Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It is Tuesday and I am still tired from this weekend! I wish I could drink those crazy energy drinks like Red Bull or NOS or coffee! I so need one right now!
This weekend was super busy but in a good way! I kicked off Friday by teaching at a retreat with all my favorite scrappy friends!! I always have so much fun teaching. I have so much fun that while I'm doing it I tend to forget to eat, drink, or go to the little girls room. Once I am done I have to have a little recovery time. Hahaha not this weekend!
As soon as I finished teaching I hopped in my car and headed to OKC for my cousin Danielle's rehearsal and dinner. We had a blast! We cried a little and laughed a lot!

Saturday morning it was up early to have some breakfast at IHop with all the bridesmaids and Danielle. So much fun laughing about IHop memories! Good times!
As soon as we got back the beautifying began! LOL! I mean all the girls are beautiful, but what's it hurt to be a little more beautiful!?! ;) We all had our hair done by the fab Donnie at Bella Strada salon in Edmond and our makeup done by Hallie at Danielle's house! LOVE that girl! So much fun to have fake eyelashes put on! I have always tried to do that myself and never succeeded! Girl did a FAB job!

Donnie also did an awesome job on all of our hair! She wanted it half up and I'm glad she did because everyone's looked beautiful! I had a bigger bump than I normally do, but it looked good in pictures and with my dress! Oh and NO it wasn't a Bumpit! LOL It was all my hair! He is a teasing expert!
I am always pretty nervous when someone else does my hair other than my normal hairdresser. I have had some not so fun experiences so I was very pleased with the outcome!!
I took a before and after pic of all of us, but I'm keeping it under wraps in case I make a scrapbook page out of it!

This is an after pic of us before lipstick. Hallie didn't do lipstick until we got to the church. Smart girl.
For those of you who do not know Danielle and Ryleigh they are my first cousins. Their dad and my mom and brother and sister. I started living with them in the summer and babysitting them when I was 17 and they were 7 and 9. I stayed with them for 6 summers and I wouldn't change a thing! I love them both like they were sisters so you can imagine how important this weekend was!
The wedding was beautiful! Aunt Karen snuck in before the ceremony and we took a group pic to send to Kerry since we knew she was dying to not be able to come! Little Lola is too small to make a trip so Ally messaged her the pic!

The reception was a BLAST!!! We all danced our booties off! My Meme was even shakin' it! It didn't occur to me that I would have to give a toast until the girls told me the night before. I had kind of an idea what I was going to say, but I just sort of went with what my heart wanted to say. I think it turned out great because there were lots of tears!! Oh and not just mine! ;)

All in all it was a success! Everyone left happy and I hope that Danielle and Jacob are having a fabulous time on their honeymooon! I love you guys!!
So here I am dead tired and STILL with only half a voice. I did get pretty excited, though, when I saw all the new paper lines from Basic Grey at CHA this weekend! Oh my goodness! I have to have them all! You can check them out HERE!
Oh and you HAVE to pick up a copy of this month's Creating Keepsakes Tips and Tricks! Not only is it an AWESOME issue, but I have lots of stuff in there! I might post about that later because Brodey and I are ready to eat lunch!
It was nice to blog! Maybe I'll make it a regular habit again! ;)

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The Christenson's said...

Love those pics. Glad it was fun! You all looked beautiful. I loooove fake eyelashes. They totally change the way i look in pictures. Wish they were easier, to put on...i would totally wear them daily!! Haha