Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Jewelry Art?

Well maybe not ART, but I think it looks pretty! I have wanted to put out the necklaces I wear the most and this was my solution today. Who knows I might figure out another way, but this works now! I bought four new ones at American Eagle the other day and I didn't want to put them away in my jewelry cabinet just yet. They were too pretty to put away! They look good all hung up together. These aren't my real ones, just the ones from Gap, Wal-Mart, White House Black Market, Forever 21, random flea markets, etc. It was hard to get a good pic because it's right as you walk into my closet on the left. I'm curious to see what Eric has to say about it. LOL I can just hear him now..."HOW are you going to cover up all those nail holes?" And I will say "Putty honey." Hahahahaha!!!
I'm kind of sad today because scrapnfonts.com isn't going to be selling the Creating Keepsakes fonts anymore. :( I had to buy some up today because it's the last day you can buy them. Those are my favorite all time fonts!!! Especially now since I have a new obsession....my SIHLOUETTE!!!! It's a die cutting machine you hook up to your computer and cut out all sorts of awesome things! Revolution dies, words, shapes, whatever! I LOVE IT!
Okay it's another rainy day and maybe this rain will get me back into the blogging mode. Maybe I didn't blog over the winter because I HATE winter and there is nothing going on. Hmm. That could be the case!
I'll leave you for now! Time to put on another episode of Schooby Doo! Rain rain go away!

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