Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Is that what you are supposed to say on Monday? It's a holiday, right? So I guess that will be my phrase for Monday! HAPPY LABOR DAY! I might even sing it to the tune of Happy Birthday! LOL I'm pretty darn excited! I'm headed to the lake!
Today I had to take the dogs to the vet. MAN it's hard taking two dogs and a 2.5 year old! Especially when the main ROAD is all of 6 feet away from the back of the car! I was like WHOA! Talk about dangerous! I was so nervous one of the dogs would get off the leash or Brodey would dart out in the road. They did pretty well. I also have to say that my dogs mind better than my son. Well I was lucky today. Brodey was pretty good. The vet has a ton of cool animals in there to look at. It's kind of like a pet store where nothing is for sale. He was pretty occupied! He did get a little bite from one of the parrots. I TOLD him now to stick his fingers in there. There was a sign on the cage saying "I BITE!" What do you think he does? Sticks his finger right in there!
"That bird bite me!" He says.
"Duh. I told you not to stick your finger in there!" He just laughed. It must not have hurt too bad.
Well I'm about to pack Bro's stuff and wait on Eric to come home! We will probably leave tonight. I WILL get to go by Just 4 Keeps tomorrow! We have to get our vehicles and don't even think I'm not stoppin' by! ;)
I probably won't post until Monday or Tuesday. :( If I just can't stand it or something happens I just have to share...I'll post at Eric's Mom's house. Otherwise tata 'til Monday! Have a HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes Your Highness

That came out of Brodey's mouth today. Don't you even ask me where that came from. I have no idea. He had to have heard it on a cartoon...or maybe Eric said it under his breath. LOL It happened today when we were in the scrapbook room and Brodey wanted to watch a movie.
"Turn the power on. You know how to do that."
He sits there and pushes the power button over and over.
I'm like "Don't do that!!! You are going to break the tv!"
"Yes your highness." My mouth drops to the floor.
He says it all sweet is what makes me laugh my butt off. Now if he had said it smart like I would have....well it wouldn't have been pretty. I couldn't even believe that came out of his mouth.
Then I put his pillow down so he could watch his movie (secretly hoping he would fall asleep) and it's flat.
"It's too flat." He says. "I can't see the tv."
I go and get a little pillow off the chair and stick it underneath. "Is that better?"
"Perfect Mommy."
I would have walked to the end of the Earth to get that pillow just to hear that one!
Later on I was in here on the computer and I told him to go get his juice. He walks out the door and yells down the hall "What you doin' dragon?"
I starting CRACKING up! Then I felt bad because he came back in the office with that shy smile on his face. I said "What was that dragon doing?"
He says "I don't know I can't find him." Hahahaha!!!! Constant entertainment that boy! I didn't tell his Daddy about that last one. Bro likes to pretend to cook me stuff and let me eat it and Eric is worried about his "pretending." I'm like "Maybe if you pretended more as a child you would be more ENTERTAINING." Of course I'm kidding and he knows I'm kidding because he usually just laughs and jokes back.
He also laughs when I run into things. I seriously am afraid there is somthing wrong with my brain. I ran into three door frames today. A DOOR frame for crap's sake. How do you not see a door frame? I am always in awe at how I can run into the dumbest things. I either just don't pay attention or something is seriously wrong with my brain.
Oh I have to share my Uppercase Living design I did tonight! I have been wanting a monogram to go on one of Brodey's walls and I finally sat down and designed it today on the UL site. It's so easy and kind of fun! I took a pic of it with my camera. The expression I designed is two sets of letters in two colors and it's about 16x13 inches. The whole thing is only $9.95! If you want to design your own, go to my website in the upper lefthand corner of my blog under my profile. That links you to my site.
ALSO!!!! I will be placing an order next week. Probably on Wednesday. If you want anything LET ME KNOW!!! I won't have to charge you shipping if I can drop it off at Just 4 Keeps for you or if I can give it to you in person. If you live far away, I estimated someone's shipping at $4.50. Not bad! You can look at all the products on my site! E-mail me your order at!
Look at this terd! Can you believe this was taken in JANUARY? He looks little younger but not 8 months younger! Time sure flies, doesn't it?
Okay I'm getting off of here. I'm going to go pack so I don't have to do it tomorrow. We are going to the lake this weekend! YEEHA!!! Maybe I will get back some of that tan that is long gone! Wishful thinking. At least we get to ride the Taco!
Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Long Pizza....Sad to See You Go!

Well Eric finally threw the pizza away. I was sad to see it go. It was starting to get pretty fun! I'm not sure he totally grasped the meaning of the Pizza Saga, but it was fun while it lasted! I have to say that if he hadn't thrown it away the pizza's next stop was on his snooze button! Hahahaha!!!
I have been letting Brodey dress himself lately. Or at least have a say in what he wears. (I know I'm asking for it.) But honestly I really don't care what he wears as long as it's clean and ironed. Sometimes me wear his yellow and black rainboots. Sometimes it's the hoodie with the hood up in 90 degree weather. So what! I promise you what non-matching clothes he is wearing are cute! I mean he wouldn't make it on Project Runway, but I daresay he might make it on the cover of Field and Stream! LOL Here is a sampling of his ensembles this week.
<- "This 90 degree weather is so chilly a hood just isn't going to be enough!"

<- "Princess Jasmine meets super P.O.'d Bob the Builder."

<- "Be veeeewwwiiiee quiet. We aw hunting wabbits!" Can't you just hear me saying these things to his first girlfriend while I flip through the family album? HAHAHAHA!!!!
Now we don't go out in public without pants, mind you. BUT Brodey does try! His new favorite quote is "Daddy says I don't need pants."
"Yeah well do I look like Daddy?"
"Well put some pants on!" I say as I am laughing my butt off!

-> This is what he wore today to Lowe's. John Deere boots, camo pants and hat, and he started out wearing another shirt but we got this on in from Eskimo Joe's. He insisted on wearing it so I let him. He got some chuckles from the Lowe's workers and some flirts from the olders ladies! ;) Paint girl at Lowe' know who you are! Hahahaha!!!
Okay I will stop for tonight. I just love this blog! I think of things to talk about all day and I end up forgetting half of them by the time I post! I'm going to have to start writing them down!
It's midnight and I'm headed to bed!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Don't get too wasted on your 21st birthday! Oh wait that would mean I wouldn't exist. Okay have fun on your 31st! Hehe! ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Do men ever truly grow up? I don't think so. LOL
I can't even find the right word for how I am trying to describe Eric. Not lazy. Not childish. I'm just not sure. Eric has this habit of not doing the most simple tasks. I will wake and come in the kitchen in the morning after he has left for work and every cabinet door will be open. When I ask him why he can't close the doors he says "I didn't have time." Okay. He has been doing this since college.
I will walk into the bedroom after he has been digging for clothes and every drawer will be open. "He didn't have time to close them." Drives me nuts.
The other day he took Brodey, a guy he works with at the office, and his son to Bass Pro. He was eating some leftover pizza before he left and when I went into the bathroom to get ready I noticed he left the crust on the counter in the bathroom. Now you have to know that where he left the pizza is on the cabinet directly above the trash. I know. It bugged me too. Plus it's gross! BUT I didn't throw it away. I decided to see how long it would take for him to throw it away or IF he would even do it. He probably assumed I would do it. Um okay. Not this time buddy.
The evening rolls around. He comes back and takes another shower, goes to bed, and the pizza is still sitting there on the cabinet right above the trash can. It just got all over me. I knew he had to see it before he went to bed!
He charges his phone in the bathroom every night. I took the pizza and put it right on top of his iphone. There is no way for him to get his phone until he moved the pizza. Surely if he actually moves the pizza he will go ahead and throw it away! Right?
I wake up this morning and I just KNEW he had thrown the pizza away. I went straight into the bathroom and the pizza was sitting on the counter AGAIN!!! I was like oh no he didn't!
I took the pizza, opened his underwear drawer and put it right on top of his underwear. He had to see it as soon as he opened the drawer.
I was so good and didn't mention it all day.
Tonight I just so happened to be standing there talking to him when he got out of the shower and opened the top drawer. I had actually forgotten about the pizza.
He's like "What in the world? Is this pizza in my drawer?"
I'm like "Yep. You're a quick one."
He laughs. "Why did you put it in my underwear drawer?"
I'm like "Why didn't you throw it away?" (I'm laughing but half serious.)
No answer from him.
The phone started ringing so I had to walk away. DARNIT!
I thought for SURE he would throw it away. He's no dummy! He's had enough school! Who wants pizza on the bedroom dresser? What the heck?
Tonight after dinner we brought up the pizza again. I can't remmeber how it started but I said "Did you not notice the pizza on your phone this morning?"
He was like "Hmmm OH YEAH! I did!" (He's laughing again.)
I said "Why didn't you throw it away?"
He said "I don't know!"
"When you didn't throw it away it made me mad so I put it in your underwear drawer."
He just laughed and went to sit by Brodey.
I said "You finally threw it away...right?"
He was like "Yeah. (smile) Yeah."
He went to bed and JUST NOW I washed my face and walked by the dresser and it was STILL THERE!!!!! (Now I dont want you to think my house looks nasty with food everywhere. I keep it pretty darn clean! I am just trying to drive a point home. He's obviously a slow learner.)
So anyway I'm angry but a little amused. I'm mad at him for expecting ME to clean up after him but I'm laughing because I'm having fun attempting to teach him a lesson.
I take the pizza and put it on top of the soap HE uses in the shower. HAHAHAHAA!!!!! I can't wait to see what he says tomorrow. I only half want him to throw it away now. It's just too fun! He might realize I'm making fun of him now and go ahead and throw it away. I hope he sees it before he turns on the water! YUCK!!! He will probably get mad and get a new bar of soap! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh gosh it's too funny!
Okay I will let you know how the pizza saga ends.
I'm going to bed. This pizza girl's tired!

The Mystery is Solved!

It was Lisa!!! I'm so glad you told me! I was milking my mom for any clues she could give me and I just couldn't figure out who it was!!! They didn't think you were a stalker! LOL It's happened to me before, but not to them! They thought it was hilarious! I wish I had been with them so I could have met you! :( Hopefully I will meet you some day!
I can rest now that the mystery is solved! I need a Scooby Snack! Haha!

Monkeys, Rain, & Sam's Oh My!

Well I'm back. You knew I would be. It was a busy weekend. I was hoping for quiet and relaxing. Nope.
Friday I did not finish the laundry room. Eric DID go get me a ladder! And he DID save $10! He was so proud! ;) I didn't finish because I met my parents in Tulsa. They had to go to Sam's and get some things for the store. I thought I would go up early and stop by the scrapbook convention. I wasn't going to make a trip to go, but since Mom and Dad were coming I thought why not? BAD IDEA!
On Thursday when I went and got my paint at Lowe's Bro was SO good. I didn't have to put the leash on him (it's a monkey backpack with a long tail which I guess is a leash since when I take him to Petsmart the cashiers try to give him puppy snacks) and he did so well. He stayed right with me and didn't give me one second of trouble. I was thinking (I know I shouldn't do that) that maybe...just maybe...he would be good at the convention. WRONG. Boy was I wrong. He was HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I have no idea why. He never acts like that in public but he was so bad. I was so embarrassed. I saw people I knew (sorry about the bad little boy) and I couldn't do anything. I'm sure all the women in there were wondering "What was she THINKING?" Well I'll tell you. I was actually thinking that my kid would behave. I was wrong okay? I was able to go to 2 booths and I left. I gave up. It wasn't worth it.
As soon as I got him in the car seat he fell asleep. Surprised? Me neither. Luckily my parents felt pity for me so I ran back in when they got to Sam's. I left Brodey with them and I went back. I left with two sacks. I'm laughing right now because all that for 2 bags.
I went back to one booth and the guy was like "Oh! You're back huh? We were just laughing about your son."
I'm like "Glad SOMEONE thinks it's funny."
He said "Oh I have a two year old and we thought it was hilarious! It's a monkey! Hahahaha!!!"
I was like "HUH?"
He said "Oh you were so mad you probably don't remember. The lady standing behind you asked if that was a backpack on his back and he turned to her and said "It's a monkey" like she was an idiot! Hahahahaha!!!"
I had to laugh. I couldn't even remember that happening. Thank goodness people have a sense of humor! I sure didn't at that time!
So I go back to Sam's and he is acting like my normal little Brodey. Maybe scrapbook conventions turn him into a monster? Or maybe Eric bribed him to act like that in hopes that I would leave and not spend any money? That sounds right.
I did get back to Sam's and Mom and Dad said that someone recognized Brodey. She said they read my blog. Okay! Fess up! Who was it that saw Brodey? I'm dying to know! I was quizzing her and I couldn't figure it out from her clues! :)
Whomever you are you probably noticed that Brodey LOVES Sam's. I think it's because my Dad lets him "help" him load up groceries. Bro gets to walk around and they let him push the flat cart. This is funny because it's almost so heavy I can't push it! LOL But Bro's favorite part is loading up! I have always hated this part the most. I've been going for 20 years with them to Sam's and it still stinks loading up. I took a pic of Bro in the back of the Tahoe on all the pop. He cracks me up!
Well we finally got vehicles! BUT I won't have mine until Saturday. I got a sporty Tahoe. It's fun and it will haul all my good flea market finds! I'm pretty excited about that! That took up all day Saturday. It was a bummer because I didn't get to stay long at Just 4 Keeps. I did get to eat some AWESOME food, though! (Eric still doesn't know, by the way! Hehe!) I am dying to know who made the oriental salads! There was one with peanuts and one with sunflower seeds. I want the recipes SO BAD!!!
Today was kind of a weird day. I had all these things planned to do and it just didn't happen. I DID, however, get the laundry room done! I am SO happy with how it turned out.In the photos I took you can't really tell what color it is. It's a shade of purple that makes my tiles and formica look SO much better. I HATED the tile. Well okay hate is pretty strong....I just wouldn't have picked it out. It took me a while to choose the shade I wanted. I had to get several paint samples and try to see which one looked the best with the tile and formica. I'm so happy with the color I chose!Good thing cause it ain't gettin' painted again for a long time! :) I probably should have waited until I finished decorating before I posted pics. Oh well. I have to wait a while to put up my Uppercase Living expressions. I'm afraid I will mess up the paint if I do it too soon. They will look SO good! They will be white on my purple wall! SO cool!
So at today we were going to just chill at the house and maybe swim. It was SO hot! I was standing up at the sink cleaning up breakfast and I thought I heard a clap of thunder. I thought no way. I look up out the patio doors and it is POURING down rain. What? Where did that come from? It poured off and on for at least an hour. It popped up out of nowhere. It rained hard enough that we lost satellite reception and it filled the pool back up! Eric was happy he didn't have to pay to put more water in it. LOL The pic at the top of the post is of the rain. It actually got a little scary at one point. I have a pic, but I can't find it.
I'm going to have to share the rest of the weekend happenings and pics tomorrow. So I guess this be continued. Didn't you hate when sitcoms would do that? Like Saved by the Bell? So annoying.
I started this post at 12:30 and it's 1:20. I better go to bed so I can get up in the morning.
Until tomorrow!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Post

Okay doke. No pics on this post...sorry. I meant to post longer and post pics but I'm so tired. My back is hurting, my feet are hurting, and I'm ready for bed!
I've been wanting to paint my laundry room for a long time. Today I finally did it. Well I'm not done so technically I guess I STARTED it today. DANG it's one of the toughest things I've painted! I am a super effecient and fast painter too! Just ask my Momma! LOL She LOVES to paint. I mean REALLY loves to paint! Just ask my Daddy! Hahahaha! I had to!
Anyway my Mom loves to paint and I've always been the sucker that gets to help. So needless to say I'm pretty experienced. The luandry room kicked my butt. I started at 4 and didn't stop until 11:30. I barely used my roller. It was pretty much all by hand. Plus Eric was supposed to get me a ladder to reach and he didn't. I need an 8 foot ladder. The 6 foot ladder we have doesn't cut it in this house. Whomever built it must have been the Jolly Green Giant because the ceilings are WAY up there.
Eric actually went to get one today at Lowe's and he said he has to wait until tomorrow because the guy said they will go on sale. I am literally laughing out loud as I type this. That's so typical of Eric. Wait until tomorrow when I needed the ladder today, make another trip to Lowe's, and save 10 bucks. Whatever.
To try to make up for it I put the step ladder on top of the counter in the laundry room to get to the top. Hahaha! I'm up there on the counter on the stepladder thinking "Phew if Meme could only see me now." She would FREAK!!! It worked for most of it, but I have places I can't reach in there. Like the top of the wall behind the toilet. YES we have a toilet in the laundry room and it is the most used! Surprise! Too much information? Too bad! LOL
So anyway the laundry room looks so much better. I'll post a pic tomorrow. I wish I would have taken a before pic. Oh well.
I'm off to bed.

OH GOSH! I forgot to add! In the middle of painting I come in to check my mail and I had a layout requested by Simple Scrapbooks! YEAH!!! Look for a layout of mine in the Jan/Feb issue! Yippeee!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

If These Walls Could Talk...

Well mine can! LOL I got another order in today from Uppercase Living! I was so excited! I had to put a couple of them up! The first one I put up was the one I bought to go on the vent hood of my stove. I have this massive beast of a stove and I thought an expression would look perfect up there. It gets pretty darn hot, so we will have to see how it holds up! It says "Kitchen the Heart of the Home."
The second one I put up is a little one I got to go on the door of my pantry. It looks like it was made to go there! I'm SO happy how it turned out! Wood has been the easiest place to apply them. The stainless steel vent hood took me a long time. If I had someone to help me, it would have gone so much quicker! I was in a hurry, though!
I also got in the enormous one for Brodey's room. I'll HAVE to have help for that one. My parents promise they are going to come tomorrow. I might have to recruit my Mom to help me! I'm waiting to paint my laundry room before putting the one up in there. I'll be placing another order soon for more stuff I want! Let me know if you want anything! The link to the catalog is in my link list! E-mail me at!
Oh AWESOME news to share!!!! I will have something in the Basic Grey September newsletter! This is a pretty big deal! I'm so excited! I can't share what it is yet, but if you don't get their newsletter and you REALLY should! It's always packed with cute ideas! I have been using their products since I first started. If I had to only choose one company's supplies to use forever it would be their's! So obviously I'm pretty stoked about this!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!
Okay enough celebrating! I'm headed to bed! I hope my parents get to come tomorrow! I'm lonely! :(
Have a good night!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I got workin' to do!

Today was an uneventful day. So nice. We didn't leave the house. It rained some and it was so nice outside. The wind was kind of cool, but it was nice.
I actually got up one of my Uppercase Living expressions! I LOVE how it turned out! I have a few vines up in the entryway, but I didn't order enough. I'm waiting on the rest to get here. I can't wait! The UPS man came today and I was so pumped because I thought he would have my Uppercase Living order. Nope. Just the bedskirt I ordered from Pottery Barn. It looks SO good in Brodey's room. Do you know how hard it is to find a bedskirt for a daybed? Don't even ask. So I was happy to get that, but sad it wasn't my order.
Brodey's new phrase is "I got workin' to do." He gets himself all dressed, gets his tools, and acts like he is working on something.
Tonight I went out to help Eric take the boards off the new freezer and Brodey says "Righty tighty Dad."
Eric looks at me and says "Where did he learn that?"
I'm like "He got it from his Momma!" HAHAHAHA!!!
I told Brodey several weeks ago when he was playing with his tools "righty tighty, lefty loosey!" I can't believe he remembered!
Tonight he crawled up on the couch with me and he said "I want covers too."
I said "Okay" and covered him up.
Two seconds later he pats his legs and says "Look Mom we match. We match with this blanket. Your legs are covered and my leg are covered!" He's so cute!!! Hehe!
Man it's dark out tonight. It has been a full moon the last couple of nights and now no moon. It gets so super dark out here. At my parent's house they have a night light on the electric pole. I guess Lake Region Electric doesn't do that. LOL Eric won't walk anywhere at night without his gun and super humongo light. The very first night we all got here with the UHauls I had to walk around the house with not one light on to get the key on the back porch. It was PITCH black. I had only even been to the house once and that was during the day. Eric made me go, of course. I had no idea where I was going and it was pretty freaky.
The other day after we dropped Madyson off at the dorms Brodey and I drove by the Murrell Home in Tahlequah. It was pretty cool. I knew about it before because I love old houses and history. Apparently this one is pretty well known. It looks so cool. When we went by it was closed, but I'm going to go before it gets cold. You can tour it and there's pretty park. Maybe I'll take some pics of Brodey there! Or JENNIFER! If you ever get to come maybe I'll take the girls' pics there!
Jen and the girls were supposed to come tomorrow and stay the night. I'm SO SO SO bummed it isn't going to happen. It's been raining here off and on and the pool is freezing. So maybe it will warm up enough before summer's over to heat the pool up a little! I'm waiting on you girls! :)
Okay I'm outta here! I'm tired!

Your WHAT did WHAT!?!

That is what my mom says when I tell her what happened tonight.
So Brodey and Eric went to see the dogs and I decided to vacuum. Vacuums make Eric nervous..I know don't ask. So I waited until they left. Thank goodness.
I was on my knees vacuuming under the couch cushions and the vacuum EXPLODED. I mean really exploded! The back part that releases back with the handle on it slams back and hits me right in the head! Then the stupid thing is going nuts, shaking, smoking, and making a terrible sound. As soon as I stand up the posessed vacuum whacks me in the knee. I wasn't sure if I should unplug it or turn it off. I was kind of scared of it! I had to actually flip it over to get to the switch because it was going NUTS! I wish I had it on video! I got it turned off and I was shaking so bad! Smoke was everywhere and it had that horrible electric burn smell. All could think was THANK GOODNESS Eric and Bro weren't in there! LOL They would both have a fear of vacuums for the rest of their life!
When Eric got in I told him what happened. I really don't think he would have believed me if I hadn't had a red and bruising knee, a knot on my head, and a stinky living room! Do these things happen to other people? I think I ask myself that question at least a couple of times a week! Then after I ask myself I ask my mom. She says probably not. So the vacuum is out in the garage. At least I'll get a new one out of the ordeal!
One of the things I love about Tahlequah is Bear Creek that runs through town. It's so cool. It's a pretty and clear creek. It's shallow in most areas and there is a park on it in town. Kids get in all the time. The current is pretty swift, but it's only about up to Brodey's knees or thighs in most parts. There is a restaurant on it called Town Branch. You can sit outside and it overlooks the creek. We ate there on Friday and we took Brodey to the creek afterwards.
Brodey was dying to get in so we let him. I usually make sure I have a towel in the car before we go. It had been raining alot lately and that cools the water down quite a bit. It was about half a second and he came running right back out! LOL "It's COLD!!!!" he said. It was so funny! UNTIL he kicked his Croc off into the creek. Eric's pansy butt wasn't about to go in after it so who do you think got to? ME! Luckily I had a dress on and flip flops. Luckily the show got stuck on a rock or I would have been running down the bank after it! The water was freezing cold. My legs felt like icicles. So much for my clean shave!
After the little jaunt in the creek we headed to good 'ole Wal-Mart. I am not kidding when I say every single time I go into that place at least one person I have never met before in my life comes up and talks to me. Every time. I have a perfect track record. This night not one but TWO elderly men asked me where something was. They were very nice, but I can't figure out why they do this.
Sunday I went BACK to Wal-Mart with Madyson to get some things before she went back to her dorm room. The greeter lady just strikes up a conversation with me. Okay. Yes I'm sure her great grandson are a hoot, but why do you want to tell me?
Then today a lady in the produce sections asks me what she should substitute jalepenos for. What? She's twice my age! Why would I know that? That's too bad that when your recipe actually calls for jalepenos they aren't to be found! But why ask me what to substitute them for?
I'm not trying to be mean! I promise! I really don't mind. People walking by always look at me and smile that smile like "Do you know that person?" I'm usually not in a hurry so I don't mind! But why do people talk to me? Lost kids somehow always find me. I can tell anyone where something is! I can reach most things on the shelf for you. I just think it's so funny. I need a reality show. Then people would believe me!
Okay enough. I'll stop now and go to bed. Hopefully my parents will get to come and see us tomorrow. I'm going to kidnap them so we will have visitors all the time! Okay I'm kidding....sort of.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is why...

Okay bloggers. This is why you should post every day. I just read my last post which was on Friday. I said I had a crazy day. I have no idea what happened on Friday. I wish I could remember. Maybe it will come back to me, but right now I'm drawing a blank. So THAT'S why you (and me) should post every day!
I had a BLAST teaching on Saturday. I always do! The peeps that take my class are always awesome! I would teach every day if I could!
Eric was SUPPOSED to go with me on Saturay so we could look at or possible get me a car. Nope. Didn't happen. He said he wanted to sleep in. Okay. He called me at 9:45 to ask if the Count Chocula was good.
I'm like "I thought you were sleeping in."
He says "well I did."
"Usually sleeping in to you is after the clock gets to double digits. You should have gotten your butt up and come with me."
He says "yeah I know."
SO frustrating. There goes another weekend where we got nothing done on the vehicle situation. Whatever.
Which reminds me of Brodey's new word. Whatever. He does a little hand flip with it too. I guess I say that too much. LOL
I got so homesick Saturday. I went to some of my old haunts. I stopped by Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, and Quail Springs Mall. So depressing. If you live in Edmond PLEASE appreciate where you live! I miss it SO much. I think I got depressed because it felt like being back at home. Tahlequah doesn't feel like home yet. It's hard to describe. I'm feeling better now. The homesickness will improve with time.
Madyson, my sister-in-law, moved into her dorm room this weekend. She starts NSU tomorrow. She was so nervous. Her roomate seemed so nice, though. She's lucky. My roomate at OU was a PSYCHO. Okay maybe she wasn't crazy...okay maybe she was a little. LOL I guess that's the risk you take when you go pot luck on the roomate situation! She's only 10 miles away from us if things get crazy!
My computer is going SO SLOW so it won't let me upload the pics I want to. We need a new one so badly. We bought this one in 2003, but in computer years it's ancient. We are getting a new one soon. We found one we want at Best Buy, but it takes about 3 more trips for Eric to actually buy it. It's true. Sad, but true.
Well he's actually due back from Holdenville any minute so I better get get off here. I'll post the pics tomorrow!
Have a good night!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Too Tired

Okay I'm sorry. I'm too tired to post. It was a crazy day. I'll elaborate tomorrow when I get back from doing what I love most! I teach my scrap class at Just 4 Keeps tomorrow!!!! I'm only teaching one so I'll actually get to shop! I'm pretty excited!
I'm off to finish packing my stuff!
Have an awesome Saturday and I'll update tomorrow with pics!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love...I Hate

I don't watch TV during the day. Brodey has dibs on it and I'm not into Little Bear, Maggie, Backyardigans, or Diego. Nightime is my TV time. When Brodey falls asleep I hit LIST and all of my favorite recorded episodes are there for me to watch and fast forward through commercials. :)
I LOVE Shear Genius! I was a loyal fan of season 1, and season 2 is pretty good! Daniel is my fave this season! I would SO let him do my hair! (Don't tell Mike! HEHE!)
Another one of my faves is Project Runway! Season 5 is on now. I have watched since season 2. I love it because it's so inspiring! I want to scrapbook after every episode! LOL
My other DVR faves are 90210. I am 20 episodes behind. I know I know. I'll catch up some day! I also like I Love Money on VH1. It cracks me up!
Okay enough TV talk. I got my new address stamp in from Sweet Paperie and I LOVE it! I know several of you wanted to know how I liked it once I got it in! It is excellent quality and it is exactly how I wanted it! It came in super cute packaging, too! Only one of my bills has the option of auto debit. So I get the pleasure of mailing most of my bills. My new little stamp makes it a little more fun! ;)
Another thing I love is living out here. I really do. There are a ton of things I miss, but I love it here. EXCEPT when I am woken up by BOB WHITE. BOB WHITE. I SWEAR that stupid quail was sitting on top of Eric's head screaming BOB WHITE into my ear. I am totally serious when I say I could have killed the stupid bird with my bare hands. I (clearly) get very angry when things disturb my sleep.
Like the stupid Army base that shoots unknown weapons all night long. I think Eric told me it's called Camp Gruber. It's so far away and there are hills between us but you can still hear it. I wonder if it's what it sounds like for the troops in Iraq. Well except I'm not fearing for my life. They sometimes shoot all night long. The first time I heard it I thought someone was dragging their driveway. (Okay where I live my parents have a dirt/gravel driveway and my dad had to drag it with the box blade on the tractor to smooth it out. Thank goodness our driveway is paved.) So anyway the "dragging" went on for hours. I thought man either they have a really messed up driveway or it's something else. Eric finally told me what it was. It's so loud and sometimes they blow stuff up. Freaky.
Gosh I love walking down the driveway to get the mail with Brodey. When it gets nasty and cold we are either going to have to bundle up or quit doing it. That makes me sad to think of the things we will have to stop doing. It's going to be a challenge to think of new things to do in the house. We don't have Quail Springs Mall a few miles away anymore! So sad!
Okay I am off to bed now. The racoons woke Eric up in the middle of the night last night. We have a baker's rack outside by our bedroom windows that holds the pool stuff. Well it also holds the corn cobs we put up in the woods for the squirrels. The racoons found them and were having a late night snack...on the TOP of the baker's rack!!! Eric had to make them leave. Which reminds me he didn't bring them in like I asked him to. Geez. Off to do that and then off to bed! Hopefully no racoons or quail will disturb my sleep! Haha!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here you go Mumu!

Okay here he is Mumu! I had to post these pics because Brod and Rene were at home and I couldn't wait for them to see Brodey's hair! LOL The top photo is his before shot, the middle is well the middle, and the last photo is his after.
Do you notice that it's sunny when we started and not sunny when we were done? That's because in the middle Brodey decided to stop cooperating. FUN. He ran off and all Eric had done was buzz off the middle. He looked like a little old man with a balding middle and long sides. It was so freaking hilarious that I couldn't even walk or hold the video camera to take pictures! Eric was laughing so hard he couldn't keep his hand steady to finish!
We finally got done and Brodey took a dunk in the pool to get the hair off before coming in and taking an actual bath. He looks pretty cute. My mom suggested that I glue his cut hair on his chin so he would look like Uncle Mike. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well that hair was all in the grass and is NASTY. So I'm searching for a washable marker to draw on a goatee. LOL Uncle Mike might get a kick out of that!
I promised I would post more and I will! I'm off to finish cleaning house!

Holdenville! HA!

Okay. I know I was supposed to go to bed, but Ry(my cousin Ryleigh) sent me a text message to tell me that she was watching Reba(the tv show) and Kelly Clarkson was on. Okay who cares right? Well on Reba Kelly plays a girl from HOLDENVILLE. HAHAHA!!!! If you don't know, Eric and I are from Holdenville! Our families live there and that is TOO funny! If you click play on this YouTube video she talks about it with Reba in the first few minutes. HA!!! Okay Nat, Trish, Becky, Erin, and Susan!!! How funny is THAT?? LOL
Okay I took my Advil and now I'm really off to bed!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Lied

Okay I lied. I told you I was going to share photos of the awesome packages I got in the mail the other day but I can't. I'm just too tired.
Aunt Rose is visiting. You know the girl time. Today has been really bad. I have good months and bad months. This month is a bad one. My back has been killing me all day, I've had a migraine that will not go away, and I have had major cramps. So I'm sorry! I will share in the morning because I'm so excited.
Oh and Eric and I did a bad, bad thing. Here's all I'll give you tonight.
Oh yes. Meme is gonna kill us and I haven't laughed so hard in a VERY long time. I'll share more tomorrow.
I'm sitting here looking at the fog roll by on the security cameras. The first time it did that I FREAKED out and thought the house was on fire. LOL It truly looks like smoke rolling by. Or ghosts. Okay I'm getting myself freaked out. Time for bed.
I'm popping some Advil and going to sleep. Hope you have a lovely night!
To be continued...

Pants in August?

Did I really wear jeans today? Brodey and I went outside like usual this morning and he says "I'm cold!" I was like "Me too!" We had to go back in. I was NOT expecting that!
We got dressed to go to the grocery store and I actually had to pick out a pair of jeans to wear. I can't even remember the last time I wore jeans! Poor Brodey. He has really grown because he only had two pair of pants that weren't capris. LOL It was so weird to wear pants! We got into Tahlequah and it was 64 degress outside. It has rained since Saturday here. The sun finally made an appearance at around 8:30. Maybe it will show back up tomorrow! It felt like football weather! Geez!
After our lucrative trips to the local antique malls Saturday, we went to eat in Cookson. It's a small town on Lake Tenkiller about 20 miles from here. Eric had heard about a BBQ restaurant there and we thought we would try it! It was SO SO SO good! They had YUMMY peach cobbler that I just had to take a pic of! It was a beautiful log cabin place and with an upstairs. A man was playing the piano. He was pretty good! We will go back there for sure!

Saturday night is stormed SO bad. I was really missing Gary England and Mike Morgan. Here in good old Tulsa no one comes on and tells you ANYTHING. In OKC Gary or Mike come on and say "Okay you folks that are awake this is just gonna be a noisy little storm. You will hear some thunder and there might be some wind gusts but there is nothing to worry about." Or during the day they will come on and say "You kids that are home alone it's alright. It's just noisy and there will be some wind. Stay with channel 9 we'll keep you advised."
Oh noooo. That would be too hard to do here. It's just you and the infomercials here, baby! (Sorry if you are from Tulsa but the weather coverage here SUCKS.) Plus way out here we have no tornado sirens so we are all on our own. It STINKS. I really miss Gary and Mike. Thank goodness my dad will answer the phone all hours of the night. They get Tulsa AND OKC channels for some reason. So when a storm comes I just call my dad and he will watch and tell me what's going on. Even OKC channels will tell him what's going on in my area! GEEZ Tulsa guys! Get it together!
Okay I will stop now. It is just something that frustrates me and it feels better to get it off my chest! Phew! ;)
Okay I am way tired so I am off to bed!! I got new packages today and I'll post pics tomorrow! I got my new return address stamp in! So excited! I'll share tomorrow!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

"This was a good day!" ~ Brodey

I would have to agree with the little man! :) That's what Brodey said to us when we got home tonight!
I'm sitting here typing and the poor kitty cats are on the front porch! It's about to storm and there is some psycho dog barking down the hill. I want to let them in SO bad! Eric would go nuts! His nose would instantly start running like you turned on a faucet!
It's so nice out here right now. It can't be above 70 degrees outside and I have the window open here in the office. The little black kitten is up in the window looking at me. I tried to take a picture but she is too black to see. She rubs againt the screen trying to get me to pet her! I'll have to go give them some petting time when I finish posting!
Brodey slept with Mumu last night,(that's what Brodey calls Eric's mom.) so Eric and I got to sleep in until about 10 this morning. When we finally got up Mumu and Bro were all ready to go! Bro was all excited because Mumu was going to take him to town to buy a toy! That started his day off just right! LOL He got a toy shotgun. (Okay big lightening strike. I hope the electicity doesn't go out. Geez.) He has been playing with it all day and even took a nap with it! Haha!
While he took a nap today Mumu and I got to do one of our favorite things!!! Go to the flea markets! There are at least 6 really good ones in and towards Tahlequah and there are so dang many we haven't been able to get to in and around Muskogee!! (I live in between the two towns.) We hardly get to do this because we can't take Brodey with us. Breakables, close quarters, and the little man just don't mix! I found THE best stuff!!! The photos aren't the greatest, but I was in a hurry to take them before we went to eat dinner!!!
The first place we went was The Speckled Hen!

That is the best one! We both love it and we do not leave without something! There is always new stuff when we go and the guys that work there are so helpful! I got these four CUTE coffee cups and this old Chinese Checkers board. They are going in Brodey's room....but where I don't know yet! They might end up in the pool table room if we ever find a pool table! LOL

When we were done there we headed to one we have never been to called Mama Ruby's. We tried to go once before, but it was closed so we were determined to make this one today! This is another flea market and it's actually in Tahlequah. The outisde looks pretty junky, but it was so clean and organized! I found these two fun and inspiring albums and three beautiful plates. The albums will go in frames somewhere. I haven't decided yet. They might end up in the scrap room or in my closet. Who knows where the plates will go. I have this thing for pretty plates. Two of them are VERY old and have Queen Victoria on them. The other is a white plate with flowers. I love them!

The third and final one we went to is an awesome antique mall called the Briar Patch. The first time we came here was on our way to the Stawberry Festival back in 2002. We kept talking about it, but we couldn't remember where it was. When I moved here we drove past it and could not believe it was less than 3 miles from my house! LOL

I am SO SO SO excited about the table cloth I got here! It is SO cool! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I am in love! It is in perfect condition and it's so big it was hard for me to get a good shot of the whole thing! I took some up close pics so you could see how beautiful the colors are! I LOVE it!

The other pretty I got there was the little girl! I couldn't leave without her! She is in my closet for the moment, but who knows where she will go next week!
Today was such a fun day! I wish we could go more often! There are so many places for us to go in Muskogee!
We ate at the best place in Cookson tonight! I have a few more pics, but it's starting to lightening pretty bad! I'm going to have to go for tonight! I'll post the exciting (haha) conclusion to our day tomorrow!
Have a safe and fun Saturday night!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Microscopic Seed Oklahoma Specialty

Okay I grew up in the country. I know, from experience, that if you want to go out in the woods you better put some Off on or you are a free ride for some fun little parasites called ticks. I stepped in a bed of seed ticks one time and I literally had hundreds of them crawling up my legs. (Sorry if you are squeamish LOL) So I assumed that when Eric said he and Brodey were going to "look for deer tracks" he sprayed them both down with Off. Well I was wrong.
Brodey, luckily, only had three on him. They were THE tiniest seed ticks I have ever seen in my life. If you look at the period at the end of this sentence, they were smaller than that. Even after Eric took a shower and checked himself, I had to check back over him and I pulled no less than 10 more off of him. I made him take ANOTHER shower and I check him AGAIN. No way do I want to find any on me tomorrow! I'm smart enough to use Off! Needless to say I'm washing the sheets tomorrow anyway!
I didn't go on the little jaunt into the woods today, but Eric did bring back a little story. He had told Brodey they would go into the woods to look for deer tracks after they ate dinner. All during dinner that's all Brodey could talk about. So finally they go and Eric said he didn't see one. So Brodey wouldn't be bummed he decided to make his own deer track. Brodey was right behind him so he tried to sneak and grab a stick and he drew a deer track in the dirt. Brodey came up behind him and Eric said "Look Brodey it's a deer track."
Brodey went looking for his own stick. Found one and said "Look Daddy I can draw a deer track too!"
HAHAHAHA!!!! I laughed so hard at this. Eric thinks he is SO sly and he underestimates Brodey's intelligence sometimes. This was just another perfect example of how smart 2 and a half year olds are. Eric said he felt so dumb. I thought it was hilarious! Guess we have our work cut out for us come Christmas! ;)
Today was such a nice day! It feels so good outside right now! It makes me think of fall coming and what in the world are we going to do this winter? It's kind of nice because we have our little morning routine. When we get up the kitty cats are waiting outside the door for us. We always go outside and feed the cats first. The raccoon eats all the food at night and so they are ready for breakfast in the morning! After that I do maintenance on the pool and I water the plants. Brodey usually plays with the kitty cats and plays on his swingset. It's going to be so sad when I have to take the plants in and it's too cold to go outside. We are going to have to get bundled up just to feed the cats! It's kind of depressing! I'm racking my brain trying to think of things for us to do! I think Brodey looks forward to our morning as much as I do! :(
Okay it's only 12, mother-in-law's here, and I'm going to finish a layout! Who knows what we are doing tomorrow! I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
Have a good night!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

...and it rained.

It rained pretty much all day today. I mean REALLY rained. At one point it got pretty stormy and I was getting a little freaked out. Up here on the hill the clouds look like you can touch them. The wind was all crazy and for a minute it looked like it was gonna get REAL bad. Luckily it didn't! We just got a ton of rain! I'm not complaining! Besides the fact that we need the rain because some portions of our yard look like straw I happen to love rainy days. Especially when it really cools it off from 100+ to low 70's, it clears the air, and we get beautiful sunsets like this:

My big camera's batter was down so I had to use the little guy. He does a pretty good job, but I always say humans cannot truly capture the beauty of a sunset. Painters get pretty close, but nothing compares to seeing it. It's been so hazy and hot lately that this is the first good sunset we have had in a while.
Remember when I told you about getting my Uppercase Living box stuck under the gate? Remember when I told you how I tried to pull it out and whacked my hand on the gate motor? Well I took a photo of my hand. (It was pretty hard to do, by the way.) It probably sounded like I was making a big deal out of nothing, but I am an A+ clutz. I do crap like this all the time. I will have a huge ugly bruise somewhere and Eric will say "What in the world did you do now!?!" I always have no answer because I can't remember. I whack a part of my body on something every single day.
This photo cracks me up. I forgot I took it until today. This was at Outback yesterday when we were waiting on our food. Incredible what will entertain this goofball. These are my tanning bed glasses if you can't tell. I haven't used them in forever, but thank goodness they were there! Much better than him trying to talk to the people in the booth behind us like he normally does. I love this little gap toothed boy! ;)
Well hopefully Eric's mom will come tomorrow! I have no idea what we are doing this weekend. Hopefully I will get a vehicle. I would love to go to the lake! We got the new taco in! (There is a photo of this in a previous post.) The other taco was ripped and we had to send it back to get a new one. I will be prepared this time with knee pads! LOL Hopefully no bloody lips! Mine finally healed!
Okay I'm going to go watch some 90210! I LOVE it!

It's on Baby!

My own Uppercase Living site is on!!! YEAH!
Go HERE to view the catalog!!
I'll post again later I just had to share!

Naked Training is Shear Genius!

Haha! I love that title!
Okay I have devised a plan to potty train Brodey. I call it Naked Training. I strip him down naked and he has to pee pee in the potty. Right? Wrong! He comes running into the office and dances naked in his cowboy boots! LOL (I'm dead serious, by the way! I would prove it by posting a pic but someone would report me to Blogger. Hahahaha)
Okay so he really does pee pee in the potty when he's naked. If he isn't, he is just too busy to tell me he needs to go. I have to watch him very carefully and actually ask him if he needs to go. He usually says NO I have to go get my gun or NO I have to go get a drink or something other than go pee pee. It's a daily battle.

Okay on to something more entertainging...SHEAR GENIUS! I love this show. Everyone is so catty this season! It's great!! That's actually why I'm posting so late. We went to Tulsa after Eric got off work and I watched the recorded episode when I got home. Thank goodness for DVR! I LOVE that thing! I come home and git List and it shows me my shows! It's like Christmas every day!

I just love this kitty. I'm so glad someone didn't want her so that we could have her! As you have probably read someone dumped her at my Meme's house and my parents brought her to Brodey. He tells her "You are my best friend." So sweet! She tortures the other cat and it's so funny! They get along pretty well now. They did fight, but now they just stalk each other!

I'm pretty excited. Tonight (or probably in the morning because I'm tired) I get to set up my Uppercase Living website! My very own! I'm so excited! Everyone will be able to view the catalog and I think actually order from there! When I get it set up I'll link it! Yeah!

Okay I am going to bed. I am so tired. I didn't really do much today so I don't know why. My back is killing me so I'll have to say goodbye until tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Babies on Sale..Aisle 2

Brodey was watching the first of Tarzan today where the mommy gorilla finds him as a baby. Brodey has this dazed expression with a smile and says:
"That baby is so cute. I want to play with him. I want one."
I say "You want a baby?"
"Yes I want a baby. I want a baby brother."
I say "Well I don't think Daddy will go for that."
"Well I'm gonna get one."
I say "Well where do you think you are going to get one?"
"I'm going to go get one at the grocery store."
He is totally serious and says this last line as if I'm an idiot. Don't I know all babies come from the grocery store? How could I be so stupid?!
He has been obsessed with babies every since he saw Keith's little baby girl. He wants a baby brother so bad. He even says he will take a baby sister! HA! How do I explain to him that the return policy for a real baby isn't the same as a pair of shoes?
The little guy really cracks me up sometimes. He is a mess the rest of the time, but it's conversations like this that make me love him even more. Is that even possible?

Speaking of Brodey being a mess, he has given up nap time. It started about a month ago. I thought at first it was just a phase and he would start taking naps again. Nope. He wakes up around 8:30 or 9am and falls asleep at about 7 or 8 in the evening. Now don't get me wrong he goes pretty much nonstop all day, but he does take rests. I guess he has rest time now instead of nap time. I actually tried to lay down with him today and ended up falling asleep MYSELF! I guess if he wants to take a nap he will.

The piano tuner came today bright and early. I had to actually wake Brodey up. He is such a pill to wake up. I know I know just wait until he starts school. I think of when I used to have to wake my brother up. It was horrible. I would strip all the sheets off his bed and drag them into the living room so he would get up. Okay back to piano tuner lady. She was VERY nice. I felt bad because I'm not even sure the piano has even been tuned before. My mom said it has, but she also said who knows if they did a good job.
She was here for over 3 hours. I felt bad. She said the piano does have beautiful tones, though. That's good. My Meme bought me this piano when she wanted me to start taking lessons. I was about 4. They don't even remember who they bought it from, but the piano lady said that it was built around 1950. I had no idea it was that old. It certainly doesn't look it! Thank you Meme for taking such good care of it!
Oh yes and do you notice all that wall space above where the piano goes? Oh yes! I have big plans for that wall! The plans include this huge awesome metal thing I got at Hobby Lobby and an Uppercase Living expression about music! I'm waiting to get that in before hanging up the metal thing! I can't wait!!!
Okay I was talking to Jen earlier and I was supposed to get off and go clean up the dinner mess. I posted this instead. Hehe! I am off to clean up now, I promise!!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

A Quiet Weekend & a New Obsession

It was the first quiet weekend for me in ages! It was awesome!! No drama...just fun!
Friday night Eric's mom came to stay! Yeah! We got up Saturday and after I cooked breakfast we went to Tulsa. We actually went to look at cars, but I had to take advantage and to by the mall! I had a coupon for Victoria's Secret and you can bet I was gonna use it! I got a free pair of panties, more panties that weren't free, and a really cute pink dress. I got the new girl at VS, but I was really nice and patient. I SWEAR!!! The poor girl was so nervous. This was tax free weekend, school starting, AND the first of the month. The mall was a mad house and this poor girl was learning the ropes on one of the worst days of the year. It was kind of bumpy, but okay until I get home and realize that she didn't take off the huge plastic sensor on my dress! :( I have no idea why it didn't go off when I left the store and some huge guy tackle me! I guess I'll have to wait and take it back when I go next. No way am I going to try to take that stupid thing off myself and get ink all over the dress. Everyone would be like "Hello! Did you steal that!?!?!" LOL!
Okay besides that minor setback I also made it by Yankee Candle, The Body Shop, in and out of the Gap (I know a FIRST for me), and to the As Seen on TV store. Yes that's right. I had to stop by and get the Pancake Puffer! It's so cool! I tried it out on Saturday and it's so much fun! It makes pancakes into these cute little bitesize puffs! It was a good mall trip!
After that we were supposed to make it by a couple of dealerships, but one closed early and Eric was pretty mad. He got over it finally and we went to eat and were suppoed to go to a movie. That diddn't happen. The movie theater by the mall we went to was not so inviting. Let's just say it was fun to people watch...for about 10 seconds. We have to find a good movie theater somewhere in Tulsa. If you have a suggestion, PLEASE let me know!!!

Sunday was a perfectly lazy day. We all swam for a long time. No that isn't a little girl that looks like Brodey in the photo. Haha! His good floaties blew away and these were left behind by the previous owners. Doesn't he look good in pink? Teehee!
I need to get his hair cut something fierce, but he isn't into it. He got used to going when we lived in Edmond. I can't find a good place to take him around here so I usually let him get it cut when I get mine done. When we went on Wednesday he wouldn't let them do it. I think it's because my parents were there and he didn't want a stupid haircut cutting into his Nan and Papa time! Eric and I keep talking about buzzing it off, but we haven't got the guts up yet.

Behold my new obsession. Uppercase Living. This is just a teeny tiny tip of the iceberg.

My start-up kit came today and I got a bunch of different samples. I HAD to try one out! This one is a tad bit too small for this space, but I just had to do it! It was so easy! It's just like applying a rub-on but easier! I am totally addicted! I can't wait until my order comes in from Erin's party!
In a couple of days I will be able to open my own Uppercase Living website! So excited!!

I say this as my right hand is still throbbing. When I got home today from town I opened the gate like I normally do. This time, though, the UPS man had placed my Uppercase Living package on the inside of the gate and it had fallen down. When the gate opened it caught on the box and wouldn't open all the way. I jumped out of the car and tried to pull it out. Not possible. The package weighed 31 pounds and was HUGE. I could hear the gate trying to open and I just knew it was going to burn the motor up or something. (Ha I can hear Eric now blaming the gate blowing up on another one of my "hobbies." LMAO!!) It was so stinkin' hot outside and I was burning up in my black dress and trying to pry this box out when I decided to just rip it open and pull out the insides to slip it out from underneath. Ha! I got one good rip and when I went to rip again my hand slipped and slammed right into the gate motor. MAN it hurt! I busted the blood vessels all in the right side of my right hand. If you have ever done that you KNOW how bad that throbs. I was so mad at this point that I actually pulled it out and the stupid gate opened and then closed itself. It was so worth it, though! Haha! There were a ton of goodies inside!
Okay I am headed to bed. We have to get up early in the morning because after a few failed attempts the piano tuner is coming! She says it will take 3 hours. Fun.
Have an awesome Tuesday!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Does Brodey Look Smart(ER)?

Haha! The first thing Brodey wanted to do when he saw me in my glasses was to try them on himself! No surprise there! He looks so cute in them! I hope he never has to wear them, but he still looks handsome!

What did the hot dog say when he won the race?
I'm the weiner! I'm the weiner!!
That's what I was saying today when I got an e-mail letting me know I won a drawing on Kimber Mcgray's blog!! I am SO excited! It's an awesome end to my interesting week! LOL (I borrowed the photo of the goodies from her blog.)

Hopefully we will have a nice and quiest weekend. SO much more so than last. I don't want to go anywhere I don't have to! I really hope my mother-in-law gets to come. I would love to have a little uninterrupted scrap time!

If you happen to be in Edmond on July 16th come by Just 4 Keeps and take my stamp class! That's the layout we will be doing! I can't even tell you how much fun I have teaching this class! We are using Autumn Leaves stamps and Technique Tuesday Tiles! FUN TIMES!!!

You are probably like why in the world is she posting in the afternoon? She usually posts at midnight! LOL Well I'm afraid Eric is going to come home any minute and make me get dressed and go somewhere! We'll see if I get that movie I was promised this weekend! It might end up being on Pay Per View....fine by me! :)
Have an awesome Friday night!