Monday, November 24, 2008

The Raccoon saga continues.....

My gosh. It's like a mini series. Today around 5 I was in the office....Eric just yelled at me and said "hey this girl on tv looks like a blonde cocker spaniel" he's so weird....and I heard something hit the door. I go to the living room door and there is the raccoon. Big surprise. It's been pretty windy here and the wind knocked over my fern and it's right in front of the back door.
Earlier today the cat was jumping around in it and I thought she was just playing around. Well the raccoon was doing the same thing and it occured to me that maybe there is a mouse in there! Wow! I didn't know the raccoon would actually be trying to pounce on a mouse! I thought only cats did that!
So she pounces and grabs and I'm cracking up. It's so funny to see a raccoon act like a cat! I had my camera in there so I snapped a pic and ran in to get my video camera. Well I come back and look out the door and....well...she caught the mouse. I'll just say she made short work of it and the rather large mouse was gone in about 5 seconds. Yes. She ate the whole thing. I couldn't believe it. No I didn't video it. LOL I was too in shock.
When I told Eric he says "I didn't want to know that." then he says "what did you THINK they ate?"
I'm like "I don't know! Cat food! Hahahaha!!!" I had no idea they ate whole mice. Who knew?
I'm dying to see Wall E. I got car sick the other night trying to watch it. Brodey had it on in the back and I have been wanting to see it SO bad!!!! I have a feeling I'm going to cry at the end. I know, but I'm a big baby when it comes to movies. I totally get into it and I get so emotional. We were going to sit and watch it tonight but that didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow night.
Well I'm going to go. Brodey wants me to lay on the couch with him. Soon he will be too big to do it! BOOHOO!!!!

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mommy2alex said...

Eeeww, the whole thing? Yuck - I didn't know that either.
I haven't seen Wall E yet either, I know I'll cry too;)
They're never too big to lay on the couch with you, you just buy a deeper couch!!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!!