Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mommy. Tooth. Hurt. Bad.

SO SAD!!!! This is what Brodey said to me yesterday after a totally sleepless night! Poor guy! He's teething his second molar and it's all swollen! When he eats he sticks the food in his cheek until it's soft and then he eats it! :( Motrin has been a big help! Hopefully it'll break through soon!
Can't wait for Halloween! I'm doing a photo shoot at Just 4 Keeps on Saturday and they are launching the new Creative Cafe! Lots of fun stuff goin' on!
Brodey has become a little chatterbox! He can pretty much say whatever he wants to. He can combine almost any word he wants into five word sentences. It's so amazing to think about how much brain effort it takes to do that! He's growing up so fast! Today we went to the mall and I bought him some warm pj's. They are so cute! They are green and have bats all over them. After I washed them tonight I was putting them on him and he raises up his legs and says "Mommy! Cool!" Well I think he's pretty cool!
I have so many scrappy projects I need to get done. I have to do Design Team stuff, class stuff, and I would love to get some layouts done for a few calls that sound fun!
If you have the November Creating Keepsakes I'm in it!!! It's my first how-to article so I'm pretty excited! The layout is called "First Days of Fall." Look for me!!! Hehe!!
Well I better go to sleep! Hopefully tonight will be a better night for my poor little man!

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Staci said...

I saw your LO! Very cute photos!