Monday, September 17, 2007

I gotta say...

Okay! I gotta say two thing!
First is I am so lucky to have such an awesome local scrapbook store! If I hadn't read the Edmond Outlook in August of last year, I wouldn't have the awesome friends I do, I wouldn't scrapbook as much as I do, and I wouldn't be published! I LOVE J4K!!! We had a blast this weekend at the birthday bash! I got to take pics and it was a blast!!! My knees haven't been sore from taking pictures in 5 years! Fun times!
Second, I HAVE to share THIS with you!!! You HAVE to check out that prize pack!! One Page at a Time is famous for their awesome prize packs!!! You should totally give that contest a try!
Kathy at J4K took the pic above! I had on her birthday hat and she took it with her camera! CUTE!! Hehe!
Okay I'm off to bead! My eyes are killing me! I've edited pics for the last 24 hours and they need a break!
Have a rockin' Monday!!!!

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