Monday, January 12, 2009


Wow! 3 already? Before I know it I will be giving him a CAR! Slow down time! If Brodey's getting a car for his birthday....I'll be turning 43! AH!!!!! 30 is kind of nice. I'm not sure about 46!
Okay back to reality. Bro had a great birthday! This is the first one without ice or snow. He actually got to go outside and ride the John Deere tractor he got from Eric's parents for Christmas. No I haven't even started to upload those photos. I'm so behind.
Bro was really excited about his birthday gift from us, though. He got his very own camera. It's so cute. It's a Fisher Price digital camera that is waterproof. I can even upload his photos to the computer. He was a real nonworking digital camera of mine from years ago. He plays with it ALL the time. I thought he would enjoy his own real camera. He loves it!
Okay the birthday boy wants to go lay down on the couch. I can't deny him until midnight...right? LOL


Lisa S. said...

Happy Birthday Brodey! Welcome back April! I've missed your posts.

Hope all is well!

Trisha said...

Happy 3rd, Brodey! I thought he might want a little sister for his birthday?!!! Maybe for his 4th b-day... Better wait until after June '09!

Sooz said...

Wow can't believe Brodey is 3! Seems like yesterday you and Karen stopped to see us and you told us the good news about being pregnant! Time flies.