Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll!

It's FALL! Fall is beautiful, but I have to be honest. I really don't like it that much. I get sick (cough cough cough all night) and it leads to winter. But if you have ever read my blog you know that. ;)
At least fall is a beautiful time for pics! (I'm taking pictures again in case you didn't know) I'm actually running a special right now! The trees are PERFECT at my house right now! I want everyone to be able to come and take advantage! So I'm doing Fall Mini Sessions! The lovely leaves do not last long here in Oklahoma! So the special only lasts until November 18th. If you have any more questions or to schedule call/text me at (405)816-6462 or email me at!
So Brodey is Bumblebee from Transformers this year. I have to say I think his costume is pretty cool!
He really wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog, but it was all sold out. I searched all over and I could only find it on Ebay for like $90. Sure! Like that's going to happen! So Bumblebee it was!
I pulled it on him this morning and it ripped right at the waist. We were already running late so I had to take it off of him and sew it back up. Thank goodness for my sewing machine! I don't think staples would have felt too great! ;)
If you are going to be in Tahlequah tomorrow you should come by and see me! Bring at least 2 cans of food to The Scrappin Pad's 2nd Location Open House, I'll take your little ghost or goblin's picture, and you get a free 4x6! (You can order additional prints online)
Scrappin Pod Open House
Saturday October 29
3pm - 5pm
609 W Delaware
Tahlequah, OK
Well friends! I'm off to clean the house! It has been neglected the last few days!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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