Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pants in August?

Did I really wear jeans today? Brodey and I went outside like usual this morning and he says "I'm cold!" I was like "Me too!" We had to go back in. I was NOT expecting that!
We got dressed to go to the grocery store and I actually had to pick out a pair of jeans to wear. I can't even remember the last time I wore jeans! Poor Brodey. He has really grown because he only had two pair of pants that weren't capris. LOL It was so weird to wear pants! We got into Tahlequah and it was 64 degress outside. It has rained since Saturday here. The sun finally made an appearance at around 8:30. Maybe it will show back up tomorrow! It felt like football weather! Geez!
After our lucrative trips to the local antique malls Saturday, we went to eat in Cookson. It's a small town on Lake Tenkiller about 20 miles from here. Eric had heard about a BBQ restaurant there and we thought we would try it! It was SO SO SO good! They had YUMMY peach cobbler that I just had to take a pic of! It was a beautiful log cabin place and with an upstairs. A man was playing the piano. He was pretty good! We will go back there for sure!

Saturday night is stormed SO bad. I was really missing Gary England and Mike Morgan. Here in good old Tulsa no one comes on and tells you ANYTHING. In OKC Gary or Mike come on and say "Okay you folks that are awake this is just gonna be a noisy little storm. You will hear some thunder and there might be some wind gusts but there is nothing to worry about." Or during the day they will come on and say "You kids that are home alone it's alright. It's just noisy and there will be some wind. Stay with channel 9 we'll keep you advised."
Oh noooo. That would be too hard to do here. It's just you and the infomercials here, baby! (Sorry if you are from Tulsa but the weather coverage here SUCKS.) Plus way out here we have no tornado sirens so we are all on our own. It STINKS. I really miss Gary and Mike. Thank goodness my dad will answer the phone all hours of the night. They get Tulsa AND OKC channels for some reason. So when a storm comes I just call my dad and he will watch and tell me what's going on. Even OKC channels will tell him what's going on in my area! GEEZ Tulsa guys! Get it together!
Okay I will stop now. It is just something that frustrates me and it feels better to get it off my chest! Phew! ;)
Okay I am way tired so I am off to bed!! I got new packages today and I'll post pics tomorrow! I got my new return address stamp in! So excited! I'll share tomorrow!


The Christenson's said...

Okay, I've been in Texas for 5 years and I STILL miss Mike Morgan Kevin Ogle, and Linda Cavanaugh. I had gotten to the point where I was okay with the news/weather people in the Dallas area, and then now I have to adjust all over again!! The news here is generic looking. Weird.

~Kim said...

I am a Tulsa transplant to the OKC area and I LOVE Gary and Mike. In fact, I love the news here and can't watch when we go to my mom and dad's!

What a good picture of you and Eric...is that a self picture? Either way, super cute!


Sooz said...

I miss Gary England. Our weather people suck. However my brother in-law is a meterologist for the NOAA weather people so he keeps me posted.
We've had much cooler weather here but we still swam. How silly are we?