Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This is why I love Oklahoma.

There is a blowing snow advisory and a tornado watch at the same time in Oklahoma right now. Yesterday is was 80 degrees and today it's 35. And THAT is why I love Oklahoma! :)
I went up to Just 4 Keeps today to bug my BFF Jennifer. I get home and she IM's me that the new March Creating Keepsakes came in. WHAT!?!?! That figures! Brodey's asleep so no new mag for me until he wakes up. GOSH BRODEY! LOL I have a tip in this issue in the Tips and Tricks section. It's THE best tip for anyone that does heat embossing. I won't tell you what it is! You'll just have to get the March issue of CK! ;) Hehe!
I think the terrible two's have started. Brodey has taken to whining about everything lately. Then if he doesn't get his way, he throws himself down on the floor and fake cries. For me, whining is like nails on a chalkboard. So needless to say I'm about to lose it with him. Hopefully this will pass.
I have been realizing lately how fast Brodey's growing. All of his pants (that not a month ago were too long) are now high waters. He looks pretty ridiculous. But he's just gonna have to look that way until Spring because I'm not buying new pants this late in the season!
Well I'm off to TRY to put Brodey in bed so I can get something done. Fingers crossed....

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