Sunday, November 23, 2008

I live in Nowhere Land with the Ferocious Beast...

Okay not really. Well some days I feel like it because that's all Brodey wants to watch. Thank goodness it's a cute show and it makes me laugh.
I also feel like I live in Nowhere Land because my internet is SO SLOW. I know I always gripe about it, but you just can't imagine just how slow it is. Here is how uploading a wedding to my site went:
Upload two photos.
Go do laundry.
50/50 change the photos uploaded OR my internet went out.
Upload the same photos.
Go do dishes.
Upload two more photos.
Take a shower.
I'm not even kidding. It took me more than 4 days of doing this ALL day to get them all uploaded. You are supposed to be able to upload 1000 photos at once. HA! HA! HA! Not here in Nowhere Land!
I finished editing this week's how-to video for J4K last night. I'm still trying to upload it. It gets to 62% and just stays there. Kill me now. I've been trying all day and will try one more time after I post. I'm sorry J4K girls! :(

Tonight has been the night of racoons. I'm in the kitchen tonight after dark waiting for Eric and Brodey to get back from Holdenville. I think I hear a frantic scratching sound. I mute the tv. I listen. There is is again. I instantly think of my sister who would be FREAKING OUT right about now. (No doubt she would be thinking of some stupid scary movie hahahaha) But not me. I'm too nosey. So I go into the foyer where it sounds like it's coming from and it is at the front door. That's weird. I go to the office where the camera moniter is and I can't see because of the glare from the porch light. So I crack the shades and it's a RACOON. Trying to get into my front door! NO! You can't come in! LOL She finally saunters away.
The mommy that I posted pics of eating the cat food on my back porch comes every single night now. Well sometimes even during the day. She isn't scared at all. She will even saunter up to the door and look in if she eats all the food. She knows I will come out and put more out there. She will come right back and eat it all!
Tonight I think her babies followed her. Eric and I were putting Brodey in bed and I hear a racket on the porch. I go over and look and it's THREE little babies! They were SO cute! There were frantically trying to get off the porch, but they couldn't figure out how! The mommy when she leaves always goes off at the end with the drop off. I think she probably took off that way and they were like what the heck! Mom! Where'd ya go!?! Finally they found the steps and off they went! So cute! I'm sure they will be back! As long as it isn't while I'm sleeping I'm okay with it! ;)
Well I'm off to bed now! I'm glad my boys are back! I missed them!


~Kim said...

So shall we call you Maggie then? : ) Kensington loves that show until the beast comes out, then she cries! I'm always like hello, he's nice!

So scary (and cute at the same time) about your raccoon family that has taken refuge at your casa. They really are cute from a distance, I just don't know that I would want them close.

Bless your heart and your internet woos....that sucks badly! One of the cons of living the country life.

Raccoons and slow internet...hmm!
Miss you girlie! Come out of hiding more often!


Allie said...

Oh man! We're looking at moving out around Pryor or something and the slow internet issue hadn't even crossed my mind... EEEK! That's too funny that a raccoon was trying to get in your front door.

mommy2alex said...

Girl, you're killing me with the racoons - I would have been like your sis, freakin out, grabbin for my gun!!
THat just stinks about the internet being that slow, now you know why the previous owners wanted to move - give me fast internet, who cares about the awesome house - haha!