Friday, July 22, 2011

Bye Bye Baby Tooth

Oh my. Yesterday was eventful.
First I get an angry phone call from Eric about how some lady was in the one lane toll booth with no money, he got out to give her 50 cents, and his truck was in reverse and totally bent back his door. As I type that I realize I don't really know exactly what happened there. All I know is the lady didn't even say thank you. He was mad.
Then last night Brodey pulled his tooth out. Yep. He's a BIG BOY now.
It has been hurting him for a while. Every time he eats it puts pressure on the tooth underneath it.
We even made his little Tooth Fairy box to be prepared. So cute.
Last night, though, was the last straw. I made corn on the cob and he couldn't eat it. I had to cut it off for him. Ugh he was mad.
So he wiggled on it all day and when Daddy got home he put some good prescription numbing gel on it. (Daddy is luckily a dentist) He got a paper towel and I got my iPhone.

I just could not believe my little baby just pulled his tooth out.
I mean did I NOT just take this picture!?!?! I can't believe this was 2006. Geez.
I was freaking out a little bit. I'm freaking out a little bit right now!
Eric was freaked out too, but not for the same reason. He had put the numbing gel in his own mouth to see how strong it was and both of his lips and tongue was numb lol. It was funny.
SO glad I got it on video. My wittle boy is gwowing up. It's so sad.
He was excited about the Tooth Fairy though. I told him since he takes good care of his teeth and he did such a good job on his Tooth Fairy box that she would leave him money. BUT I had to negotiate for his tooth. I mean it is his first tooth and I have to keep it.
So the Tooth Fairy was kind and left $8. Oh and a note saying how proud she was of him and that he was doing a great job taking care of his teeth! He was thrilled.
Phew what a day! So glad it's Friday. The boys are outside swimming. Tomorrow we get to see Kerry, McKennah, Will, and Lola! We are SO EXCITED!!!!!
I'm off to cook dinner!
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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