Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's cold outside?

Well I haven't been on in a few days! This weekend was busy and last night Eric made me watch a movie with him! So I thought I would pop in this morning before I head to Shawnee. I get my hair did today! YEAH!
I finally got my Uppercase Living expression up in my laundry room. I wanted to wait because I was afraid the paint was too wet and it would peel it off. Knowing how difficult it was to paint that room you understand! haha! It turned out REALLY good! I couldn't get a good picture of it because of the cabinets that hang over my washer and dryer. You get that picture, though! It is white and looks so cool with the purple walls! I am placing an order tomorrow! If you would like anything just email me at massadmomma@yahoo.com!
I put up my fall wreath today. It is FREAKING cold here. We are talking there is no way it's above 65 degrees. My mom asked if it was cold here yet and I was like I have no idea. I just went outside to give the cats food and I was like OH CRAP! It is COLD! But anyway I think my wreath is so pretty. My mom and I argued about this all last year. I say argued, but it wasn't mean. She just KNEW I had a fall wreath. I sort of remembered buying one but I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked ALL over my house and couldn't find the dang thing. So all last fall I didn't have a wreath. I refused to go buy one when my mom said I had one. Of course when we moved I found it. Don't you hate when stuff like that happens? So annoying!
The little kitty isn't so little anymore! Now that I uploaded this pic it looks weird. LOL He is actually jumping on his hind legs. He bugs the crap out of the other cat. Sometimes I think it likes to play and other times the other kitty just goes and hides. Hey! Sounds like me and Eric! Haha! Just kidding! :)
I tried my hand at making some cabbage rolls last night. I had some pretty big shoes to fill. Eric's grandfather was from Lebanon and his grandmother knew how to make authentic cabbage rolls. When we lived in Edmond Eric worked for a doctor that was also from Lebanon. Nelly, his sister, would make authentic Lebanese food. So yes. I felt some pressure there to make some pretty darn good cabbage rolls! I knew mine wouldn't taste exactly like their's, but I did know that they would at least be good because they would taste like MY food. It took me about two hours in all to make them and it was so worth it! They were SO good! There are things I will change the next time I make them and it won't take as long because I will know what I'm doing. (It's hard to core a head of cabbage when you have no idea what you are doing LOL) But they were a hit with Eric! He was like "Oh these are SO good!" That's all it takes to make me happy! ;)
My sister came and stayed with me this weekend! SO happy! I have no pics to share, but we had a blast! She hasn't been here since we moved in. She stays busy! I wish she lived closer! :( Maybe some day!
I watched Transformers for the first time last night. It was SO good! I wanted to scrapbook and post on here, but I'm glad I didn't. The movie was good and Eric and I rarely get to do that anymore.
Well I have to go get ready now! No lake pics yet. Darnit. By the time that gets posted there will be snow on the ground! LOL
Have a good Tuesday!


The Christenson's said...

Mom's always know...when will we learn? ;) I'm glad she was right because it is a great wreath!

And I l-o-v-e the laundry wall quote!! Love it...how perfect! I need to figure out where I can put one or two. They are so FUN!!

Allie said...

Gorgeous wreath! I need to make one this year. This is by far my fave season to decorate for! Plan on doing that this weekend. The laundry quote is Awe. Some.

Trisha said...

Love the laundry room! I also really liked Transformers. My brother and I used to watch the cartoon when we were little. Him and his friends called me Trishatron. Mitch cracked up when I told him that. That movie is in my top 5, seriously... I'm a freak!

Laura T. said...

I found your blog from bloghopping from the Get Sketch 102 site. Your layouts are beautiful.

I LOVE that laundry room quote.

I'll be back to visit!

Keysha said...

LOVE, love the laundry room quote!!

~Kim said...

So cute April. I was wondering how the white was going to show up on the pale purple...adorable of course!

Can't wait for Saturday!! Are you staying to crop too?


Sooz said...

Love the wreath and laundry quote...so cute! Why are mom's always right? Haha!
Transformers was great...nothing like I expected.