Monday, June 25, 2007

Too busy!

Gosh I've been too busy this last week! This week is going to be even worse!
First, I got REALLY REALLY good news and I'll be in a certain BIG scrapbook magazine in November! I can't way anything else until then, but it's really cool!!! I've been trying to get that prepared and mailed! Lots of effort in mailing this one!
My 10 year reunion is this weekend. I've been working on it and planning it for a very long time. I'm ready for it to be here!!!
I have been working on design team layouts because I won't be here next weekend! AH!!! It doesn't sound like much, but when you factor in 17 month old it gets tricky!
My sisiter is coming up today and spending the night. My parents are coming tomorrow to get the large furniture out of her bedroom. So sad. It's been okay since her stuff has been here to remind me of her, but now it's all going away! BOOHOO!!!!
Well I'm going to go try to get into the shower and I'm off to the post office!!
Have a wonderful day!

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