Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lawn Chairs in Flight

Brodey and I lucked out this morning. By the time we got to school the first wave of rain had made an appearance and it was just barely sprinkling.
We had the talk on the way to school about how it might be thundering and it would be loud, but he would be safe in the school. I told him he didn't have anything to worry about and if it was going to get bad I would be there to get him. I thought about turning around when I got home!
The clouds were looking pretty crazy and going this way and that way. I made it into the driveway when the wind started to pick up and on into the house when it started to get a little crazy.
If you don't know wind scares me just a little bit. You are probably thinking "well why do you live on a hill then...stupid." That would be a good questions! It is the very worst in February and March. So bad that shingles come off and I sleep with earplugs in. No lie.
So I made it into the house and I hear it start to get pretty windy. I mean windy as in the roof is creaking. I grab the phone and call my mom because I'm headed to the saferoom in the garage and I haven't even had time to turn the tv on to check the weather. When I open the door to the garage it slams against the wall and I'm thinking I forgot to close the garage door. Nope. It was just that strong. I go out there and it's blowing so hard that my garage doors sound like they are vibrating. I'm thinking oh man I hope Brodey isn't freaking.
My mom tells me no tornadoes they just said strong straightline winds. If you don't live in Oklahoma straightline winds are kind of like horizontal tornadoes. They can blow your roof off.
So eventually the wind dies down and I head back in the house. I look out the windows and notice all the plants are blown over. Then I notice the hummingbird feeders are blown down. Then I'm like oh crap. All the lounge chairs are in the pool and the large patio furniture is missing. I go to the edge of the back porch and there it is. One of the large chairs are against the fence and the large loveseat is in the pasture. Nice. Good thing I didn't see THAT fly through the air! I took the pics with my phone and you can see the loveseat is the little speck to the left of the pine tree and the chair is chillin' on the fence.
I call Eric and instead of wow that scary I'm glad you are alive (Hehe) he's like "Well you are just going to have to get into the pool and get them out!!! They are going to rip my liner! And if you leave that chair out there that fence will tear it up!"
"Gee Eric...no it's not pouring down rain. No there isn't cloud to ground lightening!! Are you serious!?! What's wrong with you?"
"Oh I didn't know it was still storming."
"Well look out the window! You are only like 15 miles from me!"
Nice to know he cares! ;)
Eventually I did go out and fish the chairs out of the pool. No I didn't get in. I pulled them out with the pool brush. I have no idea if the liner is ripped. I also went out and got the chair but I didn't venture out into the pasture yet. That will have to wait because it's pouring again and there is the occasional rumble of thunder. I did help a baby snake back into the pasture where he belongs.
I feel bad, though, because I sent my kid to school in shorts and a t-shirt and it's 64 degrees outside. I hope it warms up because I have nowhere to put a mother of the year trophy.
What a morning. At least I got to see my (imagined) best friend Tim Holtz on HSN this morning. That's us in that pic last year in Houston. I'm not sure I ever blogged that story. (Hush it Jen and Trish) It's pretty funny so I'll do that one day. He's the coolest of the cool. The storm actually knocked out the satellite for a while so I'm going to finish watching at 3 this afternoon...hopefully. It's going to storm again and I really hope it passes through before then! I hope the loveseat doesn't get blown further out. Geez.
Speaking of HSN did you know that it's my lifelong dream to be a hostess there or on QVC? I have always thought that would be the coolest job EVER! Just thinking about it gives me chills! I'm weird I know! Ha! I would love to be on there with the Quacker Factory lady! I would ROCK one of her headbands! ;)
Well the thunder is getting close so I should post this before I lose internet and satellite again.
Have a fantastic Tuesday!!


The Christenson's said...

Oh April! I love reading your blog because it sounds just like you talking. What a day! Topped off with helping a baby snake back where he belongs. LOL!! Hope you didn't rip that liner...Eric might freak. ;) hehe
Glad you are safe and hope Brodey didn't freak out at school.
Love you girl!!

April Massad said...

Haha! I know sometimes I worry about grammar and usage but I think oh well better that it really sounds like me than be perfect! ;)
Yes he had a good day! Mrs Tuck said he did an excellent job tracing his name and he informed her that "at his old school he didn't do this much work. He just played." HAHA!