Wednesday, May 27, 2009

21 Days

Wow I can't even believe it's been 21 days since I last blogged. I'm really going to have to get back into the groove. Now that summer has arrived I should have plenty to blog about. Winter is so boring.
I had an awesome Memorial Day weekend! We went to Holdenville Lake (as usual) and had so much fun! We played horseshoes until 2. We busted the taco (our large/flat tube) and the boys tried to do barrel rolls on a tube we found at Wal-Mart. It wasn't small enough to do the trick! Maybe we can find a smaller one!

Brodey has so much fun! I think he has more fun each year he gets older! He loves to ride around on the 4 wheeler with Poppa and he loves to swim. He is just like me when I was his age and hates to go in the boat! Why would you want to go in the boat when there is a whole beach of sand to play in? ;)

I can't wait to go back!!!
It's so cool here today! Brodey and I went out to water the plants and we headed right back in! 50-something degrees is not good first thing in the morning in shorts!! LOL It woke us up!
I HAVE to get my little point and shoot fixed. It broke a few weeks ago and I didn't realize how often I used it until I didn't have it! I always take it to the lake and it's so much easy to carry around than the huge camera! I really missed it! I don't take as many photos if I don't have it and I can't do videos with the big camera! I have to get that thing fixed!

Okay so if you are on Facebook you have to add me as a friend! I'm so addicted! It's so much fun! I love reading everyone's updates and looking at everyone's photos!!

Okay so I have to do a little bragging. :) I have a layout in the June issue of Scrapboks Etc and I'm excited about that because it's my first pub with them! Yeah! I also have layouts in May and June Creating Keepsakes (which are both out now) AND one of the layouts is also featured online HERE! I discovered it today and had to share! I know that I have some family members who want to know ahead of time what layouts I will have coming out. To keep up with that all you have to do is click on "scrapbook resume" at the top of my blog on the right! Okay tooting time is over! I was just excited and had to share! ;)
Okay I'm off to get dinner started! Stuffed shells tonight! YUM! Since it's so cool outside I get to cook in the oven!

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Lisa said...

Sounds awesome April! The lake, the scrapbooking, all of it!