Saturday, August 25, 2007

So long summer!

Wow! Everyone is back to school! My sister, cousin, and brother-in-law's girlfriend all started college for the first time this last week! Everyone is still alive! LOL Maybe a little overwelmed, but still alive!
I am so excited! My friend, Trisha, and I are both going to have layouts published in the Scrapbook Trends Wedding Idea Book! Trisha is on the design team with me at Just 4 Keeps! I am SO excited about that!!!
I took this photo today with Brodey! I rarely get photos of us together that are not taken by myself, so I really love this one!!! (Even though it's not perfectly in focus hehehe)
Brodey and I had a great week! We went to Texas and stayed with my cousin for a few days! It was so nice to get to see them!! Brodey had such a good time playing with Will and McKennah! He loves to play with the big kids! ;)
Tomorrow I am scrapping no matter what!!! LOL Last weekend I finished one page so I am going to make up for lost time tomorrow! I am locking myself in my office and not coming out until my mother-in-law leaves tomorrow night! Hehe!
Well I'm off to bed now! I have to rest for my scrappy day tomorrow!
Sleep well!

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