Friday, July 22, 2011

Bye Bye Baby Tooth

Oh my. Yesterday was eventful.
First I get an angry phone call from Eric about how some lady was in the one lane toll booth with no money, he got out to give her 50 cents, and his truck was in reverse and totally bent back his door. As I type that I realize I don't really know exactly what happened there. All I know is the lady didn't even say thank you. He was mad.
Then last night Brodey pulled his tooth out. Yep. He's a BIG BOY now.
It has been hurting him for a while. Every time he eats it puts pressure on the tooth underneath it.
We even made his little Tooth Fairy box to be prepared. So cute.
Last night, though, was the last straw. I made corn on the cob and he couldn't eat it. I had to cut it off for him. Ugh he was mad.
So he wiggled on it all day and when Daddy got home he put some good prescription numbing gel on it. (Daddy is luckily a dentist) He got a paper towel and I got my iPhone.

I just could not believe my little baby just pulled his tooth out.
I mean did I NOT just take this picture!?!?! I can't believe this was 2006. Geez.
I was freaking out a little bit. I'm freaking out a little bit right now!
Eric was freaked out too, but not for the same reason. He had put the numbing gel in his own mouth to see how strong it was and both of his lips and tongue was numb lol. It was funny.
SO glad I got it on video. My wittle boy is gwowing up. It's so sad.
He was excited about the Tooth Fairy though. I told him since he takes good care of his teeth and he did such a good job on his Tooth Fairy box that she would leave him money. BUT I had to negotiate for his tooth. I mean it is his first tooth and I have to keep it.
So the Tooth Fairy was kind and left $8. Oh and a note saying how proud she was of him and that he was doing a great job taking care of his teeth! He was thrilled.
Phew what a day! So glad it's Friday. The boys are outside swimming. Tomorrow we get to see Kerry, McKennah, Will, and Lola! We are SO EXCITED!!!!!
I'm off to cook dinner!
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When you are bored...

When you are bored you do silly things.
And take silly pictures of it...
with your iphone that needs to be upgraded.
These pieces are from the Brodey collection of fine handmade jewelry.
He's opening an Etsy shop.
I have a ceramic rooster that proudly displays his collection. Next to the rooster is our fish. The fish got a new home today. Brodey picked it out. Before you tell me how eeeeeevil Spongebob is I have to tell you that I watch it. I watch it with Brodey. GASP! He even has Spongebob pajamas! Pure eeeeevil!
I'm going now. It's hot. Too hot to swim even. That's pretty hot.
April :)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Sixth Fourth and SOB's

Well this Monday marks Brodey's sixth 4th of July!
When I put all the pics together it is amazing the difference each year makes! He is still the happy boy in each pic, but he is an older happier boy year after year. Here is last years.
If you have a baby this year I BEG you to start this tradition NOW! You will be so very happy that you did! I actually wanted to get him a gray t-shirt this year, but they didn't have one in his size. Oh well! I guess the gray shirt will always mark his very first 4th!
We will be headed to the lake this weekend! I'm so ready! It is gonna be HOT! Hopefully no rain although it was kind of neat to watch the fireworks last year with lightning in the sky behind it! Destiny and Jason get to hang with us, we get homemade ice cream Monday, and hopefully I will get some sort of tan. Mine is all gone. It doesn't stick around long.
I need to tell a little story before I leave you today. Sometimes when Brodey is hanging with the guys he tends to say things like darn or dang. I guess it makes him feel all tough and guy like. Sometimes Eric will say things like SOB or spell things when he is working outside or doing whatever it is guys do.
(I'm getting to the point I promise)
So the other day I was at the Scrappin Pad helping my friend Christie's daughter, Addie, make sorority gifts. I had to take Bro with me and after a while his "good" ran out. He was messing around with Addie and he says "SOB." We are all like WHAT!?!! I've heard Eric say it but never Brodey.
He says "What? What did I say?"
I'm like "Bro you can't say SOB. It's a bad word."
Christie says "Where did you hear that?"
"My Dad." He says and after I tell him he can't say it he says it a few more times and eventually forgets about it.
We go home that afternoon and he goes straight to his room and he's all quite. (Of course you moms know that that means go see what they are up to.) I sneak into his room and I see he has his Magnadoodle.
"Hey Bro whatcha doin?"
He starts laughing. I look down and this is what he has written.
So I'm laughing now.
"What in the world is that, Bro?"
He turns all serious.
"It's my naughty list. I wrote it down so I would know not to say it."
Oh man. It's sweet unless you know what a smart alec my kid is. ;)
Have a safe and fabulous fourth!