Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Post

Okay doke. No pics on this post...sorry. I meant to post longer and post pics but I'm so tired. My back is hurting, my feet are hurting, and I'm ready for bed!
I've been wanting to paint my laundry room for a long time. Today I finally did it. Well I'm not done so technically I guess I STARTED it today. DANG it's one of the toughest things I've painted! I am a super effecient and fast painter too! Just ask my Momma! LOL She LOVES to paint. I mean REALLY loves to paint! Just ask my Daddy! Hahahaha! I had to!
Anyway my Mom loves to paint and I've always been the sucker that gets to help. So needless to say I'm pretty experienced. The luandry room kicked my butt. I started at 4 and didn't stop until 11:30. I barely used my roller. It was pretty much all by hand. Plus Eric was supposed to get me a ladder to reach and he didn't. I need an 8 foot ladder. The 6 foot ladder we have doesn't cut it in this house. Whomever built it must have been the Jolly Green Giant because the ceilings are WAY up there.
Eric actually went to get one today at Lowe's and he said he has to wait until tomorrow because the guy said they will go on sale. I am literally laughing out loud as I type this. That's so typical of Eric. Wait until tomorrow when I needed the ladder today, make another trip to Lowe's, and save 10 bucks. Whatever.
To try to make up for it I put the step ladder on top of the counter in the laundry room to get to the top. Hahaha! I'm up there on the counter on the stepladder thinking "Phew if Meme could only see me now." She would FREAK!!! It worked for most of it, but I have places I can't reach in there. Like the top of the wall behind the toilet. YES we have a toilet in the laundry room and it is the most used! Surprise! Too much information? Too bad! LOL
So anyway the laundry room looks so much better. I'll post a pic tomorrow. I wish I would have taken a before pic. Oh well.
I'm off to bed.

OH GOSH! I forgot to add! In the middle of painting I come in to check my mail and I had a layout requested by Simple Scrapbooks! YEAH!!! Look for a layout of mine in the Jan/Feb issue! Yippeee!!!


~Kim said...

You have way too much energy April! I have a few rooms that need some paint, wanna help?? : )

That Lowe's story is so my husband too...of course in our case, he'd go back the next day and them be out, so he'd drive all over town from Lowe's to Lowe's wasting well over $10 in gas....TYPICAL!


Anonymous said...
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