Friday, September 28, 2007

One Page at a Time DT Search!!!!

TRUST ME!!! You want to work for this online store! The kits are awesome and the owner is SO nice! I've worked with them for almost a year now and they ROCK!
Go HERE to find out more!

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Sooz said... idea how I found your blog. I was searching from my own blog for something totally not scrapbook and there was April Massad. I almost choked on my gum. Haha.
I guess it was fate because I was digging thru an old box of photos and there are a few pictures from my last year in Holdenville. I wondered if you would like to have those pictures since you scrap? There is a "Good" one of you and Eric together in the hall of HHS.
Just let me know.
Susan Hawkins (Crews)
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