Monday, December 18, 2006

Don't you just love a new kit?

Wow! has an awesome kit coming up! Us DT Members got a little sneaky peeky! It will be up on the site January 1st! Can't wait to share my layouts from it and to check out my fellow creative geniuses! (wink wink)
In other news....hubby is sick. When hubby is sick the world stops. Well only for him because I still have to change diapers...clean house...fetch for him....all the fun stuff I normally do! LMBO! But that's okay! Everyone deserves some ME ME ME time every once in a while! Even if it is because you are sick!
OH! So I'm headed to the grocery store today and I go to put my ring on. I left it on the bar and I go to get it and the guard ring is missing!!! Ally and I look everywhere for it and we can't find it. Now at this point I'm very suspisious because hubby is not even giving me a hard time or I hope and pray that he took it. He has been talking about getting me a new one for years. So maybe I'll get lucky.....OR I am screwed and it's missing!
By the way, the layout I posted above is of me and hubby! It's all about how we have been together for 13 years! (married for 4 and 1/2) I just love the 3 Bugs Smitten line!
Oh I almost forgot!!! I received an e-mail today from Boxer Scrapbooks! I'm one of the final 15 for the Design Team! I get to design with their kit and hopefully will win a spot! Yeah!
Okay, I better go and get some scrapping done! Brodey's asleep and it's playtime for me!!!


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