Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm still alive! I promise!!! I feel like such a bum! It's been a month since I posted last! I've been SO BUSY!!!
I'm almost done with my Christas shopping! Last year my resolution was to buy gifts early...didn't happen! Mom and Ally came up yesterday and we went to Penn Square. What a nightmare. I waited in line at Victoria's Secret forEVER. Then the poor girl's computers were down and she had to phone in all three of my gift cards SEPERATLY. I felt bad for the workers.
I've been scrappin my little heart out! I've been doing some assignment work for Creating Keepsakes and it's kept me busy! I'll have several things in the magazine this spring. I can't wait!
Brodey cracks me up. The little boy has his quirks!
He can't stand it if he has boogies in his nose. It drives him nuts.
He says hi to his shadow. "Hi Shadow."
He blows kisses to the ladies that check us out at Wal-Mart.
He loves to put on my socks. By the time he gets them all the way up they look like thigh highs.
He knows when we drive past our neighborhood, when we pull into the shopping center were Just 4 Keeps is, and when we go almost anywhere to eat.
He knows the UPS store man by name.
He can't stand poop in his diaper and he has to stand up, be still, and hide when he does it.
I LOVE MY LITTLE MAN!!!! And this little man will be 2 on Janaury 12th. My gosh.