Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just another hot summer day...

Just another hot summer day here in Oklahoma! :) Do you ever look back at the day around 5pm and think "where in the WORLD did the day go?" Yep I did that today. I mostly did reunion planning. Can't wait for it to come! I just want to enjoy it and not have to think about it anymore!

Gosh the mosquitos are bad this year! Every time we step outside they swarm us. So annoying!!! We were troopers, though, and sprayed on some Skin So Soft and we were ready to go! We love playing with the neighbors! We have THE best neighbors EVER!!! I would like a bigger house, but I don't want to move because I love them so much! They are so helpful, easygoing, fun! I took some photos of Brodey and two of the neighbors today! I posted them above! So cute!!!

I'm going to go! I was good today so I'm going to eat some strawberry shortcake! YUM!!!!

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