Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

Yesterday was mine and Eric's 5 year anniversary!! We started dating in 1994, but we didn't get married until 2002.
I got Eric an IPod Shuffle. It's the smaller one since the only time he'll use it is when he is working out or back and forth to the offices.
But GOSH did I get a surprise!!! I took Eric to took work yesterday morning (we only have my X5 because Eric's H2 doesn't come in until next month) and I came back home and went to feed Brodey and this was on his high chair...

I was so surprised! I had no idea he was even getting me something!!!! SO you can imagine just how much more suprised I was when I opened it and it was this!!!

Not the engagement ring! The BAND!! I have been wanting one with diamonds on it forever! I had lost my other band and I didn't think I would get a new one for a LONG time! It was such a complete and total surprise!! It is the perfect size, too! Any smaller and it wouldn't look right, any larger and they both wouldn't fit on my short finger! LOL I am still excited!
Anyway, I just had to share!!!!! What a good day! MIL is coming today and we are going to go out to eat and to a movie tonight! So excited!!!!
Have an awesome Friday!!!


Anne-Camille said...

What a great surprise!!!

Aleida Franklin said...

Man that is just so romantic and wonderful. Congratulations.