends! :( We need to get togther girls! You know who you are!
I've been having a ton of fun over at Janna Wilson and Valerie Salmon's Got Sketch 102 class! It's been so much fun to work on layouts without any pressure! I work on layouts for calls or DT and I forget how much fun it is to just SCRAP! Oh and I'll actually get to post the layouts! LOL I never get to post what I scrap unless I know for sure it isn't going to get picked up! If you need some scrapping inspritation, scrappy fun, or you need to learn some scrappy tips and tricks you should take the class! There are no deadlines and you can join in at any time! The layout above is from the second sketch in the class! SO FUN!!
Well I'm mad. I wanted to share more photos from the lake, but I got the wrong photo card. The photos were on Ally's camera and I thought I got the right one and I didn't. :( She is coming tomorrow and she promises to bring the right card!
Okay it's 12:30 and I'm off to bed! Rene is here and Bro is sleeping with her! YEAH!!! That means I get to sleep on my pillow BY MYSELF! Now the need to sleep with my little boy comes back tomorrow night. But for right now I'm very happy! Hehe!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

No Post

I'm sorry! No post tonight! I'm not feeling so hot so I'm headed to bed. Maybe I did too much scrapping today! HA! I'll post that tomorrow. ;)

Let's Play!

Okay! I played this on Susan's blog, now I have to post on mine! It was fun, so now it’s my turn to see what memories you have of me.
It’s game time! Here’s how to play…
1. As a comment on my blog leave a memory that you have of me. It doesn’t matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Now you have to re-post these instructions on your blog and see who leaves a memory about you!
Have fun and BE KIND!!!! ;)
I'll be back later!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's Gonna Roll!!!

My sister has always said that if she were in a dangerous situation, that she would want to be with me. "April would be like OkAY! You do this! You do that! Everything will be a-okay!" I am LOL right now thinking about her saying that, but I kind of see the truth in it. When something goes wrong my mind gets totally clear and I just know what to do. Afterwards I'm a wreck, but I'm pretty good when things go wrong.
Take Saturday night for example. LOL Eric and I were out on the boat pulling Mady and Ally on the taco. We could tell some storms were moving in so we pulled them until we could feel the warmth from the cloud to ground lightning. They protested but we went back to the point. As soon as we got back the wind started to pick up so I was trying to secure stuff and telling them what to do. My Dad was gone to help my mom bring dinner out. He is usually the one to do that. As soon as we got everything secure, here it comes.
Me, Brodey, Ally, Mady, Danielle, and Mike are all in the camper. Eric is outside trying to make sure the rain doesn't get his radio wet in the Razor. He had the awning on the camper tied down to the Razor which was parked under the awning. Here comes the wind.
I'm looking down at the boat which is tied down by an anchor and also tied to the tree. It's rocking like crazy. The waverunner is also anchored down by a HEAVY wait and it's headed out to the weeds. I'm thinking man it's getting windy. All of a sudden Eric busts into the trailer and screams "IT'S GONNA ROLL!!!! It's gonna roll!"
I'm thinking okay what do to. What to do. There are how many people packed into here? The trailer is rocking and I'm thinking thank goodness my dad is smart enough to put plywood under the camper stablizers! We would be sinkin' if he wasn't!
The wind is whipping and the trailer is really rocking. Mike's telling Eric "Calm down! You are crazy!"
Eric's like "Well what the hell are you gonna do if it starts to roll?"
Mike says "I'm just gonna stablize myself and hold on for the ride!"
HAHAHAHA!!! I have Brodey in my hands so I'm actually being realistic. I'm thinking okay surely all of us are weighting this thing down!
Eric is still freaking a little. Danielle is chilling on the couch. My sister is crawling up the walls. Mady is trying to take pictures out the window with her IPhone! I'm trying to calculate in my head how much we all weigh in here against what one of the trucks weighs! I'm also eyeing matresses thinking they would be good to wrap up in.
I'm like "Eric chill! There isn't anywhere for us to go! The trailer weighs enough!"
All of this is happening, by the way, in about one minute's time. FINALLY the wind calms down. ERIC calms down. My dad calls to check on us. He says he heard on the scanner that a boat overturned. I'm like well I believe it!
We go outside and there are tree limbs everywhere. Big ones. We go around the camper and not 50 yards away a tree has been pulled out of the ground! WHAT! I'm like oh crap! We found out later that a camper had also overturned and a pop up was flipped over itself! Talk about a little mean wind storm! We were lucky because the storm came from the East and we are totally covered by trees from the East! MAN I feel sorry for the tent campers on the West side of the lake! Talk about SCARY!
I should do a post dedicated solely to my dad. I have THE coolest dad on the planet. It's not just me that thinks so! I promise! My dad turned 51 on August 13. (He was born on Friday the 13, by the way!) He is STILL the most badass skier on the lake! When he was young, my grandparents didn't have a boat. My dad would come out to the lake and sit on the dock with his ski and wait for someone to pull him. When I was little I would come out to the lake most of the summer with him and John Janes. I was their "spotter." I would ride in the boat and watch them ski all day and they would build sand castles with me in between.
My dad brings everything out to the lake so we can all have fun. He brings the tractor out to make the point perfect and to build Brodey a sandbox. He will pull us all day long on the tubes and only want someone to pull him to ski once in the evening. He will drive all the way into town and back just to make sure we have enough gas for the generator to keep us cool all night. He will stay up until 3am playing horseshoes or catfishing. Everyone knows him and everyone knows they can come to our point and have a good time. If it wasn't for him and my mom, we wouldn't have ANY fun! WE ALL LOVE YOU DAD!!!!
Well that's only part one of my weekend. I couldn't post yesterday because the remnants of Gustav were jacking with my internet connection.
I have more photos to post tomorrow and more stories to tell! I have to quit for tonight!
Have a good one!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Is that what you are supposed to say on Monday? It's a holiday, right? So I guess that will be my phrase for Monday! HAPPY LABOR DAY! I might even sing it to the tune of Happy Birthday! LOL I'm pretty darn excited! I'm headed to the lake!
Today I had to take the dogs to the vet. MAN it's hard taking two dogs and a 2.5 year old! Especially when the main ROAD is all of 6 feet away from the back of the car! I was like WHOA! Talk about dangerous! I was so nervous one of the dogs would get off the leash or Brodey would dart out in the road. They did pretty well. I also have to say that my dogs mind better than my son. Well I was lucky today. Brodey was pretty good. The vet has a ton of cool animals in there to look at. It's kind of like a pet store where nothing is for sale. He was pretty occupied! He did get a little bite from one of the parrots. I TOLD him now to stick his fingers in there. There was a sign on the cage saying "I BITE!" What do you think he does? Sticks his finger right in there!
"That bird bite me!" He says.
"Duh. I told you not to stick your finger in there!" He just laughed. It must not have hurt too bad.
Well I'm about to pack Bro's stuff and wait on Eric to come home! We will probably leave tonight. I WILL get to go by Just 4 Keeps tomorrow! We have to get our vehicles and don't even think I'm not stoppin' by! ;)
I probably won't post until Monday or Tuesday. :( If I just can't stand it or something happens I just have to share...I'll post at Eric's Mom's house. Otherwise tata 'til Monday! Have a HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes Your Highness

That came out of Brodey's mouth today. Don't you even ask me where that came from. I have no idea. He had to have heard it on a cartoon...or maybe Eric said it under his breath. LOL It happened today when we were in the scrapbook room and Brodey wanted to watch a movie.
"Turn the power on. You know how to do that."
He sits there and pushes the power button over and over.
I'm like "Don't do that!!! You are going to break the tv!"
"Yes your highness." My mouth drops to the floor.
He says it all sweet is what makes me laugh my butt off. Now if he had said it smart like I would have....well it wouldn't have been pretty. I couldn't even believe that came out of his mouth.
Then I put his pillow down so he could watch his movie (secretly hoping he would fall asleep) and it's flat.
"It's too flat." He says. "I can't see the tv."
I go and get a little pillow off the chair and stick it underneath. "Is that better?"
"Perfect Mommy."
I would have walked to the end of the Earth to get that pillow just to hear that one!
Later on I was in here on the computer and I told him to go get his juice. He walks out the door and yells down the hall "What you doin' dragon?"
I starting CRACKING up! Then I felt bad because he came back in the office with that shy smile on his face. I said "What was that dragon doing?"
He says "I don't know I can't find him." Hahahaha!!!! Constant entertainment that boy! I didn't tell his Daddy about that last one. Bro likes to pretend to cook me stuff and let me eat it and Eric is worried about his "pretending." I'm like "Maybe if you pretended more as a child you would be more ENTERTAINING." Of course I'm kidding and he knows I'm kidding because he usually just laughs and jokes back.
He also laughs when I run into things. I seriously am afraid there is somthing wrong with my brain. I ran into three door frames today. A DOOR frame for crap's sake. How do you not see a door frame? I am always in awe at how I can run into the dumbest things. I either just don't pay attention or something is seriously wrong with my brain.
Oh I have to share my Uppercase Living design I did tonight! I have been wanting a monogram to go on one of Brodey's walls and I finally sat down and designed it today on the UL site. It's so easy and kind of fun! I took a pic of it with my camera. The expression I designed is two sets of letters in two colors and it's about 16x13 inches. The whole thing is only $9.95! If you want to design your own, go to my website in the upper lefthand corner of my blog under my profile. That links you to my site.
ALSO!!!! I will be placing an order next week. Probably on Wednesday. If you want anything LET ME KNOW!!! I won't have to charge you shipping if I can drop it off at Just 4 Keeps for you or if I can give it to you in person. If you live far away, I estimated someone's shipping at $4.50. Not bad! You can look at all the products on my site! E-mail me your order at!
Look at this terd! Can you believe this was taken in JANUARY? He looks little younger but not 8 months younger! Time sure flies, doesn't it?
Okay I'm getting off of here. I'm going to go pack so I don't have to do it tomorrow. We are going to the lake this weekend! YEEHA!!! Maybe I will get back some of that tan that is long gone! Wishful thinking. At least we get to ride the Taco!
Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Long Pizza....Sad to See You Go!

Well Eric finally threw the pizza away. I was sad to see it go. It was starting to get pretty fun! I'm not sure he totally grasped the meaning of the Pizza Saga, but it was fun while it lasted! I have to say that if he hadn't thrown it away the pizza's next stop was on his snooze button! Hahahaha!!!
I have been letting Brodey dress himself lately. Or at least have a say in what he wears. (I know I'm asking for it.) But honestly I really don't care what he wears as long as it's clean and ironed. Sometimes me wear his yellow and black rainboots. Sometimes it's the hoodie with the hood up in 90 degree weather. So what! I promise you what non-matching clothes he is wearing are cute! I mean he wouldn't make it on Project Runway, but I daresay he might make it on the cover of Field and Stream! LOL Here is a sampling of his ensembles this week.
<- "This 90 degree weather is so chilly a hood just isn't going to be enough!"

<- "Princess Jasmine meets super P.O.'d Bob the Builder."

<- "Be veeeewwwiiiee quiet. We aw hunting wabbits!" Can't you just hear me saying these things to his first girlfriend while I flip through the family album? HAHAHAHA!!!!
Now we don't go out in public without pants, mind you. BUT Brodey does try! His new favorite quote is "Daddy says I don't need pants."
"Yeah well do I look like Daddy?"
"Well put some pants on!" I say as I am laughing my butt off!

-> This is what he wore today to Lowe's. John Deere boots, camo pants and hat, and he started out wearing another shirt but we got this on in from Eskimo Joe's. He insisted on wearing it so I let him. He got some chuckles from the Lowe's workers and some flirts from the olders ladies! ;) Paint girl at Lowe' know who you are! Hahahaha!!!
Okay I will stop for tonight. I just love this blog! I think of things to talk about all day and I end up forgetting half of them by the time I post! I'm going to have to start writing them down!
It's midnight and I'm headed to bed!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Don't get too wasted on your 21st birthday! Oh wait that would mean I wouldn't exist. Okay have fun on your 31st! Hehe! ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Do men ever truly grow up? I don't think so. LOL
I can't even find the right word for how I am trying to describe Eric. Not lazy. Not childish. I'm just not sure. Eric has this habit of not doing the most simple tasks. I will wake and come in the kitchen in the morning after he has left for work and every cabinet door will be open. When I ask him why he can't close the doors he says "I didn't have time." Okay. He has been doing this since college.
I will walk into the bedroom after he has been digging for clothes and every drawer will be open. "He didn't have time to close them." Drives me nuts.
The other day he took Brodey, a guy he works with at the office, and his son to Bass Pro. He was eating some leftover pizza before he left and when I went into the bathroom to get ready I noticed he left the crust on the counter in the bathroom. Now you have to know that where he left the pizza is on the cabinet directly above the trash. I know. It bugged me too. Plus it's gross! BUT I didn't throw it away. I decided to see how long it would take for him to throw it away or IF he would even do it. He probably assumed I would do it. Um okay. Not this time buddy.
The evening rolls around. He comes back and takes another shower, goes to bed, and the pizza is still sitting there on the cabinet right above the trash can. It just got all over me. I knew he had to see it before he went to bed!
He charges his phone in the bathroom every night. I took the pizza and put it right on top of his iphone. There is no way for him to get his phone until he moved the pizza. Surely if he actually moves the pizza he will go ahead and throw it away! Right?
I wake up this morning and I just KNEW he had thrown the pizza away. I went straight into the bathroom and the pizza was sitting on the counter AGAIN!!! I was like oh no he didn't!
I took the pizza, opened his underwear drawer and put it right on top of his underwear. He had to see it as soon as he opened the drawer.
I was so good and didn't mention it all day.
Tonight I just so happened to be standing there talking to him when he got out of the shower and opened the top drawer. I had actually forgotten about the pizza.
He's like "What in the world? Is this pizza in my drawer?"
I'm like "Yep. You're a quick one."
He laughs. "Why did you put it in my underwear drawer?"
I'm like "Why didn't you throw it away?" (I'm laughing but half serious.)
No answer from him.
The phone started ringing so I had to walk away. DARNIT!
I thought for SURE he would throw it away. He's no dummy! He's had enough school! Who wants pizza on the bedroom dresser? What the heck?
Tonight after dinner we brought up the pizza again. I can't remmeber how it started but I said "Did you not notice the pizza on your phone this morning?"
He was like "Hmmm OH YEAH! I did!" (He's laughing again.)
I said "Why didn't you throw it away?"
He said "I don't know!"
"When you didn't throw it away it made me mad so I put it in your underwear drawer."
He just laughed and went to sit by Brodey.
I said "You finally threw it away...right?"
He was like "Yeah. (smile) Yeah."
He went to bed and JUST NOW I washed my face and walked by the dresser and it was STILL THERE!!!!! (Now I dont want you to think my house looks nasty with food everywhere. I keep it pretty darn clean! I am just trying to drive a point home. He's obviously a slow learner.)
So anyway I'm angry but a little amused. I'm mad at him for expecting ME to clean up after him but I'm laughing because I'm having fun attempting to teach him a lesson.
I take the pizza and put it on top of the soap HE uses in the shower. HAHAHAHAA!!!!! I can't wait to see what he says tomorrow. I only half want him to throw it away now. It's just too fun! He might realize I'm making fun of him now and go ahead and throw it away. I hope he sees it before he turns on the water! YUCK!!! He will probably get mad and get a new bar of soap! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh gosh it's too funny!
Okay I will let you know how the pizza saga ends.
I'm going to bed. This pizza girl's tired!

The Mystery is Solved!

It was Lisa!!! I'm so glad you told me! I was milking my mom for any clues she could give me and I just couldn't figure out who it was!!! They didn't think you were a stalker! LOL It's happened to me before, but not to them! They thought it was hilarious! I wish I had been with them so I could have met you! :( Hopefully I will meet you some day!
I can rest now that the mystery is solved! I need a Scooby Snack! Haha!

Monkeys, Rain, & Sam's Oh My!

Well I'm back. You knew I would be. It was a busy weekend. I was hoping for quiet and relaxing. Nope.
Friday I did not finish the laundry room. Eric DID go get me a ladder! And he DID save $10! He was so proud! ;) I didn't finish because I met my parents in Tulsa. They had to go to Sam's and get some things for the store. I thought I would go up early and stop by the scrapbook convention. I wasn't going to make a trip to go, but since Mom and Dad were coming I thought why not? BAD IDEA!
On Thursday when I went and got my paint at Lowe's Bro was SO good. I didn't have to put the leash on him (it's a monkey backpack with a long tail which I guess is a leash since when I take him to Petsmart the cashiers try to give him puppy snacks) and he did so well. He stayed right with me and didn't give me one second of trouble. I was thinking (I know I shouldn't do that) that maybe...just maybe...he would be good at the convention. WRONG. Boy was I wrong. He was HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I have no idea why. He never acts like that in public but he was so bad. I was so embarrassed. I saw people I knew (sorry about the bad little boy) and I couldn't do anything. I'm sure all the women in there were wondering "What was she THINKING?" Well I'll tell you. I was actually thinking that my kid would behave. I was wrong okay? I was able to go to 2 booths and I left. I gave up. It wasn't worth it.
As soon as I got him in the car seat he fell asleep. Surprised? Me neither. Luckily my parents felt pity for me so I ran back in when they got to Sam's. I left Brodey with them and I went back. I left with two sacks. I'm laughing right now because all that for 2 bags.
I went back to one booth and the guy was like "Oh! You're back huh? We were just laughing about your son."
I'm like "Glad SOMEONE thinks it's funny."
He said "Oh I have a two year old and we thought it was hilarious! It's a monkey! Hahahaha!!!"
I was like "HUH?"
He said "Oh you were so mad you probably don't remember. The lady standing behind you asked if that was a backpack on his back and he turned to her and said "It's a monkey" like she was an idiot! Hahahahaha!!!"
I had to laugh. I couldn't even remember that happening. Thank goodness people have a sense of humor! I sure didn't at that time!
So I go back to Sam's and he is acting like my normal little Brodey. Maybe scrapbook conventions turn him into a monster? Or maybe Eric bribed him to act like that in hopes that I would leave and not spend any money? That sounds right.
I did get back to Sam's and Mom and Dad said that someone recognized Brodey. She said they read my blog. Okay! Fess up! Who was it that saw Brodey? I'm dying to know! I was quizzing her and I couldn't figure it out from her clues! :)
Whomever you are you probably noticed that Brodey LOVES Sam's. I think it's because my Dad lets him "help" him load up groceries. Bro gets to walk around and they let him push the flat cart. This is funny because it's almost so heavy I can't push it! LOL But Bro's favorite part is loading up! I have always hated this part the most. I've been going for 20 years with them to Sam's and it still stinks loading up. I took a pic of Bro in the back of the Tahoe on all the pop. He cracks me up!
Well we finally got vehicles! BUT I won't have mine until Saturday. I got a sporty Tahoe. It's fun and it will haul all my good flea market finds! I'm pretty excited about that! That took up all day Saturday. It was a bummer because I didn't get to stay long at Just 4 Keeps. I did get to eat some AWESOME food, though! (Eric still doesn't know, by the way! Hehe!) I am dying to know who made the oriental salads! There was one with peanuts and one with sunflower seeds. I want the recipes SO BAD!!!
Today was kind of a weird day. I had all these things planned to do and it just didn't happen. I DID, however, get the laundry room done! I am SO happy with how it turned out.In the photos I took you can't really tell what color it is. It's a shade of purple that makes my tiles and formica look SO much better. I HATED the tile. Well okay hate is pretty strong....I just wouldn't have picked it out. It took me a while to choose the shade I wanted. I had to get several paint samples and try to see which one looked the best with the tile and formica. I'm so happy with the color I chose!Good thing cause it ain't gettin' painted again for a long time! :) I probably should have waited until I finished decorating before I posted pics. Oh well. I have to wait a while to put up my Uppercase Living expressions. I'm afraid I will mess up the paint if I do it too soon. They will look SO good! They will be white on my purple wall! SO cool!
So at today we were going to just chill at the house and maybe swim. It was SO hot! I was standing up at the sink cleaning up breakfast and I thought I heard a clap of thunder. I thought no way. I look up out the patio doors and it is POURING down rain. What? Where did that come from? It poured off and on for at least an hour. It popped up out of nowhere. It rained hard enough that we lost satellite reception and it filled the pool back up! Eric was happy he didn't have to pay to put more water in it. LOL The pic at the top of the post is of the rain. It actually got a little scary at one point. I have a pic, but I can't find it.
I'm going to have to share the rest of the weekend happenings and pics tomorrow. So I guess this be continued. Didn't you hate when sitcoms would do that? Like Saved by the Bell? So annoying.
I started this post at 12:30 and it's 1:20. I better go to bed so I can get up in the morning.
Until tomorrow!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Post

Okay doke. No pics on this post...sorry. I meant to post longer and post pics but I'm so tired. My back is hurting, my feet are hurting, and I'm ready for bed!
I've been wanting to paint my laundry room for a long time. Today I finally did it. Well I'm not done so technically I guess I STARTED it today. DANG it's one of the toughest things I've painted! I am a super effecient and fast painter too! Just ask my Momma! LOL She LOVES to paint. I mean REALLY loves to paint! Just ask my Daddy! Hahahaha! I had to!
Anyway my Mom loves to paint and I've always been the sucker that gets to help. So needless to say I'm pretty experienced. The luandry room kicked my butt. I started at 4 and didn't stop until 11:30. I barely used my roller. It was pretty much all by hand. Plus Eric was supposed to get me a ladder to reach and he didn't. I need an 8 foot ladder. The 6 foot ladder we have doesn't cut it in this house. Whomever built it must have been the Jolly Green Giant because the ceilings are WAY up there.
Eric actually went to get one today at Lowe's and he said he has to wait until tomorrow because the guy said they will go on sale. I am literally laughing out loud as I type this. That's so typical of Eric. Wait until tomorrow when I needed the ladder today, make another trip to Lowe's, and save 10 bucks. Whatever.
To try to make up for it I put the step ladder on top of the counter in the laundry room to get to the top. Hahaha! I'm up there on the counter on the stepladder thinking "Phew if Meme could only see me now." She would FREAK!!! It worked for most of it, but I have places I can't reach in there. Like the top of the wall behind the toilet. YES we have a toilet in the laundry room and it is the most used! Surprise! Too much information? Too bad! LOL
So anyway the laundry room looks so much better. I'll post a pic tomorrow. I wish I would have taken a before pic. Oh well.
I'm off to bed.

OH GOSH! I forgot to add! In the middle of painting I come in to check my mail and I had a layout requested by Simple Scrapbooks! YEAH!!! Look for a layout of mine in the Jan/Feb issue! Yippeee!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

If These Walls Could Talk...

Well mine can! LOL I got another order in today from Uppercase Living! I was so excited! I had to put a couple of them up! The first one I put up was the one I bought to go on the vent hood of my stove. I have this massive beast of a stove and I thought an expression would look perfect up there. It gets pretty darn hot, so we will have to see how it holds up! It says "Kitchen the Heart of the Home."
The second one I put up is a little one I got to go on the door of my pantry. It looks like it was made to go there! I'm SO happy how it turned out! Wood has been the easiest place to apply them. The stainless steel vent hood took me a long time. If I had someone to help me, it would have gone so much quicker! I was in a hurry, though!
I also got in the enormous one for Brodey's room. I'll HAVE to have help for that one. My parents promise they are going to come tomorrow. I might have to recruit my Mom to help me! I'm waiting to paint my laundry room before putting the one up in there. I'll be placing another order soon for more stuff I want! Let me know if you want anything! The link to the catalog is in my link list! E-mail me at!
Oh AWESOME news to share!!!! I will have something in the Basic Grey September newsletter! This is a pretty big deal! I'm so excited! I can't share what it is yet, but if you don't get their newsletter and you REALLY should! It's always packed with cute ideas! I have been using their products since I first started. If I had to only choose one company's supplies to use forever it would be their's! So obviously I'm pretty stoked about this!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!
Okay enough celebrating! I'm headed to bed! I hope my parents get to come tomorrow! I'm lonely! :(
Have a good night!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I got workin' to do!

Today was an uneventful day. So nice. We didn't leave the house. It rained some and it was so nice outside. The wind was kind of cool, but it was nice.
I actually got up one of my Uppercase Living expressions! I LOVE how it turned out! I have a few vines up in the entryway, but I didn't order enough. I'm waiting on the rest to get here. I can't wait! The UPS man came today and I was so pumped because I thought he would have my Uppercase Living order. Nope. Just the bedskirt I ordered from Pottery Barn. It looks SO good in Brodey's room. Do you know how hard it is to find a bedskirt for a daybed? Don't even ask. So I was happy to get that, but sad it wasn't my order.
Brodey's new phrase is "I got workin' to do." He gets himself all dressed, gets his tools, and acts like he is working on something.
Tonight I went out to help Eric take the boards off the new freezer and Brodey says "Righty tighty Dad."
Eric looks at me and says "Where did he learn that?"
I'm like "He got it from his Momma!" HAHAHAHA!!!
I told Brodey several weeks ago when he was playing with his tools "righty tighty, lefty loosey!" I can't believe he remembered!
Tonight he crawled up on the couch with me and he said "I want covers too."
I said "Okay" and covered him up.
Two seconds later he pats his legs and says "Look Mom we match. We match with this blanket. Your legs are covered and my leg are covered!" He's so cute!!! Hehe!
Man it's dark out tonight. It has been a full moon the last couple of nights and now no moon. It gets so super dark out here. At my parent's house they have a night light on the electric pole. I guess Lake Region Electric doesn't do that. LOL Eric won't walk anywhere at night without his gun and super humongo light. The very first night we all got here with the UHauls I had to walk around the house with not one light on to get the key on the back porch. It was PITCH black. I had only even been to the house once and that was during the day. Eric made me go, of course. I had no idea where I was going and it was pretty freaky.
The other day after we dropped Madyson off at the dorms Brodey and I drove by the Murrell Home in Tahlequah. It was pretty cool. I knew about it before because I love old houses and history. Apparently this one is pretty well known. It looks so cool. When we went by it was closed, but I'm going to go before it gets cold. You can tour it and there's pretty park. Maybe I'll take some pics of Brodey there! Or JENNIFER! If you ever get to come maybe I'll take the girls' pics there!
Jen and the girls were supposed to come tomorrow and stay the night. I'm SO SO SO bummed it isn't going to happen. It's been raining here off and on and the pool is freezing. So maybe it will warm up enough before summer's over to heat the pool up a little! I'm waiting on you girls! :)
Okay I'm outta here! I'm tired!

Your WHAT did WHAT!?!

That is what my mom says when I tell her what happened tonight.
So Brodey and Eric went to see the dogs and I decided to vacuum. Vacuums make Eric nervous..I know don't ask. So I waited until they left. Thank goodness.
I was on my knees vacuuming under the couch cushions and the vacuum EXPLODED. I mean really exploded! The back part that releases back with the handle on it slams back and hits me right in the head! Then the stupid thing is going nuts, shaking, smoking, and making a terrible sound. As soon as I stand up the posessed vacuum whacks me in the knee. I wasn't sure if I should unplug it or turn it off. I was kind of scared of it! I had to actually flip it over to get to the switch because it was going NUTS! I wish I had it on video! I got it turned off and I was shaking so bad! Smoke was everywhere and it had that horrible electric burn smell. All could think was THANK GOODNESS Eric and Bro weren't in there! LOL They would both have a fear of vacuums for the rest of their life!
When Eric got in I told him what happened. I really don't think he would have believed me if I hadn't had a red and bruising knee, a knot on my head, and a stinky living room! Do these things happen to other people? I think I ask myself that question at least a couple of times a week! Then after I ask myself I ask my mom. She says probably not. So the vacuum is out in the garage. At least I'll get a new one out of the ordeal!
One of the things I love about Tahlequah is Bear Creek that runs through town. It's so cool. It's a pretty and clear creek. It's shallow in most areas and there is a park on it in town. Kids get in all the time. The current is pretty swift, but it's only about up to Brodey's knees or thighs in most parts. There is a restaurant on it called Town Branch. You can sit outside and it overlooks the creek. We ate there on Friday and we took Brodey to the creek afterwards.
Brodey was dying to get in so we let him. I usually make sure I have a towel in the car before we go. It had been raining alot lately and that cools the water down quite a bit. It was about half a second and he came running right back out! LOL "It's COLD!!!!" he said. It was so funny! UNTIL he kicked his Croc off into the creek. Eric's pansy butt wasn't about to go in after it so who do you think got to? ME! Luckily I had a dress on and flip flops. Luckily the show got stuck on a rock or I would have been running down the bank after it! The water was freezing cold. My legs felt like icicles. So much for my clean shave!
After the little jaunt in the creek we headed to good 'ole Wal-Mart. I am not kidding when I say every single time I go into that place at least one person I have never met before in my life comes up and talks to me. Every time. I have a perfect track record. This night not one but TWO elderly men asked me where something was. They were very nice, but I can't figure out why they do this.
Sunday I went BACK to Wal-Mart with Madyson to get some things before she went back to her dorm room. The greeter lady just strikes up a conversation with me. Okay. Yes I'm sure her great grandson are a hoot, but why do you want to tell me?
Then today a lady in the produce sections asks me what she should substitute jalepenos for. What? She's twice my age! Why would I know that? That's too bad that when your recipe actually calls for jalepenos they aren't to be found! But why ask me what to substitute them for?
I'm not trying to be mean! I promise! I really don't mind. People walking by always look at me and smile that smile like "Do you know that person?" I'm usually not in a hurry so I don't mind! But why do people talk to me? Lost kids somehow always find me. I can tell anyone where something is! I can reach most things on the shelf for you. I just think it's so funny. I need a reality show. Then people would believe me!
Okay enough. I'll stop now and go to bed. Hopefully my parents will get to come and see us tomorrow. I'm going to kidnap them so we will have visitors all the time! Okay I'm kidding....sort of.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is why...

Okay bloggers. This is why you should post every day. I just read my last post which was on Friday. I said I had a crazy day. I have no idea what happened on Friday. I wish I could remember. Maybe it will come back to me, but right now I'm drawing a blank. So THAT'S why you (and me) should post every day!
I had a BLAST teaching on Saturday. I always do! The peeps that take my class are always awesome! I would teach every day if I could!
Eric was SUPPOSED to go with me on Saturay so we could look at or possible get me a car. Nope. Didn't happen. He said he wanted to sleep in. Okay. He called me at 9:45 to ask if the Count Chocula was good.
I'm like "I thought you were sleeping in."
He says "well I did."
"Usually sleeping in to you is after the clock gets to double digits. You should have gotten your butt up and come with me."
He says "yeah I know."
SO frustrating. There goes another weekend where we got nothing done on the vehicle situation. Whatever.
Which reminds me of Brodey's new word. Whatever. He does a little hand flip with it too. I guess I say that too much. LOL
I got so homesick Saturday. I went to some of my old haunts. I stopped by Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, and Quail Springs Mall. So depressing. If you live in Edmond PLEASE appreciate where you live! I miss it SO much. I think I got depressed because it felt like being back at home. Tahlequah doesn't feel like home yet. It's hard to describe. I'm feeling better now. The homesickness will improve with time.
Madyson, my sister-in-law, moved into her dorm room this weekend. She starts NSU tomorrow. She was so nervous. Her roomate seemed so nice, though. She's lucky. My roomate at OU was a PSYCHO. Okay maybe she wasn't crazy...okay maybe she was a little. LOL I guess that's the risk you take when you go pot luck on the roomate situation! She's only 10 miles away from us if things get crazy!
My computer is going SO SLOW so it won't let me upload the pics I want to. We need a new one so badly. We bought this one in 2003, but in computer years it's ancient. We are getting a new one soon. We found one we want at Best Buy, but it takes about 3 more trips for Eric to actually buy it. It's true. Sad, but true.
Well he's actually due back from Holdenville any minute so I better get get off here. I'll post the pics tomorrow!
Have a good night!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Too Tired

Okay I'm sorry. I'm too tired to post. It was a crazy day. I'll elaborate tomorrow when I get back from doing what I love most! I teach my scrap class at Just 4 Keeps tomorrow!!!! I'm only teaching one so I'll actually get to shop! I'm pretty excited!
I'm off to finish packing my stuff!
Have an awesome Saturday and I'll update tomorrow with pics!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love...I Hate

I don't watch TV during the day. Brodey has dibs on it and I'm not into Little Bear, Maggie, Backyardigans, or Diego. Nightime is my TV time. When Brodey falls asleep I hit LIST and all of my favorite recorded episodes are there for me to watch and fast forward through commercials. :)
I LOVE Shear Genius! I was a loyal fan of season 1, and season 2 is pretty good! Daniel is my fave this season! I would SO let him do my hair! (Don't tell Mike! HEHE!)
Another one of my faves is Project Runway! Season 5 is on now. I have watched since season 2. I love it because it's so inspiring! I want to scrapbook after every episode! LOL
My other DVR faves are 90210. I am 20 episodes behind. I know I know. I'll catch up some day! I also like I Love Money on VH1. It cracks me up!
Okay enough TV talk. I got my new address stamp in from Sweet Paperie and I LOVE it! I know several of you wanted to know how I liked it once I got it in! It is excellent quality and it is exactly how I wanted it! It came in super cute packaging, too! Only one of my bills has the option of auto debit. So I get the pleasure of mailing most of my bills. My new little stamp makes it a little more fun! ;)
Another thing I love is living out here. I really do. There are a ton of things I miss, but I love it here. EXCEPT when I am woken up by BOB WHITE. BOB WHITE. I SWEAR that stupid quail was sitting on top of Eric's head screaming BOB WHITE into my ear. I am totally serious when I say I could have killed the stupid bird with my bare hands. I (clearly) get very angry when things disturb my sleep.
Like the stupid Army base that shoots unknown weapons all night long. I think Eric told me it's called Camp Gruber. It's so far away and there are hills between us but you can still hear it. I wonder if it's what it sounds like for the troops in Iraq. Well except I'm not fearing for my life. They sometimes shoot all night long. The first time I heard it I thought someone was dragging their driveway. (Okay where I live my parents have a dirt/gravel driveway and my dad had to drag it with the box blade on the tractor to smooth it out. Thank goodness our driveway is paved.) So anyway the "dragging" went on for hours. I thought man either they have a really messed up driveway or it's something else. Eric finally told me what it was. It's so loud and sometimes they blow stuff up. Freaky.
Gosh I love walking down the driveway to get the mail with Brodey. When it gets nasty and cold we are either going to have to bundle up or quit doing it. That makes me sad to think of the things we will have to stop doing. It's going to be a challenge to think of new things to do in the house. We don't have Quail Springs Mall a few miles away anymore! So sad!
Okay I am off to bed now. The racoons woke Eric up in the middle of the night last night. We have a baker's rack outside by our bedroom windows that holds the pool stuff. Well it also holds the corn cobs we put up in the woods for the squirrels. The racoons found them and were having a late night snack...on the TOP of the baker's rack!!! Eric had to make them leave. Which reminds me he didn't bring them in like I asked him to. Geez. Off to do that and then off to bed! Hopefully no racoons or quail will disturb my sleep! Haha!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here you go Mumu!

Okay here he is Mumu! I had to post these pics because Brod and Rene were at home and I couldn't wait for them to see Brodey's hair! LOL The top photo is his before shot, the middle is well the middle, and the last photo is his after.
Do you notice that it's sunny when we started and not sunny when we were done? That's because in the middle Brodey decided to stop cooperating. FUN. He ran off and all Eric had done was buzz off the middle. He looked like a little old man with a balding middle and long sides. It was so freaking hilarious that I couldn't even walk or hold the video camera to take pictures! Eric was laughing so hard he couldn't keep his hand steady to finish!
We finally got done and Brodey took a dunk in the pool to get the hair off before coming in and taking an actual bath. He looks pretty cute. My mom suggested that I glue his cut hair on his chin so he would look like Uncle Mike. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well that hair was all in the grass and is NASTY. So I'm searching for a washable marker to draw on a goatee. LOL Uncle Mike might get a kick out of that!
I promised I would post more and I will! I'm off to finish cleaning house!