Friday, December 15, 2006

Staz on STAYS on!

So I've been working my bum off getting layouts done for design team and manufacture calls...I don't even know if I spelled that right! I'm applying for several so keep your fingers crossed for me!
So today I was finishing up a layout and Brodey decides to hijack my ink pad, remove the lid, remove the COVER, and eat my ink! I look up to see a miniature Groucho Marx staring back at me! I quickly start wiping it off and got most of it! I would have grabbed my camera first, but past experience with Stazon ink has taught me that I had very few seconds or I he would be Groucho next Halloween! Okay so that mess got cleaned up....then I lean over and my knee goes right into the inkpad! So....I run into the laundry room and saturate them with Spray n Wash and put them in the washer! didn't come out. So maybe it will look like I did it on
Fun with ink!
The layout above is the one that resulted in the ink catastrophes! Simple and quick!
I'm headed to the parent's house this weekend. I'd rather stay and scrap....but at least she has the internet! I do get to come back on Sunday and scrap at Just 4 Keeps! We are having a little get-together for store employees and design team members! Can't wait! I love those girls!
Hope your weekend is awesome!

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