Monday, September 12, 2011

A Fish Story

I love to fish. LOVE it. I used to want my own fishing show. I wanted to be "that girl with the fishing show." I wanted my name on a reel, t-shirts, hats....okay back to reality.
As I said I love to fish so you can imagine how excited I am that Brodey loves it too! If Eric goes, he goes. It's so fun to see him getting excited about being old enough to be Eric's fishing buddy!
Last weekend he and Eric went fishing at Wetumka Lake. Brodey was SO excited about trying out his brand new fishing rod. (I have photos of this, but it's going to be a scrapbook layout haha) He got a big boy rod and reel. He is an excellent caster for his age, which Eric really appreciates. They both get to fish at the same time!
So Brodey was throwing all day and he did catch some good sized Crappies, but towards the end of the day Eric told him to "throw over there by those stumps."
He did and Eric was messing with his reel not paying attention and Brodey said "I think I have something, Dad."
Eric said he looked up and there was a huge swirl and Brodey's line started pulling out. Eric said he KNEW it was a good sized fish and Brodey got a little nervous. Eric started telling Brodey to "REEL! No! No! Don't reel! REEL REEL! You got a big fish, Bro!!" (Now this is word for word from Brodey) Eric said Brodey reeled it in all by himself, and it even did the whole cool jump out of the water bit. When he finally got it reeled to the boat Eric grabbed it with the net and he took a pic! He said Brodey was SO proud! Eric said that he thought about keeping it and mounting it, but Brodey was adamant about throwing it back. ;) He didn't weigh it but he said it was close to 6lb. This makes me laugh because it weighs more than Brodey did when he was born! Bro only weighed 4.4lb haha!
It was a good and memorable fishing day for both boys! It was so much fun for me to hear them tell the story! They were both so proud! Oh and thank goodness for camera phones!
Well I'm off to put my fisherman Brodey in the bathtub! He just read me his site reading homework. It's crazy to see him recognize words! I love it!
Have a wonderful Monday night!