Friday, February 04, 2011

Hittin' the Slops

So I'm grabbing my skis to hit the slopes...wait...I don't live in Colorado. Or do I? Whoa I thought I lived in Oklahoma. Is someone playing a trick on me!?! Cause I'm pretty sure we got about A FOOT OF SNOW AGAIN TODAY!!!
Any and all areas of snow that the boys tore up is now filled back in. It's like someone took a great big tub of frosting and spread another layer in my yard. That statement just made me really want some Red Velvet Cake. SEE what being stuck in the house all week will do to you!!! FOOD FOOD FOOD! That's all you think about! Well that and the little wet muddy footprints in the floor.
I'm over the snow, but there is nothing I can do about it so I give up. We aren't out of food yet but we are out of PPV movies to watch. Thank goodness I'm not out of scrapbook supplies!
Brodey is enjoying his break. He says he misses his friends and I think his mind gets bored, but he's great at keeping himself entertained.

It has warmed up a little so if it stops snowing he might get to go out and play! I hope Eric can make it home! He had to go 30mph just to get to work this morning! I can see vehicles driving on the highway, but they are creeping by. It might just take him a while to get here! The challenge will be making it up our driveway! He slid down it this morning!
Well I hope you have a safe and warm Friday!
Signing off from snowy Colorado...oops I mean Oklahoma!


Lisa said...

Ugh ~ I have had enough of this weather! My car is going to be stuck in the garage until spring.
I guess I shouldn't be complaining since we still have heat, electricity and plenty of food so it could be so much worse.
Stay safe and stay warm!

The Christenson's said...

Did you take that bird picture?? It's beautiful!