Friday, December 05, 2008

Eric is victorious!

He successfully fixed the dryer! It actually dries my clothes in one cycle! Yeah Eric!!! Now if he could fix the leak down at Crescent Valley Church! LOL
Brodey and I stripped down to take a shower today and guess what? NO WATER. I was so mad. When it did finally come on, I was scrubbing my hair like a madwoman. I just knew it was going to stop as soon as I got the shampoo all soaped up! It didn't, though! I told my mom it was a good thing. My comment the other day might have proven a reality! ;)
I'm headed to Just 4 Keeps tomorrow to teach! Wee hoo!!! I haven't been feeling 100% last night and today so I hope I can have enough steam left to stay and crop!
I've been typing like crazy to finish our family recipe book before we have Christmas at Meme's. It's the most awesome thing and I'm so excited about it! I've been compiling all of our family's recipes into a cookbook on Tastebook. Thank you Susan H for the link!!!
Believe it or not it's officially been a week since I started trying to upload my scrap video. Ridiculous! I'm taking it to Just 4 Keeps tomorrow to upload it there.
Well I'm off to pack my scrappy business! ;) I better get started! I'm already tired!

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