Sunday, September 30, 2012

Once you go Mac...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it's been so long since I have posted! I have been beyond busy!
As most of you know I started taking taking pictures again almost exactly this time last year! It has been a very, very busy year! This is a GREAT thing and I am so thankful for all of my clients, but being so busy has caused my poor blog to suffer! It used to be something I enjoyed doing, but as I got busier I just didn't have the time for it! I would LOVE to start posting again. I go back and read my blog and there are so many things that I wouldn't remember if I hadn't blogged about them! My goal is to blog at least every other week! We will see how that goes! ;)
A few weeks ago I got a new computer! SO excited! The hubby had tried to talk me into getting a Mac back when we purchased my previous computer, but I knew what I wanted and at the time didn't want to transition. Well the other computer kicked the bucket and this time I was much more open to switching. All I have to say is once you go never look back! ;) It's so easy to use and is light speeds faster than my PC as far as editing photos! I LOVE it! Oh and so does Brodey. He hopped right on it and started using it like a pro! Crazy. His favorite is the Photo Booth.

That's my lovely family. I'm thinking this is Christmas card material. Hehe! We have fun with it!
Brodey is a big 1st grader now. Sad how fast time goes by! It seems like I was just sending him to preschool for 3 hours and day and thinking wow what will I do!?!?! HA!
Well it feels so good to blog! Aw!
I have to go now and do photo stuffs! If you haven't already you can visit me on Facebook! April Massad Photography!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll!

It's FALL! Fall is beautiful, but I have to be honest. I really don't like it that much. I get sick (cough cough cough all night) and it leads to winter. But if you have ever read my blog you know that. ;)
At least fall is a beautiful time for pics! (I'm taking pictures again in case you didn't know) I'm actually running a special right now! The trees are PERFECT at my house right now! I want everyone to be able to come and take advantage! So I'm doing Fall Mini Sessions! The lovely leaves do not last long here in Oklahoma! So the special only lasts until November 18th. If you have any more questions or to schedule call/text me at (405)816-6462 or email me at!
So Brodey is Bumblebee from Transformers this year. I have to say I think his costume is pretty cool!
He really wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog, but it was all sold out. I searched all over and I could only find it on Ebay for like $90. Sure! Like that's going to happen! So Bumblebee it was!
I pulled it on him this morning and it ripped right at the waist. We were already running late so I had to take it off of him and sew it back up. Thank goodness for my sewing machine! I don't think staples would have felt too great! ;)
If you are going to be in Tahlequah tomorrow you should come by and see me! Bring at least 2 cans of food to The Scrappin Pad's 2nd Location Open House, I'll take your little ghost or goblin's picture, and you get a free 4x6! (You can order additional prints online)
Scrappin Pod Open House
Saturday October 29
3pm - 5pm
609 W Delaware
Tahlequah, OK
Well friends! I'm off to clean the house! It has been neglected the last few days!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food for days!

Food for days! And it only tastes better!
Have you ever eaten at Chipotle? (Yes it's the restaurant with the hot stock lol) Well it's REAL good and I have found a recipe that comes pretty close to the chicken they serve there! You can totally vary it depending on what you like/dislike. I put peppers and onlions in practically every dish I make! If you don't like them don't add them!
This dish is made in the crockpot and only takes about 2.5 hours total. If you are workin' momma it would be great if your crockpot had a timer you could set! Dinner ready when you get home!

Crockpot Mexican Chicken
6 boneless skinless chicken breasts, quartered
1 can gold and white corn, drained (regular corn will work but this stays crunchy)
1 can black beans (rinsed and drained)
1 jar (at least 2 cups) of your favorite salsa (I like the Wal-Mart World Table Salsa Casera)
Onions and green bell peppers (optional)
Fajita Chicken Seasoning (optional)

Pour the beans, corn, and 1 cup of the salsa into the crockpot. Stir together.
Lay the seasoned chicken breasts quarters on top. Lay your sliced onions and peppers on top of the chicken and pour the remaining salsa on top.
Cook on high for at least 2 hours or until chicken is done.
Take chicken breasts out of crockpot and shred with a fork. Mix the shredded chicken back in the crockpot and heat for an addional 30 minutes or until ready to eat!
Yes my friends it is that easy. I made this Monday night and we are still eating it! It's so good and it's even better after the flavors have mingled for a while!
We ate it on tortillas with some lime, cilantro, lettuce, sour cream, and cheese. I made Brodey a quesadilla with the meat. It would be awesome in a taco salad!
It's the perfect weeknight meal! We even thought it would be awesome at a party as a dip with chips!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crop OR Shop for a Cure!

Do you scrapbook?
Do you like to shop?
Do you want to support the fight for cancer?
I'll bet you answered yes to at least one of those questions! If you did you need to come to the 12 Hour Scrapbooking Crop October 8 hosted by the Pink Pearls Relay for Life Team! It's gonna be FUN!
I was supposed to attend and do a Make 'n Take, but I'll be in Texas that day! I'm sad! I love to see everyone and there will be a TON of vendors there!
Serendipity Retreat Store from Tulsa
Scrappin Pad Retreat
31 Gifts
Close to My Heart - Doing Workshops
Lia Sophia
Creative Memories
Pampered Chef
Cookie Lee Jewelry
Chicken Creek Hen House Retreat
Mary Kay
Stampin Up
and more!
What a list! I'm so sad I'm going to miss it!
If you aren't a scrapbooker they would love to have you stop by and shop or even make a donation!
If you are a business that is interested in attending the crop or dontaing items for the auction, please contact Bobbie at! She would love to have you!
I'll be donating scrapbook goodies as well as a free photo session! FUN!
If you will be in town that weekend please stop by! Or if your hubby will be glued to the tv for the OU/TX game head on down for some fun girl time!
The flyer is to the left! Click on it to enlarge it!
Hope you can make it!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!!!

Santa came early for me this year. Yes he did. I got two things I have wanted for years. That's no joke.
The first is WiFi! Yes I know! I'm jumping up and down and you probably are too because you won't have to hear me complain about HughesNet anymore! (Yes my eye still twitches when I think about them.) That means I can actually post photos on Facebook instead of having to wait until the 1am free zone! Yippee!!!
And the other is HUGE! I mean HUGE!
Do you see that!?! That's my NEW CAMERA!!! I'm so excited that I snapped this unflattering photo of me with my new baby because I just had to share! Eeeek!
I have been waiting for this for a very long time. Most of you know that back when I had Brodey I went down to less than part time taking pics. I don't regret that at all! I have been SO lucky the last 5 years to be able to stay home with Brodey!
These last 5 years I have kept going to classes, events, workshops, and stayed in the loop! A couple of years ago I attended an awesome photography workshop and I got to chitchat with the Canon guy. He wrote down the equipment I needed on the back of his business card and I've kept it up on a shelf ever since. It's all wrinkled and kind of stained from me looking at it often. Last week I finally got to take it down and USE it. I can't tell you how excited I am!
I have all sorts of fun stuff coming in! The UPS guy is like enough already!

I know many of you will be as excited as I am and I've already talked to several of you! If you are seriously interested about booking a session send me an email at!
Besides! Bro is sick of being my model! ;) But he's such a sweet one!
Anywho! Thanks for sharing in my excitement and thanks to all of you that have stuck with my through the years!
I'm going to go off and continue my happy dance now!
Happy Monday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Fish Story

I love to fish. LOVE it. I used to want my own fishing show. I wanted to be "that girl with the fishing show." I wanted my name on a reel, t-shirts, hats....okay back to reality.
As I said I love to fish so you can imagine how excited I am that Brodey loves it too! If Eric goes, he goes. It's so fun to see him getting excited about being old enough to be Eric's fishing buddy!
Last weekend he and Eric went fishing at Wetumka Lake. Brodey was SO excited about trying out his brand new fishing rod. (I have photos of this, but it's going to be a scrapbook layout haha) He got a big boy rod and reel. He is an excellent caster for his age, which Eric really appreciates. They both get to fish at the same time!
So Brodey was throwing all day and he did catch some good sized Crappies, but towards the end of the day Eric told him to "throw over there by those stumps."
He did and Eric was messing with his reel not paying attention and Brodey said "I think I have something, Dad."
Eric said he looked up and there was a huge swirl and Brodey's line started pulling out. Eric said he KNEW it was a good sized fish and Brodey got a little nervous. Eric started telling Brodey to "REEL! No! No! Don't reel! REEL REEL! You got a big fish, Bro!!" (Now this is word for word from Brodey) Eric said Brodey reeled it in all by himself, and it even did the whole cool jump out of the water bit. When he finally got it reeled to the boat Eric grabbed it with the net and he took a pic! He said Brodey was SO proud! Eric said that he thought about keeping it and mounting it, but Brodey was adamant about throwing it back. ;) He didn't weigh it but he said it was close to 6lb. This makes me laugh because it weighs more than Brodey did when he was born! Bro only weighed 4.4lb haha!
It was a good and memorable fishing day for both boys! It was so much fun for me to hear them tell the story! They were both so proud! Oh and thank goodness for camera phones!
Well I'm off to put my fisherman Brodey in the bathtub! He just read me his site reading homework. It's crazy to see him recognize words! I love it!
Have a wonderful Monday night!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

I "mustache" you a question...

Are you having a relaxing Labor Day weekend?
Hahahaha! This pic makes me laugh so hard! Sometimes after school we stop at the gas station down the road from his school and I let him pick out some snacks. Well Thursday he chose a Grape Crush. I yelled at him to come into the scrapbook room and as soon as I saw him I busted out laughing. He looked so funny with his grape mustache that I told him to make a goofy face as I took a pic with my phone. It's so Zoolander I love it!
So I hope your weekend has been great and I hope you got a giggle out of the mustache pic!