Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where does it go?

Where does the time go? For the last couple of weeks I keep looking at Brodey and seeing what a little boy he is becomming. It's so sad to me. I'm excited for the future and seeing him growing up, but I miss my baby.
He grows up in little ways every day. Water used to be "wawee" but now is "wawder." Love you used to be "wudgee" but now is "lodge you." Little changes like that keep reminding me that he is, in fact, growing up. Because of this, I'm so glad I scrapbook! Instead of relying on my memory, I can go back in time for a few minutes while I read over my layouts. I am so lucky that I am a scrapper!

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Meghan said...

April, I am going thru the same feelings with Ethan.
Day after tomorrow, Aug 16th, he will be one!
Where did that first year go?
I waited so long to have kids & now the years are just flying by.