Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

I could never describe my life as dull. Sometimes I wish it were so, but then my blog would be pretty dull too. That's no fun.
I used to ask my mom for a wig for Christmas. I never got one, but I came pretty close today. It was supposed to be a routine visit to the hairdresser. (And no I didn't pass out...HA!) I've been going to the same hairdresser for 17 years. He is the best. I don't have to tell him what to do. He has talked me out of horrible haircuts and into awesome ones. I used to photograph his family when I had the studio. I love him to death.
This visit he was supposed to put the color on my roots. We switch and do that and the foil every other time. So he starts putting the color on my roots and it starts to burn like crazy.
I'm like "Mike. It burns."
He's like "Oh don't be a wimp." I'm thinking okay I won't be a wimp. It burns worse.
"Mike it really burns."
He says "Really? Like how bad?"
I'm like "Like REALLY bad. Like it's never burned like this before."
He feels my scalp and says "April hurry rinse her off." (April is his assistant.)
I RUN over to the shampoo bowl and start yelling for April to "RINSE IT OFF!!!!! RINSE IT OFF!!!!" I was freaking out. It felt like knives in my scalp. I'm sitting there thinking after the month I've had it wouldn't surprise me if my hair fell out and I actually did get my wigs for Christmas.
So April gets it rinsed off, I have to sit there with some stuff on my scalp, and he checks it out. No hair loss and no burns...thank goodness. What was funny is that in that 30 second time period it actually colored my hair. I usually have to sit there for about 30 MINUTES. I was like awesome! It didn't make it blonde enough for my taste, but thinking of what COULD have was fine!
We think what happened is that I swimmed last night and I didn't get all the chemicals out of my hair from the pool water. Maybe stress...but I think that's a stretch. I won't even think about getting in the pool before my next hair appointment!
Well that's enough excitement for me. I'm taking my sore scalp to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will prove less eventful.

Oh P.S. If you tried to log in as a customer on the Uppercase Living site and it asked for your info, don't worry! I'm the only person that will get that! You know I won't bug you...unless I do already! Hahahaha!!!


Jessica said...

Hey April!

I am so glad that you sell Uppercase Living! I am thinking I will be getting some eventually for the new scraproom and the baby room. Thanks for reccomending the new blogs for me! I can't wait for you to come back to J4K and take some pics again! Maybe I will be showing by the time you do! :)We miss you girlie!

Cindy said...

Hey I am psyched you signed up for Uppercase Living. I love that stuff.

Sorry about your hair. You have had quite a month.