Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Well we lucked out! We got a TON of snow and sleet but hardly any ice! Wahoo!!! That means the odds of us losing power goes way down!
My parents lost power briefly yesterday, but it came back on last night. They were VERY relieved!
Tomorrow will be day 3 of no school for Brodey. It's been so difficult to keep him indoors. We have let him go out a few times, but only briefly. It's just WAY too cold. When he went out today he had his face totally covered up by a thick little Gap knit/fleece scarf. It still took his cheeks 30+ minutes for the redness to go away! It's just too cold! It's like a cruel joke to have all this snow outside and it's too cold to play!
We did make snow ice cream! It was Brodey AND Eric's very first time to eat it! I can't even remember when I first had it. It was before I was Brodey's age. They LOVED it.
We have an outside cat named Kitty. Eric rigged her little house up out on the back porch to block the wind, but since our back porch faces the North I decided to put her in the garage overnight. I opened the door this morning to get her and when I called for her she scared the you know what out of me! She popped up out of a cardboard box on top of our saferoom like a Jack in the Box. (If you know me you know I'm not a big fan of Jack in the Boxes...OR surprises for that matter) I jumped out of my skin and then I laughed because it was pretty funny. Wish I had it on video.
Oh my haha I just realized that Bro is wearing the same thing in this photo and in the photo I posted the other day. Apparently Eric likes to put him in that fleece top and Carharts. I took this pic right before he went out today.
Well I'm signing off for tonight. Eric and I watched Red last night on PPV. It was really good! Tonight we are watching Dinner for Schmucks. Fun times on the couch!
Stay warm and have a good night!

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