Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun play day!

Today was a fun play day! Brodey and I went to visit my friend and her twins Bryce and Baylee!

Natalie is my oldest friend. Her mother and my mother were best friends in high school. They are still friends today! Natalie and I played together when we were babies just like our babies play together today! So it was a fun day! She was in yesterday's layout I posted and she is in the layout today! More about this layout later!

So the reason we went to see her is because Eric brought home someone else's trash and it became Natalie's treasure! LOL Love that phrase! He went to help his co-worker, RJ, get his waverunner at his brother's house. His brother is the other doctor Eric works with, Dr. J. So Eric and RJ come back home and they are carrying a double stroller, twin lawn chairs, and a high chair. I was like what in the world are you doing!?!?! He said Dr. J was going to throw this stuff out and I thought Natalie might want it! I was like oh okay! So I let Natalie know we had some stuff for her and she was thrilled!!! She was about to buy a new double stroller and this one was practically new! Dr J has four girls and is so finished having kids! Eric saved her about $250! So yeah for Natalie! Good day!

Not only did we bring goodies, but Brodey got to play witht he twins! We really need to go over there more so Brodey can get used to playing with other kids. He whacked Baylee in the head with a block about five times! I was like geez kid! Last time we went to playgroup he bit a little girl's toe....then tried to bite her mother's! I swear he is normal!

Oh oh I forgot! Coming back from Natalie's we stopped at Babies R Us and got Brodey a new carseat! He is officially a front facer! SO SO excited! This will make a huge difference during long car rides to our hometown! The one we got was super nice! It is Britax and it is so comfy! Wish my seat felt like that!! I also bought him a little crown to wear for his first birthday photos! It is super cute!

I did the layout above for my scraplift challenge over at I love posting challenges! So fun! I used their January Kit and some Autumn Leaves stamps. I sure am lovin' clear stamps right now! The journaling read:: It's the look. That look that all brides get. The look of giddy anticipation. The look of all the time and energy coming down to moments. Natalie, my friend, your moment was perfect! June 18, 2005
Well that's all the news for today. Tomorrow I get to have lunch with the ladies I used to work with at Taylor Made Photography! I miss working with them and am so looking forward to it! I also have to go order the cake Brodey gets to tear into for his photos!
I'm off to bed!!! Goodnight!

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