Friday, July 02, 2010

Five 4th's

I can hardly believe that this will be Brodey's fifth 4th of July! Time truly flies!
I had a panic moment this year when I realized I hadn't bought his Old Navy flag shirt. It wasn't actually until his third fourth that I realized he had worn one every year. Now it's a tradition and even Brodey likes to look at all the past photos together!
Next year he will be five and even though I think he looks good in the navy I think I might go back with grey like his first one! Haha that little onesie was so cute!
Well I'm off to pack for the lake! Brodey is SO excited! He loves fireworks this year! So sad we didn't get to take him to the castle to buy in Muskogee. He would have freaked out!
Well goodnight and have a FUN and SAFE 4th!!!


The Christenson's said...

Boy he grew up so much between that first 4th and the second one. He's a cutie...gonna be a heartbreaker. :)

Anonymous said...
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